Website Update: The Curiosity Test

Collin and Suspense
Collin’s recent visit took an interesting and unexpected turn when he showed up for his second shoot the very next morning and bluntly informed me that he was suddenly no longer curious about guy-on-guy sex.

“I didn’t expect anything, but it wasn’t what I expected!” Collin candidly explains at the start of this scene, throwing a bit of a curve-ball at me at the last minute. Of course I strongly suspected that he was just worried about what people might think and trying to back away from his more eager and open-minded attitude less than 24 hours before.

But there was only one way to find out for sure 😉 !

Enjoy an intimate front-row seat as our experienced veteran Suspense – a model whose own long and sometimes tortuous journey toward acknowledgement and acceptance of his bisexuality we’ve had the pleasure of watching over the course of the past several years – gives the former high school football player a much-needed “pep talk” and proceeds to put his “curiosity” to the test….


This scene brings together two of BBA’s THICKEST models in what should be a special treat for those viewers who prefer their black boys with a little bit more BEEF on their bones.

Just a FAIR WARNING in advance: This is one of those scenes that come along every so often that didn’t turn out quite like I’d hoped. Collin’s inexperience and ambivalence about trying sex with a guy seemed to mess with his mind and get the better of him, and the actual fucking in this scene is admittedly pretty WEAK compared to most of BBA’s scenes. Viewers looking for skilled and passionate fucking between more experienced and enthusiastic gay models would be better off skipping this scene!

On the other hand, if you share my fascination with watching every tense, unpredictable, and occasionally awkward but AUTHENTIC moment of a “straight” black football player’s experimentation with guy-on-guy sex, then this is a scene that will probably be more to your liking!

To watch the full-length, uncensored action, click here to join BBA today!

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19 comments on “Website Update: The Curiosity Test
  1. D-Money

    mike gotta admit i see why u said this pairing was awkward — definitely felt like a teaching scene yet it seems collin might had needed suspense to help free his mind to see and explore new things and avenues !! must say thanks for the thickness on the screen!! i’m a lover of thick dudes myself so that was great eye candy to look at!

  2. Nate

    Always love to see suspense, I think collin kind of like the feel of suspense dick. Collin has a fat butt i think suspense should have taken a taste of it.

  3. Lob Taylor

    I like my guys built this way. Thanks for the update. Will check it out next time I renew my subscription.

  4. beno

    Hotter than ever. I didn’t think so till I clicked on the link my dick got harder than a rock couldn’t help but to fondle it before I knew it I was nuttin all over the place I never got through the whole movie I’ll have to be continued myself lol keep it up Michael and I’ll be there front and center

  5. Fan

    Mike thank you thank you for this scene! I love watching Collin in action. Trust me, if you keep him coming back BBA will keep getting my money for life LOL I love this site and shout out to Collin keep up the great job.

  6. Misterty

    This scene was not bad at all first off I LOVE the thickness of the two. I think if Suspense would’ve pushed Collin a lil more it would’ve been better. Collin was liking Suspense dick tho only if Suspense would’ve asked him to taste it I think he wanted to but nervous. Also I lil mad that Suspense didn’t get a taste of Collin’s ass damn he so THICK maybe next time pair Collin with someone who would push him a lil further. Thanks and GOOD job Mike. “One of these days I’m going to audition for a scene, but I’m in my 30’s” LOL

  7. biglarry

    That was TERRIBLE …. 2 in a row ….smh!
    Collins has a beautiful body that wasn’t explored to its fullest
    What a waste to let that big brown round of his not be licked and played with? Im sure u realize that for many how powerful it is to see that forbitten area on a str8 male and to have it not explored was disappointing..and the actual sex scene just forget it…
    I remain hopeful that you get back on the horse and real soon..and start releasing really hot material the site is know for again.
    Thank you for this forum ..

  8. Chris

    It was cool I just wish his limits would’ve got tested a lil more. Collin didn’t have to bottom but at least got his ass ate but 6.5/10

  9. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    I didn’t like Collin’s attitude AT ALL in this scene and he fucked it up…NO MORE COLLIN please ! and his face isn’t all of that but I give it to suspense tho for trying

    I give this scene a 5/10

  10. A.J.

    Looks like Suspense got it together for the haters. I’m glad I like Suspense and the brown round lookin right. Colin has a beautiful booty himself. I don’t see him going too much further than topping and possibly sucking from the sound of things.


    if he isnt willing to participate then let him go he isn’t all of that…. 2 lack luster scenes and an attitude. people like his body and dont see his body of work.

  12. srulez

    Colin has a nice body, but hopefully he becomes more open minded. Suspense should have fucked Colin and made him earn that money…!

    Have you ever thought about bringing in pradaboiswagg from xtube and tumblr for BBA?

  13. AlexB86

    I think the pairing was wrong…. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE Suspence, ever since he stepped on to BBA. But, I think for Collin’s 1st time smashing 1on1, Suspence wasn’t the right choice. I mean when he was in that 3some scene with Mello & Apollo his dick was standing at attention. So maybe he should’ve be paired with someone like Mello for his first 1on1 scene.


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