Website Update: There’s A New Top In Town (Young Directors Series)

Blake Bishop Fucking Suspense 2
This week we’re introducing something exciting and new that I’ve been wanting to try for awhile: a special series of scenes filmed and directed by the BBA models!

For this particular shoot, I trained Lil Tyga on how to use the camera and then turned him loose to film and direct the scene as he wished.

It’s somewhat fitting that for his directorial debut, Lil Tyga was able to work with Blake Bishop, a brand-new model who reminds me a lot of him when he first started out. A sexy, bisexual “top” with a slim, athletic body and insatiable appetite for tight ass, Blake Bishop comes to us from Baltimore through the BBA Tumblr and tells us that he’s always fantasized about performing in porn.

Blake Bishop and Suspense
For his amateur action debut, we’ve paired Blake Bishop with the popular BBA veteran Suspense, who proved in his encounter with Migo last year that there’s no dick out there TOO BIG or TOO ROUGH for his thick, juicy ass!

“I hope you can bring it!” Suspense playfully taunts his newbie co-star shortly after meeting him for the very first time.

“I hope you can TAKE IT!” Blake Bishop replies with a confident smile.

Suspense Unwrapping The Goods
Like an excited child unwrapping a present, Suspense wastes no time helping Blake Bishop out of his clothes and getting his first look at the new model’s slim, sexy body. He slowly and seductively pulls down Blake Bishop’s boxers to reveal a very PLEASANT SURPRISE!

Don’t let Blake Bishop’s quiet and laid-back personality fool you! This sexy new “top” is a force to be reckoned with when the clothes come off and the action begins….

Sucking Blake Bishop

Blake Bishop's Big Dick
It’s fun to watch Blake Bishop slowly shake off his nerves and come out of his shell and before you know it, he’s aggressively pounding Suspense’s plump ass without mercy all over the room and in a variety of exciting positions – including bent across a table, sitting on a chair, and even under a desk!

While Blake Bishop’s big and beautiful DICK is without a doubt the star of the show, you can rest assured that with Lil Tyga behind the camera, we’re also treated to some very nice shots of the sexy top’s cute, tempting BUTT as he slams in and out of Suspense.

Alternating between a slow, sensual rhythm and more demanding thrusts, Blake Bishop skillfully strokes that ass into submission and makes sure that Suspense and all of BBA’s viewers know THERE’S A NEW TOP IN TOWN!

Blake Bishop Fucking Suspense
To watch the full-length, uncensored action, click here to join BBA today!

If you’re already a BBA member, click here to check out Blake Bishop’s gay porn debut any time you’d like!

Blake Bishop Fucking Suspense 2

39 comments on “Website Update: There’s A New Top In Town (Young Directors Series)
  1. D-Money

    Well got to say mike I love this new series — given the chance for models to venture off behind the camera to get their point of view of how they would direct a scene is a nice change of pace — i love how lil tyga definitely encouraged blake when he got a little unsure but hes definitely a keeper good stroke game and definitely gave suspense a run for his money but he hung right with him too though and he definitely took it aggressive which is what i always enjoy!! great video and hope to see more from blake and maybe lil tyga together or cory and blake!!

  2. decaturbaby

    It’s always a good day for me when I see Suspense in an update, and even nicer seeing a nice new face too… I thought it was a pretty good post.. started out a little slow, I’m sure due to nerves, but once the fucking started, it was awesome.. great angles and hard dick thru out… like i said, I love Suspense, but he’s now starting to give me the same feeling I get when I see D-Rel.. So, Thanks Mike for another great update, or should I say Thank you to Tyga? (good job Tyga) …

    1. decaturbaby

      I need to apologize to Suspense for implying that he was like D-Rel.. There is actually no comparison.. You two are like night and day.. Suspense is the reason that I joined BBA, and I missed him when he was away for so long… I see now that he is just growing up, becoming a young man…. Thanks for coming back for your fans, and don’t pay these haters any attention on here… I am a HUGE fan of yours and I hope to see you again soon (hopefully with Apollo) 🙂

