Website Update: The Seduction of Caesar (Part One)

Debonair and Caesar
Caesar is a sexy straight Southern stud with a thick and muscular body that will no doubt have many gay viewers drooling long before his clothes ever come off! He wrestled and played football in high school before joining the Army, and he now serves in the National Guard and competes as an MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighter.

Caesar has never actually tried anything with a guy, but he admits that in the back of his mind he’s always wondered what it might be like. He originally responded to an online ad in the hopes of getting into straight porn, but lucky for us, he’s open-minded and willing to do whatever it takes to get his foot in the door and make a name for himself in the industry – even if that means trying sex with a guy!

To help us introduce BBA’s newest Southern straight boy to the forbidden pleasures of guy-on-guy sex, we’ve recruited another exciting new model who will already be familiar to some of BBA’s viewers. Known for showing off every inch of his tempting young body on social media sites like Tumblr and Vine, Debonair is finally ready to take things to the NEXT LEVEL and make his exclusive gay porn debut here at BBA!

“It’s been a long time coming!” Debonair explains at the start of this scene. “I think I’m done teasing!”

It’s a day of hot and memorable “firsts” for Caesar when he meets Debonair for the very first time – including kissing another male on the lips, getting his dick sucked by a guy, undressing and grinding against another man’s naked body, and even briefly attempting to fuck a guy in the ass….

Caesar's First Time
Debonair’s loyal followers (as well as those just now discovering him for the very first time) will finally be treated to the thrilling and long-anticipated sight of this cute gay boy in ACTION for the very first time.

The challenge of “turning out” a masculine straight stud like Caesar really seems to bring out Debonair’s best oral skills. Watch with envy as he slobbers all over Caesar’s huge dick, licking and slurping and even DEEP-THROATING that fresh straight-boy meat like it’s the best dick he’s tasted in years!

Looking like a deer caught in the headlights, Caesar squeezes his eyes shut but can’t help glancing down every so often at the sight of his thick, wet dick sliding in and out of another guy’s mouth.

“It’s better than most females!” the beefy football player and MMA fighter exclaims with surprise.

Straight Stud's First Blowjob
Viewers looking for eager, hardcore gay action will not find it here in Part One. This introduction to Caesar’s seduction is for those who enjoy watching every spontaneous, unpredictable, and occasionally awkward but AUTHENTIC moment of a real-life straight guy’s first sexual experience with another male, even when not everything goes according to plan!

For example, Caesar gets a bit overwhelmed and experiences some “technical difficulties” that bring his first shoot to a premature end. When this happens, I decide to bring in a more experienced bisexual “top” to give Debonair the dick he deserves and show the straight boy how it’s done!

Don’t miss the action-packed conclusion when BLAKE BISHOP joins Debonair and Caesar for a freaky threesome the very next day – COMING SOON to!

Debonair's Tempting Ass

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52 comments on “Website Update: The Seduction of Caesar (Part One)
  1. Kevin

    I’m already liking Caesar but that scene was mediocre cuz well new model and first scene is always that way when they get nervous on camera and it’s hard for the top to stay hard but I give some kudos points on some passionate kissing and Debonair trying his best to get Caesar to get hard…

    I hope Part 2 made up for the mediocre scene from Part 1…I can’t wait to see that.

  2. D-Money

    great part 1 mike im a big fan of both new models great potential especially when u get to break them properly — by the way mike i already can see a tay or migo matchup for debonair’s sexy azz he definitely had great deep throat skills and cant wait for blake to tame them cakes next week great shots on Caesar’s chocolate ass and Debonair’s beautiful ass as well cant wait for more its summer time time for the new models to show off for the summer……..

  3. Stoned Mountain

    Caesar disproves one thought or preconceived notion, that all black boys are born ready to fuck! LOL

    He surprised me twice… first, how readily he kissed, but I also saw he showed no physical arousal, no matter how much head he got.

    Can’t wait to see where this goes. Love the big balls. Maybe he needs some hard dick.

    1. Michael

      I wouldn’t necessarily say that Caesar disproves that stereotype, considering the fact that he’s trying something new and outside his comfort zone. I’m pretty sure if I’d paired him with a female, or possibly even a different male, this scene would have had a different outcome.

