Website Update: The Cheerleader and the Track Star

We recently teamed up with Shax Carter, an experienced photographer and long-time BBA fan who will be filming and editing some of our scenes to help us bring you more fresh faces and variety as part of our update schedule. It will be the same brand of unscripted amateur porn that you’ve come to crave and expect, just with the unique visual and editing style of a different director from time to time.

Fans of early BBA classics like The Schoolboy and the Thug will appreciate this week’s introduction to two contrasting new models meeting for the very first time and trying to prove they have what it takes to join BBA’s next generation of stars.

Teddy is a cute 19-year-old “college boy” who quit his high school football team to become a cheerleader and now cheers for his college. An outgoing “pretty boy” with a cocky streak, Teddy’s the kind of guy who KNOWS he looks good and thankfully doesn’t mind sharing his damn near flawless young body with the rest of the world.

Mar is a slim and sexy 20-year-old college track star with a big uncut dick and even bigger athletic ambitions. The complete opposite of Teddy in many ways, Mar is more chill and laid back, with thick, tempting lips and a seductive voice that will have you eager to see (and hear) him in action.

We leave the camera running as Teddy and Mar get better acquainted just minutes after meeting for the very first time. Watching their awkward small talk as they nervously joke and flirt and check each other out only makes it ten times hotter when these two complete strangers finally get MUCH better acquainted later on….

See for yourself what happens when the “cheerleader” meets the “track star” in this action-packed encounter that includes nearly a FULL HOUR of sloppy-wet dick-sucking, ass-licking, and RAW “college boy” fucking….

To watch the full-length, uncensored action, click here to join BBA or buy credits today!

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22 comments on “Website Update: The Cheerleader and the Track Star
  1. CL05ETFR3AK

    Heyyyyy I thought the cheerleader always get fucked! Lol, but this was gooooood! Where do you find these boys Mike?? These two are beautiful man! Lovely physique and body tones especially Teddy, those legs are to die for, when he took off his sweats I was like damn! Mar has that sexy young thug look, slim tight body, sexy lips, mmmn just gorgeous. Excellent scene all in all I busted 2 times before they were done, but i think Teddy needs to pair up with “Blake Bishop” next maybe he’ll re-think that bottoming role I’m hoping.

  2. Bryan L.

    I really like this new direction. This was one of the hottest vids ever on BBA. Teddy is exactly the kind of guy that makes BBA so worthwhile, between him, Isaiah, Apollo, even Manny, you always show a breadth of black men that don’t fall into the tired muscle-thug trope. Mar was cute too! I love how this scene played out, it was kind of amateur and kind of professional at the same time, but the mix and the dialogue was perfect, this was one of BBA’s best. The only critique is the cumshot, it’s always best when those are natural and not cut/edited together. I’d rather see them jack off together at the end than have the cut make it seem like it was a natural pop. We all can tell that it wasn’t, and it ruins the hottest part of a flick! lol. Anyway, this is a great direction and I look forward to seeing more like this.

  3. drigglehell

    Oh wow! I mean – this is, like, really good. I think “fresh” is the word I’m looking for, but I feel too old to actually say it… Anyway, my initial impression was “oh well, this opening slideshow is cringy AF, but at least it’s not as over-the-top as the loud electronica we came to expect”, but after that… It’s fantastic!

    It’s a really refreshing blend of BBA’s (nowadays a bit less represented) amateur feel and pretty high-quality photography. And the use of multiple cameras to capture facial reactions during the conversations is like revealing a whole new side of a room you’ve been visiting for years! The dynamics of the shots that follows the natural flow of the conversation (as natural as can be in the given circumstances), jumping from Mar to Teddy to a wide shot and all the way back and between, and all of it under a decent lighting that actually lets us see every detail of each frame, it’s… well, it makes me feel engaged, really. Although I understand it would be difficult because of your hosting bills, I would even like to see each camera’s stream independently :p

    I understand that most people will still want to see the action, and that is fine (and finely done at that!), but I have been longing for the golden age of 20-minute-intros, which I feel are more than justified when introducing not one, but two new models. That is, of course, not to say that I think every scene should be like that, as different scenes and models require highlights at different times, but I’m just really glad this one is.