  3. DC

    I love this new guy Mike way look into the camera so damn sexy I would love to see you beautiful solo scene with him play with his ass and wet it

  4. biglarry

    Its good to see new talent….! The lighting in this video was poor and dark? Not like in your previous vidz? I myself appreciate the quality of your work but this was a step forward and a step backwards for me. Good new talent! ….bad it wasn’t captured with the quality and the great lighting and closeups as a member Im accustom to and enjoy on your site! The Director of this scene I say not everyone can wear many hats… but encouraging you to continue to study Mike’s work and keep going with your great in front of the camera work also! Remaining optimistic that your Hot streak will continue with future updates! Thanking you for this forum!

    1. Michael

      I’m surprised to hear that you didn’t care for Lil Tyga’s directing. I thought he did a great job for his very first time, and way better than I did in my early scenes. In fact, I thought this was about on the same level as my current scenes when it comes to things like angles, lighting, closeups, action, etc. And hopefully with more practice, they’ll be even better!

  5. Tre AnDrews

    New guy=Thumbs up!
    Suspense={his} time’s up:(

    Please start hitting the weight room or something Suspense. Your dick size and ass cannot carry your face and body through these scenes.

  6. robert

    Being from Baltimore, I am quite happy with Blake. Nutted 20 min in. He proved the old saying Tops Give The Best Head. How about getting him in some local fan sportswear? Can’t wait to see Mike put him through the ringer!

  7. PapaBear

    I have always loved suspense. I still would eat that ass up, but I do think his time is up. Just my opinion…on the other hand Blake Bishop is a nice new face…that dick looks good and I can’t wait to see him get his ass ate or fingered or fucked.

  8. Stoned Mountain

    Nice idea, well executed, thanks to The Bishop. What poise for a newcomer! Rock hard and never faltered. Nice shooting by Tyga, especially my favorite shot from underneath. Lil Bishop FILLED that house nicely! And what stamina! Did you say how old —— looks like a teen. Congrats to all hands!

    Of course my only small disappointment was I got no kiss.

    1. Michael

      Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed the latest scene and that you like the new guy, Blake Bishop. I agree that he did a fantastic job for his first time in front of the camera. I think Lil Tyga did a great job as well for his first time filming and directing. He got some great shots that I’m not sure even I would have captured.

      Blake Bishop just turned 21, I believe.

      There was a little bit of kissing, but it was very brief. Lil Tyga
      isn’t much of a kisser in his own scenes, so I guess it’s no surprise that he didn’t push for more of that.

  9. H-town

    Mike, several are hating on Suspense and think his time is up. My thoughts are contrary, however. There are all types of fans with all different likes. I, for one, am a HUGE fan of Suspense and I get excited when I see he is in a scene. I don’t care for the skinny guys or the DL Chill Spot vids, but I know others do. You won’t be able to please everyone, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep Suspense!!!

    Also, whatever happened to Beno? Have we seen the last of him?

    1. chucke1


  10. Stoned Mountain

    I was NOT bothered by the rubber, but whose idea was it — the Bishop? (got to get the Bishop and the Saint together)

    Wish Suspense gave him some slurpy head at the end.

    Bishop can REALLY fuck. No excited premature ejac. Love him, those eyes!

    1. Stoned Mountain

      Took time to get hard but stayed rock all the way, even while giving head for a long stretch. He looks like a fuck machine who could go all night OR service two bottoms alternately or in sequence.

      A resourceful talent. Wish he was vers. Love to see him flip. Loved Suspense’s comment — on this site NEVER SAY NEVER. 😉

  11. Ty

    I like this scene Lil Tyga was a good director. The way Blake Bishop was looking at Tyga I thought maybe Tyga was playing with his dick or he was at least going to join the scene and work the camera that would’ve been even hotter

  12. srulez

    It is nice to see a new face on the site – especially one from Bmore being I am from there.
    It is nice to see Bishop make an awesome debut. I can’t wait to see if he bottoms down the
    line. Suspense has been used to death and we want to see others get fucked more often like Cory, Migo, Isaiah, Randy (where is he at – why haven’t we seen more videos with him?), Dee Weezy, Saint (even can get fucked more often), Stephon, etc.