  4. Paul

    Interesting, this Caesar. Surprised there was no solo introduction. Has a good look. But I will await his introduction to being a bottom (maybe he should work with you like you handled Isaiah). But this current pairing does not induce me to rejoin.

  5. Dexter

    I could have had a V-8…. I understand the concept I just hate I wasted my money!! I should have just waited for part two.. #NoPreview I’m glad I’m slowly but surely winging myself off this site…

        1. Lob Taylor

          I dont think there was any rudeness here. The scene summary was clear as day. I didnt rejoin yet cause am waiting for the part 2 like some other folks here too.

  6. decaturbaby

    Caesar is sexy as fuck… I know that he was probably nervous, but it’s all downhill after that…. hopefully part 2 is better.. otherwise, this should have been a “outtake” or blooper update..

    1. Michael

      Think of it like reading a book or watching a movie. You can’t skip to the middle and still understand or appreciate the full story. So while this first encounter was far from perfect and the ending was obviously disappointing, what happens in the next part wouldn’t be half as hot without seeing this first.

  7. Ty

    I like Caesar he’s a cutie. I love the kissing in the scenes it just give the scene something different to me. Mike I wonder why didn’t you make this a 3 part series with Caesar having a solo talking and jerking off first so that he don’t get nervous with the lights and cam ( even tho I’m gay I probably wouldn’t get on hard with the lights and cams). Just can’t wait to see part 2. Also excited to see what Mr. Debonair can do with some of the other models especially if he’s really freaky. Thanks for the update and keep up the good work

    1. Kevin

      Yeah I agree. A solo first would be a nice ice breaker with all the lights and glamour for young Caesar…I’d still like to see a solo from this sexy stud! Like a ‘re-introduction or behind the scenes extra.

    2. Michael

      This was my very first attempt at hosting THREE brand-new, out-of-town models in the same weekend, and Caesar was only available for a very brief window of time due to his hectic work schedule. So basically I just didn’t have the luxury to take my time and start these guys off slowly with their own solo introductions like I usually would. And in Caesar’s case, I’m skeptical that would have made any difference.

  8. chucke1

    WOW, great to see two HOT guys together! Caesar is a living doll! Hats off to Suspense for his response and permission, LMAO! He has my permission to spend (blow) my entire $1! I’m the most positive person I know and not a hater, i’m a lover of fine porn! Glad we got that cleared up! GREAT JOB MIKE!

  9. mb

    my 2 cents: Caesar is a keeper, and I hope to see more of him. if there is to be a part 2 to his seduction, I hope it does not include debonair, who by the way if I never see again, I would not be mad.

    I think Caesar is ready for a round with Apollo.

    mike, I applaud you for adding a new update on the last day of may, rather than waiting 1 more day for june. now I only hope that members will receive at least 4 more updates this month?

  10. A Dissapointed Paying Customer

    As a current paying customer I have to say this has to the worst scene I have ever seen on this site. I know people complain about Mike being in some scenes and I have complained about what I believed to stuff from other sites but this was the WORST. The point of porn is so get off, that is why I pay to see this site. Sometimes I see some scenes and I think ok not for me but I get how it might be for someone else but NO ONE gets off to watching some one who is pretty attractive do everything they can to arouse a man. It wasn’t a “I can’t keep it up” thing, he could not get it up at all! LOL. Part 2 should have been paired with part 1 if there is more to this. I feel like this week more than ever was a rip off. Maybe I need to join the “cancel now and wait” club. First time I downloaded something for this site and just deleted it from my hard drive

    1. Michael

      I’m sorry to hear that you hated this update as much as you did. I’m guessing you’re either relatively new to BBA, or maybe you’ve simply forgotten BBA’s “reality porn” roots? This is hardly the first (or last) time that one of the straight models has had trouble getting hard with another guy. Limp dicks sort of come with the territory when you’re filming AUTHENTIC straight guys trying gay sex for the very first time, and I’m honestly surprised that it doesn’t happen more often.

