Website Update: What Friends Are For

Saint and Scotty
We first met straight best friends Scotty and Shaun earlier this year when we put their friendship to the test in one of the most thoroughly entertaining and wickedly hot scenes since the classic “competition” between D-Rel and Suspense.

It seemed pretty clear at the time that if either guy was ever going to make the unlikely leap into doing “gay for pay” porn, it was probably going to be Shaun since he seemed more cooperative and eager to please than his more reserved and resistant best friend.

Not that it’s been easy or cheap achieving any success with Shaun – FAR FROM IT! But we eventually persuaded Shaun to come back for more shoots that included his first tentative “baby steps” into the world of guy-on-guy sex. Scotty, on the other hand, has repeatedly refused to return REGARDLESS of how much money I offered, and I’d honestly started to give up hope of ever seeing him again….

When I recently learned the sad news that Shaun had been locked up, I was initially discouraged by the unexpected disruption to my slow but steady progress with the sexy straight boy. But it ended up being a kind of blessing in disguise by bringing the elusive Scotty back into our lives. And luckily this time he was far less defiant and even wearily resigned to doing a scene with a guy if that’s what it took to earn the money he needed to help out his friend!

“I’m here to do what I gotta do for him!” Scotty reluctantly explains at the start of this scene. “I can’t look at what’s best for me, or what’s best for my situation. I’m lookin’ out for bro!”

See for yourself just how far Scotty was willing to go in order to help out his incarcerated best friend, and what has him shaking his head in embarrassed disbelief and declaring “This some fucked up shit!” by the end of the scene….


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20 comments on “Website Update: What Friends Are For
  1. Kody Fan

    LOVED IT! Loved watching cutie Scotty in Saint’s clutches. I’ve gotta say, I think you might’ve turned Saint, he seems to relish discovering the new boys! Lol. Scotty’s attempt to focus on the porn was cute, even though his eyes kept looking at Saint. And when he put those luscious legs (and feet!) up & looked all uncomfortable when you guys talked about his ass?? Loved your shameless manipulation with the dreamy music. Great video! You’ve GOT to see if he’ll do more!! Hint hint. Lol. What a pin tight hole he has!! The most convincing virgin hole ever!! Needs to be BUSTED wide open!! Lol.

  2. Allen Wells

    Wow Mike, you hit this one out the ball park. This was absolutely awesome. No BS! I can honestly say that Saint was sexy as hell in this one. I thought I was gonna lose it when I saw his pants sagging and could see his ass crack. I might not like his ass-eating scenes, but gotdamn he is fine as hell. I personally want Saint to know that despite my dislike for specific acting scenes, He is (and I always thought), a gorgeous and very sexy man. I would love to see more of his body as a top who gets his ass eaten. ‘What Friends Are For’ is 10 out of 10 for me. Scotty is equivalent to Bandit. What a beautiful young black male with a big dick and cum squirting features. GOTDAMN he is hot! 2 Thumbs Up for Scotty, Saint, and of course you for this one. It was well worth the wait. Bring him back asap!

  3. Sylvester

    Scotty is gorgeous from head to toe. No ass but has the prettiest dick one could ever ask for. Saint did his thing. Best scene in a LONG time imo. Scotty facial expressions were hilarious tho.

  4. Cobra

    Classic BBA! a lot of subscribers won’t appreciate this until a few weeks or months down the line when Scotty comes around lol. Saint is the ultimate break-in model.

  5. Eagerbeaver

    I loved this… I can’t even point out the specifics because i loved everything.. Scotty is a great person for doing this for Shaun… Not a lot of people would have their friends back like that… 10/10 mike.. And Saint is getting pretty thick. . can we see him bottom soon please… That ass was poking out them pants

  6. Jacktown

    Well I’ve watched and this scene gets a 10/10…as I like to say the dick don’t lie…scotty dick stayed hard more than shaun…now shaun didn’t like his azz ate but scotty did…when he raised up after laying on his stomach getting his azz ate his dick was on brick…why did you not go with a more feminine model like u did with bandit and others…not that I don’t like saint (he’s 1 of my fav)…I think he can be talked into coming bk…oh is bandit and zadian still on the team…

  7. Chris

    Honestly this was over hyped. Scotty seemed cross eyed at times when he was looking at the phone which means he needs those glasses. I like Saint but he uses way too much spit.

