Website Update: Trapp’s First Time

Last month we finally got to see Shaun fuck a guy in the ass for the VERY FIRST TIME. Now it’s his boy Trapp‘s turn to take the same leap and discover for himself what all this fuss about gay sex is about 😉 .

Luh Redd will once again be the envy of many as he gets to DEEP-THROAT the straight thug’s big dick and hungrily feast on that amazing ass….

After enjoying Luh Redd’s impressive oral and ass-eating skills, Trapp is finally ready to let the world watch as he fucks a guy in the ass for the VERY FIRST TIME!

He tentatively pokes his hard, RAW dick between Luh Redd’s juicy, brown cakes until it slowly sinks into that tight, warm boy-ass….

See for yourself what leads up to a stunned and suspicious Trapp finally realizing, “I think y’all tryin’ to turn me GAY!” by the end of this scene 😉 .

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30 comments on “Website Update: Trapp’s First Time
  1. Bugsy754

    Luh Redd hands down the best ass eater… skills on point. TRAPP has finally entered the building , new BBA star on the rise. Mike , start a survey to see who should be the lucky BBA star to break in TRAPP. We gotta come strong with this one, going be a must see!!!!

  2. WeatherMan

    Trapp is a star. He is a very essential piece to the new wave models of the BBA brand. He has an amazing amount of sex appeal and he knows what it takes to make a good scene. The viewers can tell that he really wants to make the scene the best scene. I was impressed by his chemistry with Luh Redd and his scene is much better than Shaun’s.

    Speaking of the homeboys, I hope you bless the BBA viewers with a scene with ALL three of the homeboys when Scotty is released from jail. Either Scotty is going to have to fuck something or the two dread heads are going to have show Scotty what they have learned while he was away, BOTH of those scenes would be hot.

    1. Remedy

      Noooooo. I gotta disagree. All three of them wouldn’t be good. They’re already shy n timid around one another. They gonna be too reluctant to do anything too “gay” with each other. It’ll destroy the scene. I hate when the models don’t just handle their handle n get the check. Needs a full homosexual n there. Blake or Rico. 👌

      1. cocopop

        You have a good point, it might be complicated pairing either 3 top or bottom the other. Maybe down the road, when all are comfortable versatile.

  3. Remedy

    Am I the only one that was star struck when the episode was there on time this week 😱😆
    But GooottDamnn!!!!! That was hot. Riddle me this, how is it that Trapp FUCKS BETTER THAN EVERYONE ON THE SITE? 🤑 I mean better than the actually gay guys 😂. I love it. But…..I love that cake more ❤️🎂🍑❤️ and I def can’t wait till he get the D. Redd actually would be a good choice to do it, long as it’s someone naturally in the lifestyle. Oh and Apollo. You could sprinkle him with any pairing and it’ll be good. But I throw this out there.
    ⚠️Trapp is like the best or top two of the site⚠️
    Sexy through n through. Gimmie more trappppppp (uses throws money at you Gif)

  4. Funnyboy23

    A1 fucking scene Michael. And yes, Trapp still needs to get fucked. I could tell from his scene with Saint that he’s curious to try it out. I could see Trapp being vers/vers top. And Luh Redd did the damn thang. I’m definitely feeling him as the ‘straight boys’ bottom’.

    1. cocopop

      Yea, Mike Apollo and Trapp scene would be hot. Then too, Saint would be upset if he didn’t get to hit that ass first. He wanted that ass in their last scene. real, real bad. At least Trapp and Saint had chemistry which I can’t say for this scene. Trapp at one point wanted to suck Luh Redd’s dick. didn’t happen. Overall, he did better than Shaun.

      1. Mark

        I thought I was the only person that noticed how bad he wanted to suck Luh’s dick. I was about to buss at that moment lol

  5. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    I give this scene a 10/10 at least it’s better than his scene with Shaun.

    Trapp and Isaiah
    Trapp and Apollo
    Trapp and Saint


  6. Jamal

    I’m ready to see bandit gangbanged . That mess with shazeer and stylez don’t count. Lastly can we see knockout again

  7. Rob

    Trapp and Isaiah are outshining everyone and a pairing should be made, but with a BBA twist. After all their hard work I think they should be rewarded with some real pussy. Bring in a lady as a reward from fans, but have her ditch the boys mid way taking their pay. Forcing the two to make the cash flipping each other. Or go way out the box and have the girl fuck one or both with a strap on. I honestly know str8 guys who love that shit. Whatever you decide, rewards are due for their incredible work. I bow to them both.

  8. Chris

    Trapp fine as fuck.

    & all I’ve been asking is for other ways to cum other than the nigga jacking off. So this met my needs this week.

    1. David Kutchara

      RIGHT??!!! He has soooooo much potential to be a STAR! It seems like he just came and went after only two scenes with the same people! Michael, it’s extremely frustrating when promising new talent appears and then vanishes without a trace or an explanation. You should provide some updates (likelihood of them possibly returning again) on fan-favorite models who haven’t been seen in awhile like Lil Scrap, Stephon, Majesty, Ross, Knockout, AB, Beno, Julien, Miguel, Armando, etc

    2. Michael

      Sorry! When I don’t answer these types of questions, it’s usually because they’ve either already been answered (i.e., Ross), or I’m waiting for further information and clarification before saying anything publicly about a model’s chances of returning, and/or still patiently pursuing the model and not wanting to jinx anything.

      I never want to dash anyone’s hopes prematurely, or hastily reveal anything negative that might alter your view of a popular model and come to regret it later if/when they decide to return.

      As a general rule, you can pretty much trust that if a popular model hasn’t returned after several months, it’s due to circumstances beyond my control and not for any lack of trying on my part.

      As far as Lil Scrap specifically is concerned, it’s a long and complicated story and I’ll probably post an official announcement about him in the near future. Long story short, it’s highly doubtful he’ll be showing up again any time soon. And almost certainly not before the end of the year.


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