      Like I’ve stated countless times before on this blog, some of BBA’s viewers CLAIM to want to see real-life straight guys but then turn around and complain when they don’t perform like gay “porn stars.” My interest is in finding hot straight guys and capturing their unscripted, real-life experiences on camera, not offering predictable hardcore fuck scenes week after week.

      Like I made very clear in the official scene summary, this scene is for those BBA viewers who enjoy watching every spontaneous, unpredictable, and occasionally awkward but AUTHENTIC moment of a real-life straight guy’s first sexual experience with another male, even when not everything goes according to plan!

      1. Tre AnDrews

        Mike, you spend way too much time defending yourself/your work. This is an awesome site. You do great work. These complainers are probably not porn material – although I complained about Suspense’s last appearance. They think that just because they pay, probably every other month, that their particular tastes and appetites should be satisfied with every single video. If you don’t like what the man posts, then simply don’t join. Or start your own porn site, and see if you can do better.

      2. A Dissapointed Paying Customer

        touche. The scene was pretty terrible. NO one can get off to that scene. I have been a long time on and off paying customer. When it was only 2 pages of updates. I know where you going BUT you missed the key element, the sexual part. The awkward moments matter only if it works out in the end. What is the point of putting up a scene that is a capital F Flop.

  11. Carl Davies

    I have to agree this was a total waste of time and think you should have paired it up with part 2 if that makes up for it. It would be the fair thing to do Michael.
    I pay my subscription every month and love the site but this scene was a total let down, with respect x

  12. Dexter

    The bottom line is HE DONT CARE!! He CARE NOTHING About the “Customers” Instead catering to his own needs….

    1. Michael

      I recommend you follow your own advice from a blog comment several years ago:

      Michael… You don’t need to “EXPLAIN” Yourself to any of us… Its as easy as this….”IF THEY DON’T LIKE IT DON’T WATCH IT DON’T SIGN UP” WTF!! I commend you for always replying to the blogs and being a cool guy (WHEN DEALING WITH ASSHOLES) I know i couldn’t do it!! lol Just know you can’t satisfy them all.. Keep doing your thang dude.. #1FAN!! EITHER WAY!!

      1. Dexter

        Lmao!! That was when you were shall I say “Nicer” and the content was “Awesome”…. Now screenshot THAT!!

  13. Cobra

    Some updates are awesome and some are good but I’d never classify any as bad. I’m not a fan of the solo’s but they are few and far between so it’s cool. When this scene started I was about to hop on the bandwagon of those claiming all the actors were gay and just “pretending” to be straight. Caesar looked great but kissed dude like he had been there and done that. When he couldn’t perform it was almost a relief.

    Long story short, Mike makes it clear that the majority of his models are straight performing “gay” acts for money. He also makes it clear that they are all amateurs, all performing for the camera for the first time. The sex is stiff at times and many like this scene fall off after a few attempts. Even the home runs are sometimes clumsy but that’s the nature of this genre of porn. The issue is most so-called gay for pay sites hire gay porn actors who of course deliver great anal sex and only talk up the fantasy of themselves as being straight. Real life. Not gonna happen. Most of Mike’s “all-stars” started off with scenes similar to this and most taking months to get that far.

    Caesar I predict will be the next “gay for pay” all-star so thanks again Mike for going after the models you think will make this site great for years to come. We pay a few dollars to view this update but you paid a booking fee, flight and hotel so I’m sure no one was more disappointed than you at the end. I only came to your defense because of these folk who have no clue what “gay for pay” is and are always turning this blog into a filibuster for you to convert BBA into a standard gay site. My question is why harass you and your vision when there are so many standard gay porn sites out there and fake gay for pay sites for them to subscribe to?

    1. Michael

      Thanks, Cobra! I’d been wondering where you’d disappeared to, so it’s nice to know you’re still around. Thanks for offering a different perspective from someone who understands and appreciates what these scenes are about. You’re exactly the type of viewer I had in mind when I wrote what I did in the official scene summary, and I couldn’t have said this any better myself!

