Website Update (with Video Teaser): All Bets Are Off

This weekend we’re celebrating the official “Grand Opening” of the newly redesigned website with another shocking porn “conquest” that you don’t want to miss!

Knockout might have lost the bet and had to give up his ass, but the chance to get his revenge was too tempting to pass up, and he came up with a devious plan to take the prize he had tried but failed to win on the basketball court.

It starts off with Staxx spread-eagle and strapped to the bed, that high-arching bubble-butt poking into the air and almost DARING to be fucked as Knockout dives in for an eager first taste.

This friendly, kinky fun takes a sudden dark turn when Knockout gets caught up in the moment and can’t resist the temptation to take advantage of Staxx’s vulnerable state and enjoy more than a TASTE of that beautiful thing. Next thing you know, Knockout is sliding and rubbing and poking his gigantic dick against Staxx’s exposed ass.

Staxx begins squirming frantically in a fruitless struggle to escape, cursing and demanding that Knockout untie him from the bed. But Knockout is well past the point of no return and seems determined to TAKE THAT ASS any way he can get it.

“I’m about to fuck the shit out you!” Knockout taunts Staxx, making it alarmingly clear to the helpless “top” that ALL BETS ARE OFF. “You thought you was just going to get this ass and that was it?!?”

bba_allbets_posterDon’t miss another shocking, MUST-SEE porn event of the year as Knockout finally “takes down” and tames into submission one of black gay porn’s most attractive and popular “tops,” whose famously flawless but stubbornly “off-limits” ass viewers all over the world have been dying to see STUFFED WITH A DICK for OVER A YEAR!

It’s the sexy basketball player like we’ve NEVER seen him before, yelling and cursing and growling as those glorious twin globes finally get split open and aggressively plundered by Knockout’s TREE TRUNK of a huge, uncut dick….

To watch the full-length, uncensored action, click here to join BBA and/or buy credits today!

If you’re already a BBA member, click here to enjoy Knockout’s “revenge” any time you’d like!



25 comments on “Website Update (with Video Teaser): All Bets Are Off
  1. chucke1

    For those that did not renew or left the site, you might want to change your mind! WOW!!!! Congratulations Michael, way to go and I’ve already stashed Staxx LOL!

  2. uksexxy

    Unbelievable! Michael I don’t know how you did it and I don’t care that was my fantasy for so long. Not sure who I’m gonna lust over like that now.

  3. DC

    Staxx a fine ass man n a nice ass I love the way that hole was open good job Mike you have a happy nice weekend and a safe holiday to your friends n family

  4. D-Money

    well mike once again i always said i can never get enough of staxx and knockout sexy ass and im going to love this scene forever lol great tied up and take down and loved how the two of them made the flip flop take down hottt great scene by two great performers i know that was well worth the money and time put into both parts of their scenes!! great job by everyone!!

  5. Lob Taylor

    Michael this is BS. I was kinda happy at the new credits system as frankly I dont bother watching all the updates but the credits are way too expensive! Even for someone like me that watches on average 1-2 episodes for the month. It wont make any sense at all for me to buy the credits as opposed to buying the monthly subscriptions. And I dont even know how helpful the cloud system is to me. Still pissed!

    1. Michael

      For what it’s worth, both of the scenes starring Knockout and Staxx are considered “premium” scenes and their credits values are at least TWICE as much as everything else on the site. You definitely shouldn’t judge the new credits option based on those two scenes. Very few scenes will ever cost that much to stash and download, and even the credits values for those two scenes will no doubt come down in the future when they’re no longer considered hot new releases.

      If you have any questions about the new membership options or just need some help figuring out the best option for you, please feel free to email me any time at Thanks!

      1. John B

        I do agree with Lob though. I’ve been a longtime fan of your work but the credits are high, and definitely to your advantage. Like the latest scene is discounted 16 credits….after I get a subscription….after I buy the 30 credit option (since 15 credits is conveniently the lowest choice). Thats a lot.

        1. Michael

          Only the Staxx/Knockout scenes are priced that high, and their cost will no doubt come down over time. Most of the site content requires far fewer credits.