    Models being hot doesn’t hurt either! While Teddy is conventionally more handsome (and I would like to see more of him), he comes across as more self-conscious when put next to Mar, who is far more charming (and also really sexy himself), and is probably my favorite BBA model of 2017, even after only one scene (and I even wrote that before I saw his pretty uncut dick or tight runner’s bubble butt).

    Sex itself is a lot more edited than BBA’s audience is used to, but I personally don’t mind, for two reasons. Firstly, I would rather have a hard cut (oh, look at that, I almost made a pun!) between positions than hear you whisper to models what’s next or see them looking at you, trying to figure out what you want them to do (it breaks immersion). Secondly, at the end of the day, porn is porn, and just like we’re used to by now to see (and sadly even come to expect) bigger dicks than usual, so we are to seeing more stylized sex than is real. Having said that, Mar does moan a whole lot… It’s really easy to tell how honest both of them were when talking about their preferred porn types, lol.

    tl;dr: Good sex, hot models who seem to be into each other, and visually gratifying production. A well-made scene. I don’t expect that all, or indeed most, BBA scenes be like this one, nor should they be, but I welcome the incoming variety.

  4. MARry Me

    This latest scene………….I FUCKING LOVE IT. The interview part is so damn good. I love their interaction. I hope you continue to shoot this way. You have the best and most attractive models. Mar and Teddy, love them!!!! Mar is soooooo sexy. Teddy is very sexy too. He’s gay but his personality is so refreshing. I wanna see Teddy in a flip flop with Mar. Mar is now my new fave model. He’s so sexy cool, masculine, and chocolate.

  5. Tori Fan

    OMG I’m drained! This gets a 12! It gave me everything I needed to see. Toes, big dicks, tonguing….natural sex. Man I usually don’t enjoy the commentary but this time I watched the whole thing. Teddy wasn’t the only one who was aroused. I was aroused in anticipation of who was gonna get fucked. Mar got some pretty toes too and the gap in his teeth is super sexy! MORE MORE MORE

  6. Stoned Mountain

    Yes!!! Two super sexy studs. LOVE Mar’s world class head game and Teddy’s open mouth kissing — Mar wanted more of that tongue AND I DID TOO!

  7. TexasBugg

    DAMM this is that (RAW SEX) that makes everyone think back to the first time they took a dick he was not faking with his moaning that was feeling good and his hole was tight for real mike i give these two (12) l busted and they was still fucking his moaning got me hard again damm this some good sex. a (MIX DRINK-LIL SMOKE-plus two nuts) thanks mike he open that track star asshole mike bring them both back blessed with bodies from the gods very sexxy and hottttttttttttttttttttttt.

  8. TexasBugg

    Damm i would love to see (MAR) have sex with manny killa now that would be off the hook two sexy young thugs who love raw good sex i have fell in love with mar by him running track his asshole stay tight every time he run them ass cheeks rub together damm he got a pretty asshole mike i love the new things u r doing that really show that u care about your members that’s why i just let u do your thing u try to please everyone thank u mike. please bring mar back for a bandit showdown let bandit hit that asshole

  9. faulknerfan

    Both of the models are attractive although while I really liked Mar I did not really particularly care for the cheerleader who seemed a little too fem. But I did really like Mar.

    However, the editing is a problem. During the sex scenes it was way too frantic to be useful for any masturbatory purpose. Reminded me of the way Dawgpoundusa edits which is not conducive to a relaxing extended period of enjoyment. I always liked the Michael Galletta way of editing which was pretty much hands off and let the camera roll. And as much as the Michael Galletta doofy interview technique sometimes grated on me I actually missed it a little bit here. Because it made the whole thing seem more real and the way this was put together made it seem more like a slick, professional porn scene. The realness of BBA’s amateur feel always made the experience hotter.