      I was surprised by Caesar’s openness to kissing as well, even sticking out his tongue from the start! That’s something you don’t see too often when it comes to a straight guy’s first guy-on-guy kiss. Caesar had already agreed to kiss Debonair prior to filming as part of my negotiations with him, so that might at least partly explain why he seemed so ready and prepared for that moment. He also expressed that he was open-minded and curious, so that might have been part of it as well. But I really do believe that this was his first time.

  14. eagerbeaver

    Damn you guys are going in on this scene right here….. Thank god i didnt waste my money this time?… Does anybody else wait till the reviews come out to determine if they gonna subscribe or not?lol

    1. Michael

      There are actually more positive than negative reviews for this scene so far, not counting the comments from those who haven’t actually seen it.

      You should always take the blog feedback with a grain of salt. Some of these people leaving negative comments aren’t even active BBA members. I’m pretty sure if you go back and look at your favorite BBA scenes, there were comments “going in” on those scenes as well. It’s extremely rare that a BBA scene ever gets unanimous feedback, positive OR negative.

    2. A.J.

      I kinda do. I just like reading the reviews personally some are hilarious. I usually wait until Mike post the full update before I purchase. I remember one time Mike updated and the pic had Kenny in between Legacy and I forgot the other dude name. I 4 sure thought Kenny was getting the double dick that day turned out he didn’t even bend over. That’s when I just started waiting for the full update so I didn’t burn myself all up.

  15. Jman

    This was trash. Please don’t go back to your ways of being insolent with your CUSTOMERS who express their displeasure in some of the updates. I never understand why you provide a platform for good and bad reviews and turn around and beat the shit out of those who leave bad reviews.

    Also, if your going to scold viewers for not reading the official summary, make sure your ass has the official summary out there when you release the video.

    I know how sometimey your material is, so I have learned over the years to wait for the official summary even tho you almost always post the video first. This site is still such a roller coaster. I give you a solid “C”. You’ll get a “B” when you stop putting up these bullshit videos when you are on vacation or whatever your usual excuses are.

    You have good runs and act like you’re doing us a favor and then post shitty updates like “bonus” scenes from years past, or God forbid that shitty material from the CEO. Let that man and his garbage rest in peace!!

    When your material is hot, it’s hot…no denying that. Stop punishing people for their honest feedback.

    Meanwhile…where is Kendall???

    1. Michael

      You have always had a bad habit of deliberately distorting and exaggerating the comments that I leave on this blog. Nothing in my previous comments comes anywhere CLOSE to “beating the shit” out of anyone. You’re being ridiculous.

      Yes, this blog is an open forum where I can communicate directly with BBA’s viewers and I continue to welcome honest and constructive feedback to the models and scenes. But that honest dialogue with BBA’s viewers will sometimes include me disagreeing with certain comments, correcting blatantly false or unfair mischaracterizations of the content, sharing my own personal takes on individual scenes, and/or explaining and defending the BBA brand overall.

      I’ve never had a problem with viewers disliking certain models and scenes, and I know I’ll never please everyone with any given model or scene. But at a certain point, if a customer walks into my seafood restaurant, starts complaining that it smells like fish, and demands that I make him a pizza….well, I hardly think it’s “insolent” to point out that he might be at the wrong restaurant.

      There will always be people like you and Dexter who find something to bitch and complain about no matter what. I could post an overnight BBA classic every weekend and you’d no doubt start complaining that I’m not posting two or three scenes like that every week. The fact remains that even when I’ve had other personal obligations, the site has still been updated EVERY WEEK so far in 2015, and the vast majority of the models and scenes have been pretty damn hot. That’s FAR more than most other black gay sites offer!

      I made it very clear when I started posting weekly updates (without raising the price of membership in over five years, I might add), that solo scenes and bonus footage would sometimes be included as part of that schedule. If you want me to go back to just two or three updates a month, I’ll be happy to eliminate the “bullshit” videos as you call them.

      1. Dexter

        Dont drag me into this…. He is RIGHT ON POINT!! And i only say something about the scenes I DONT LIKE!! If i like something I WONT COMMENT!! But you come off as being very rude when I’m paying MY MONEY!! Is all I’ve ever said….

        Thanks Again…..