          Members can still watch and enjoy these two “premium” scenes any time they want, what we’re talking about with the credits is the option and privilege of permanent ownership by stashing to our cloud or downloading to one’s own computer – an option most black gay sites don’t even offer (just to keep things in perspective).

  6. Lob Taylor

    Rant over. Michael could you do another series with some Jamaican guyz again. The last series was damn hawt and remains one of my all time faves. I liked the Staxx-Knockout vids but it took so long to drop I confess some of the edge went from it. Please keep Knockout dude is damn phyne and got a big dick with awesome strokes. Am not a fan of Staxx.

    1. Michael

      So long to drop? It’s only been TWO WEEKS since I posted the first teaser pics for this scene. I’d hate to see you in a movie theater watching trailers for movies MONTHS in advance, LOL.

      Seriously, though, if you consider two weeks too long to wait for scenes as unique and unforgettable as these, then I’d encourage you to avoid this blog as well as the BBA Tumblr, since I will frequently post teasers much further in advance of the release date than this 😛 .

      1. decaturbaby

        but What about the Jamaican Dude question?… I miss them too.. those scenes were so fucking hot.. I know it got messy with them (no fault of your own) but I believe in you MIKE, you can get them back. .. 🙂

        1. Michael

          The Jamaican producer is no longer filming new content. This was a case of one messy gay viewer ruining things for everyone else by exposing some of the Jamaican models on social media. As a result, some of them were kicked out of their homes and threatened and harassed. The Jamaican producer understandably took that pretty hard and he’s decided to stop making porn.

  7. Natnael

    Staxx is one super phine nigga the best looking brother, face and body on the BBA Blog. beautiful afro-centre lips ten plus body. Love me some Knockout he is phine too ten plus body. Staxx ass is beyond beautiful, Michael you are the “Man” you made it happen this is the video of the year 2015!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Tewolde

    This video is a must see the video of the century Knockout make Staxx take all that dick in his big juicy round ass hole.

  9. ShyG93

    I luv this scene I have never gotten so wet in my life, Knockout plan to get payback on Staxx ass was awesome he didn’t hold back and it was so hot to watch. Knockout taking charge excited me I love how he eats ass and he was giving him that dick good just banging it out and Staxx was taking it and I think he was loving Knockout’s dick just as much as he was loving getting in that ass finally lol.

    I loved the kissing ass eating now the bondage was kinda hot too but when Knockout was fucking him then told him “Say you love this dick and I’ll let you go” and Staxx was refusing to say it at first then he finally said it and I also enjoyed when Staxx was riding the dick that really turned me on. This scene was one of the best along with the scene where Knockout gets his cherry popped for the first time. Michael you’ve done it again I love BBA and the Models thank you for this amazing scene.

  10. man1234

    Okay, the sex between Staxx and Knockout was good, but the fake tie him up and take the booty thing was really corny, LOL! I know you like this fantasy stuff, of course most of the stuff on the site, I really like. The site looks good, I can’t wait to see what’s next. When will AB be back to take some more dick?

  11. Chris

    This was cool & all but um … Where is Ross ? I need him back not to bottom tho. The locdness monster dude too where he at? Isaiah as well …

  12. DanE

    Looks like Staxx won both on the court as well as the bed. He was the better bottom I thought. Both guys I’m sure have taken dick off camera, Staxx showed to like it more. K.O. seem to be putting on too much, loved seeing Staxx’s long legs in the air. Overall I loved it. Now when will Ross be coming back to either suck some dick or take some dick? You can tell he’s really into playing with dick. Make it happen Mike.

  13. Michael Kutchara

    Superb Work Michael!! Exceeded my expectations in every way. Is there any possibility of Majesty, Randy, and Debonair returning??

  14. a.davis

    This scene was actually better than the First. Knockout was so aggressive and he actually owned Staxx’s ass. Staxx has such a Fat Juicy Ass and watching him take all of Knockout’s Big Dick is one of the Hottest scenes that I have seen in Gay Porn this Year.


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