    So to sum up I think you have two nice models although I really preferred Mar. And I’m happy that you’ve possibly found someone to help shoulder the burden for you but I think you need to school that person a little bit on the fact that we don’t need professional slick editing on these kinds of videos because it defeats their raison d’etre, which is to get people off, not to win the Academy Award for editing. We don’t need an auteur in the BBA editing room.

    But as always I applaud your efforts and I am sure you are moving in a good direction with this effort.

  10. Damon

    – I knew you didn’t film that shit Mike. You know how to get them money shots and whoever was filming doesn’t . Needless to say I like it better when you shoot the scene yourself. I guess you’re getting burned out though?
    Tell your new cameraman to let us see some butthole next time.

    1. KayJay

      I thought it was a good update, and I most definitely wouldn’t call it “shit.” Dude’s dick was nice and stood up like a telephone pole the whole time! Plus, the “brotha” that bottomed looked and acted like he was going to top.

      But, I did notice that it didn’t feel like a BBA-brand video and bordered on being a mainstream gay flick. The photography was the main reason for this.

      Mike, when you do a video it feels like the viewer is just close by observing, taking a sneak peek at what’s going on, or you are allowing us to see what you observed.

      For me, no more photography stunts other than close ups. It seems to distract from the reality of the scene.

      Again, it was a good update, but the photographer can learn a lot from you about filming reality porn.

  11. Stoned Mountain

    There was a special intimacy about this show, especially in the action. I think it is because they had a chance to gab back and forth enough to get a feel for one another. That wonderful kiss, Teddy says you like that dick, big enough for you, and Mar just jumps him, covering his body with kisses and then down on the big dick that was rock hard when Teddy dropped his drawers. They behaved like they knew one another, and I guess they did.

    Good work, Michael, and good to see you introducing freshness, at a time when others are cutting back severely. Taggaz suspended for a year, FlavaWorks flagship RawRods is posting second-rate packages from some Latin American country! Go BBA!

  12. Michael

    Thanks for the candid and mostly constructive feedback so far to Shax’s first BBA scene!

    Like many of you, Shax is a long-time BBA fan going all the way back to the early Blue Futon days of Dragon and Shyne. He first contacted me almost a year ago about the possibility of helping out behind the scenes with his experience as a professional videographer and editor for projects in both mainstream film as well as the adult industry. After communicating back and forth for many months, we eventually worked out this partnership to bring a new creative perspective to the site and help me deliver hot new models and content on a more consistent basis.

    Going into this, I wanted to give Shax the creative freedom to pursue his own unique visual and editing style, while at the same time keeping the content comfortably within the familiar BBA brand. Overall I think he did a fantastic job with striking that difficult balance, and I’m thrilled to see that so many of you seem to agree.

    As far as the editing is concerned, it’s definitely a very different style from my own. A big reason for that is that he’s editing from footage shot on multiple cameras, a stark contrast to my own scenes which are almost always shot with just one, and occasionally two cameras at the most.

    There are obviously pros and cons to each approach. Personally, I love the way this opens up the scene and allows so many more perspectives on the action, facial expressions, etc. It’s a totally different and refreshing storytelling style. But I also agree that the pacing was a bit too fast and frantic at times, and we’ll definitely continue listening to your feedback and try to slow it down a bit for future productions.

    It’s always going to be somewhat different from my own style, however, and ultimately I think that will be a GOOD thing and bring more creative variety to the site.

    1. CL05ETFR3AK

      Sounds great Micheal I hope so too. I have a question, I noticed on Mars chest some tattoos, are those jamaican flags? Do we finally have some island mix up in here? If so, thats great news!

    2. D'Sean

      Michael, Shax brought back what you sometimes leave out….. the commentary at the beginning. I like how he edited too. I think you should keep that format. …. bring the futon out of retirement and let Apollo take down Shyne on it.


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