      2. chucke1

        Slam Michael week! WTF Michael, BEST PORN SITE PERIOD! I think your entire body of work is better than any porn site, even when I am not pleased with a scene, don’t take these nonpaying members seriously! YOU KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!

          1. Michael

            We’re still in touch with Stephon and hoping to have him back for more scenes soon.

            Haven’t heard from Kendall in awhile. Last we talked, he was really busy with his freshman year of college. But school should now be done for the summer, so I just emailed him to let him know that his fans are asking about him and we’d love to have him back for more shoots this summer.

      3. Jman

        This is not slam Michael week. I just get tired of all of the lashback. I will admit that this site is definitely one of a kind. I’ve been coming here since the early days of Dragon and Shyne. Admittedly, when I first started patronizing this site, I was busy just getting caught up on content that existed prior to my discovery of the site.

        I’m not one to usually keep going round and round, but it just never ceases to amaze me that the most CONSISTENT criticisms of this site are update frequency, and the type of content. What is meant by type of content is Michael’s work as opposed to the 3rd party themes like CEO and Jamaican scenes. I give you credit for trying new things. Any good business would do that. But damn, when your viewers speak up, listen. Not that you haven’t, but you give way too much lip in the process; and at times if comes off as flat out rude. The site has gotten SO much better, but still has a ways to go (IMHO). I don’t need to hear about what you’ve already done and so on, everytime I “file” a complaint. Sigh. Whatever.

        If cutting the bullshit means you have to cut the updates, then that’s indicative that you haven’t arrived. Period. What a terrible ultimatum. Just wretched…and you know better than that. LOL

        And furthermore, if I wanna bitch and moan about shit on this site, then dammit you let me! As long as I pay to see your content, I’ll bitch, jack off, moan, jack off some more (and moan), and bitch again as long as I see fit! Hell!

        1. Michael

          If there wasn’t an audience for the DL Chill Spot scenes, I wouldn’t be posting them, period. The same goes for the scenes with me in them. And not a week goes by that somebody doesn’t ask when I’m bringing the Jamaican scenes back. So just because you personally happen not to like them doesn’t mean I’m ignoring feedback from viewers. If I stopped posting certain types of scenes every time somebody complained, there wouldn’t be any scenes left on the site! Okay, maybe Trae’s scenes would still make the cut, but you get my point, LOL.

          As far as the update schedule is concerned, if the standard you’re holding me to is 45 to 60-minute hardcore action scenes posted at the same time every week, then you’re correct, I “haven’t arrived.” As far as I know, NOBODY is offering that. There’s a reason network television shows air re-runs every few weeks, or that the best TV series on cable only produce 10 to 12-episode seasons every year and a half:

          QUALITY requires time and money, simple as that. And when I made the switch to updating the website EVERY WEEK nearly two years ago, I made it very clear that I wasn’t going to be able to maintain that kind of schedule without including the occasional solo and bonus scenes in the mix. But I did it to offer viewers something enjoyable and entertaining in between the more “major” scenes so that the wait wouldn’t seem quite as long.

          If you want the kind of quality and uniqueness that you claim keeps bringing you back, then please respect the time and creative process that goes into making that possible.

  16. Pascal

    And now for my go at ‘Whack-a-Michael‘!

    Well Caesar was really good-looking (really) and willing to kiss Debonair, so I… liked it! Yep it was mechanical, but it also got tender sometimes and I like that.

    Sorry Michael, better luck next time! 😀

  17. Cobra

    Mike you mention several times the negotiations and prepping that goes into these shoots. I was thinking that for one of your bigger scenes you need to roll the cameras on these negotiations and shoot prep to see if you can edit together an interesting bonus behind the scenes clip of a hot shoot. I’m sure a few of our friends will piss a bitch of a update with no anal penetration so maybe you can just squeeze it in as a double feature when you update a solo performance for example. You also said your style takes from a reality-like format so I suggest you at least film or have an assistant film behind the scenes for maybe one future short feature of BBA Behind the Scenes.

    1. Michael

      I think that’s a GREAT idea but it’s a lot harder than it sounds due to the fact that a lot of these negotiations take place long before the actual filming begins. A lot of times this is done by email, text, phone, etc. Or sometimes just in a context where having a camera in the guy’s face would be impractical and counterproductive to what I’m trying to accomplish.