    I don’t like to see Michael naked at all but sucking dick & eating ass are his lane & I think you could’ve jacked him off way better & gotten a good reaction just like you did with Shaun.

    If Scotty comes back give him Spice or Blake Bishop.

  8. KayJay

    I’ll give this one an alternate title: The Dick Never Lies. LOL. He said he didn’t like the ass eating, but his dick told another story. He has the most beautiful hairy asshole. I’m glad we got a chance to see it up close and personal.

    This is a classic BBA scene and the reason I’m still a PROUD subscriber.

    Great job, Mike.

    Thank you.

  9. D-Money

    Got to love Scotty!! Reminded me of early Beno how eventually he came around keep sticking with him as long as Shaun needs assistance he will continue to evolve and look Saint there is no one who’s breaking them in better between him and Blake breakin kings great scene great dick sucking………enjoyed and stashed the scene………

  10. Cobra

    Enjoyed this scene even better the second time. Saint is the man hands down. I really wished you had him break in Taz. I think he’s pretty hot and besides the stiff sex, he never got his dick sucked. He won’t be official until he meets Saint. Same with Lil Scrap. The all rookie combinations don’t seem to work well.

  11. Allen Wells

    I’ve just watched, ‘What Friends Are For’ for the second time and still agree with the first message that I sent. However, I’m going to tweak some things. You should not be surprised about what I’m going to say. 1st, My pre-emptiveness was indeed correct. I am glad you chose Saint instead of the other, but the same dislike I have with Saint still exist. I am not the only paying fan that agree he uses too much spit. For heavens sake there was spit rolling down Scotty’s leg as well as a disgusting glob of spit on the right of Saints face while he was giving head. There is not a single pairing involving Saint where he did not overspit. You might like it, but you are not the paying customer. This scene is in no way overhyped, but Chris got it right when he said Saint uses too much spit. I find it very hard to believe that Saint would beat you up if you asked him to do 1 scene (just 1 scene) without spitting. Both of you seem to be very intelligent and really can make this happen. I don’t think Saint will lose a single fan because they weren’t able see him spit on a gorgeous new models dick or ass. Come on Mike, lets be real about it. You can make this happen. This scene is still 10 out of 10. But I wanna also be a big Saint fan but it’s up to you two.

    1. Mebili

      I’m a paying customer and I love the spit. The more the better. It’s not enough. These are preferences. Some don’t like it and some of us love it. Not everyone is the same.

  12. nat black

    I’m a top and this did absolutely nothing for me. maybe those submissive dic worshiping bottoms might like it, but i was never a fan of one sided sex…a guy who doesn’t want to be there or participate kills the mood.

  13. CL05ETFR3AK

    Well finally!! This was good it was as expected Scotty just held his breath & plunged in these are true friends Scotty’s got a nice dick & a nice hole but I must say looking at Saint my my he really really does have a beautiful body those legs that ass wow ….Michael he has to get dicked down again let Isaiah do it eh…….. So its a year before Shaun gets out huh why not when he comes out put the two besties together again & just let the camera roll because I know after you’re done with Scotty he’ll be well versed in this & ready to enact some revenge on Shaun for what he put him through eh?? What do you think Michael?

  14. decaturbaby

    That was a 10… Scotty looked so much better than from the first time we saw him… That mutual jack-off was the bomb. Very nice dick and he grew his pubes back.. I hope and pray that we see him again.

    1. cocopop

      You ain’t lying that JO scene was the hottest, Scotty didn’t seem to want to let go of that fat dick of Saint, even after Saint nutted all over his hands. And true that, he does look much better than he did during the first scene. I have a better appreciation for Scotty, hope he continue his education with BBA.


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