  13. Tori Fan

    The scene was HOT. I wanted to fuck Suspense myself. He has really grown into himself. Giving directions and coming out of his shell. He’s still one of my favorites. You know I like them THICK….gawd….with a big DICK….and pretty toes….pinching my nipples now.

  14. A.J.

    I’m not a member right now but please don’t indulge the haters Mike or Suspense. There is nothing wrong with Suspense to me maybe a new haircut or sumthin but he’s not at all how they are trying to make him sound. If they don’t like him then don’t watch his scenes plain and simple but i’ll tune in.

  15. Pascal

    Can’t wait for chucke1’s porn debut since he assured us he had a better personality, dick and ass than Suspense does. Oh and probably more stamina too. It should be off the hook! :p

    I hope Michael chimes in soon to shoot down all of Suspense’s critics like he usually does with for some of the lame ducks he sometimes uses.

    Go Suspense! And congrats to LilTyga on his directing chops! Now Michael’s usual excuses for not bringing new scenes (‘I’m sick‘, ‘the dog ate my camera‘, …) have gone out the window… 🙂

  16. Suspense

    Suspense here. Just wanted to say I honestly appreciate all feedback, positive or negative. Chucke1 and anyone else thats tired of seeing me, I am personally giving you permission to say whatever you want about me. After all, I am spending YOUR money 😀
    Seriously tho, A few years back, I probably would have done something stupid to myself after reading these comments but since then I’ve learned that all i can do about it is laugh at the negative people because this really is just porn, not the life I live. I go hard for my fans because we all know in the black lgbt community acceptance and support is hard to come by and you guys give me just what I need to walk life with my head held high not regretting the decision i made to join BBA and I truly love yall for that…and I don’t throw the word love around loosely.

    1. robert

      That’s right Suspense! Laugh all the way to the bank! If they ain’t hatin then you ain’t no star! More vers scenes would be cool.

    2. decaturbaby

      I love you Suspense… (I’m the one who sent “Migo” your way 🙂 ) to this day, that is still one of my favorite scenes on here…. I hope to see you again soon..

    3. A.J.

      I heard that my man spend that money mine’s too. I can see the hate won’t hold you down and you should keep it that way. I’m glad you interact with the fans it’s something I rarely experience. Thanks for the years of lusting lol.

    4. decaturbaby

      my next dream hookup is to see Suspense and Apollo together… I would pay double to see Suspense’s big hard dick in Apollo’s mouth… I would nutt just watching the two of you kissing… Apollo’s willingness to please his fans, reminds me of Suspense’s passion to please his fans as well….
      When I hooked Michael up with Migo, I suggested Suspense and Saint, and Mike made that dream come true.. Mike even mentioned me in his synopsis of y’all’s first scene together… I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Migo’s dick again after seeing you two together… It was the biggest turn on for me, knowing that his dick had been in your mouth and ass…

  17. Brian

    My password and username haven’t been working for two updates. And I can’t get a response back!!!! I’m annoyed. I love suspense

  18. DanE

    Audio in most of your videos is lacking, this one even more so. Fell in love with the site because of the back and forward interviews, however most of the time I cant hear what is been said by models. Other than that love your site.

    1. Michael

      Thanks for the feedback! For the best possible viewing experience, I would recommend watching all of BBA’s scenes with headphones and turning the volume up higher so you can hear. That way you won’t miss a thing.

      I will also consider investing in some additional sound equipment or possibly even a new camera soon, and hopefully that will help fix this problem.


    i am not a fan of the tops looking into the camera of lil tyga constant talking. it kinda made it feel staged, and they were going through the actions…although i know it is, i dont want to be reminded. lol


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