      For example, sitting in a restaurant with Apollo and waiting with bated breath while he takes a deep breath, literally rests his head on the table, and silently considers for what seems like HOURS my generous proposition to get him to try sucking dick. Boy, do I WISH I’d had a camera on for that, LOL! It was both stressful and hilarious at the same time.

      When these negotiations are more spontaneous and occur at the time of the shoot, I will usually try my best to leave the camera on so you can see everything play out in real time.

  18. lester

    Michael please bring back Javion he is just my dream top keep up the excellent work i am a long time member best amateur site in the world

    1. Michael

      Thanks for the encouraging feedback!

      I’d LOVE to see Javion return one of these days, but that’s
      not looking very likely right now. I’ve been trying to get him to come back for several years now, but he always gets cold feet and backs out at the very last minute.

      Part of the problem is that he’s in a serious relationship, and his boyfriend doesn’t want him doing gay porn. This is fairly common with BBA’s gay and bisexual models who get into romantic relationships after their initial scenes, and we’ve lost many good models to jealous and possessive boyfriends 🙁 .

  19. Platinum 313

    Caesar isn’t gay……..very clear. A traditional country boy. Very sexy. Maybe try him with a woman and a dude. Apollo, him, and a chick

  20. Montez

    It absolutely baffles me how people love to moan and kvetch and be completely and utterly back-handed and rude with their comments… Yet when someone responds in kind, they get all soft and want to say “oh, you’re rude.”

    Michael is responding directly to a lot of the complaints and bitchy comments that some of you have. Point me to another site that has a director that does so. Michael spends countless hours finding, negotiating and often being stressed out in order to consistently bring fresh faces for you all to see. Point me to another site that has a director that does so. The time, money and energy spent to create what you all clearly keep coming back for is constantly being attacked because some of you want to complain that a scene isn’t specifically for you.

    Would you rather Michael respond to these complaints “okay, thanks for the comment?” No, because then you’d just use the same “he doesn’t care about his customers” retort. If what you want is a scene specifically crafted to cater to YOUR desires and your desires only, then feel free to contribute the same time, money and energy into creating your own site. If not, READ the scene summary, determine whether or not this scene is for you and then either watch it or don’t.

    There is a difference between constructive criticism and voicing an opinion (which some of you do) and just flat out bitching because you got what you asked for! And that is exactly what most of the bitching is. We want authentic and legitimate straight guys. We want to see them doing gay things. But oh my God, his dick wasn’t hard. His kissing was stiff. In general, the straight guy wasn’t gay enough. What THE fuck!?

    If what you actually want are 100% gay guys fucking each other, then there are plenty of other sites out there who offer the same exact thing (kiss, suck dick, eat ass, fuck in 2 positions, end scene, rinse, repeat) and the same exact people every update and have so for the past 7 years or so. Not to mention those passing off scenes that were released several years ago as new and asking you to pay for said scene. And of course, those that clearly promote something that they never actually intend to release or even filmed in the first place. Or… And here’s a wild thought, if you are that dissatisfied with the content at BBA then why don’t you go out and get some dick and/or ass to get your nut, if you can. Now THAT is rude. See the difference?

    Just like with EVERYTHING in every form of entertainment, you can not please 100% of your audience. And just the same, the audience will not be pleased with 100% of the content. Find what pleases you, enjoy it and live. If you find the balance shifts too much to the not so pleased side of things, then YOU have the CHOICE not to return. It is very simple. Michael offers a very authentic and unique product. It is YOUR CHOICE whether or not to pay for that product. I would put the quality of BBA up against any other urban site, any day of the week. You do an excellent job, Michael and there are some of us who appreciate that. Keep up the good work.

    P.S. – Part two is HOT!

    1. robert

      You didn’t mention that Mike answers his email personally also. I find his hands on interaction with fans and customers refreshing. No other site I frequent compares. Oh and I am one of those that keeps asking about more Jamaican and ChillSpot clips. Love them! Part 2 was quite good.


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