Another Reason To Watch the Olympics….

I’ve really been getting into the Olympics this weekend.

At first, watching these physically flawless athletes performing one incredible feat after another just makes me feel like an out-of-shape, lazy, worthless excuse for a human being. I see the ambition, determination, and self-discipline of these athletes who devote every waking hour of every day of their lives for years to train their bodies and perfect their athletic skills….and then I think about how much “fast food” I eat, and all my bad couch-potato habits, and how sometimes it’s even hard for me to find the time and motivation to film an amateur porn video for cryin’ out loud, and of course I end up feeling like a big loser.

Once I get past all the self-loathing, however, I’m able to relax and enjoy the spectacle and suspense and drama of the whole thing. I didn’t think I was going to get drawn into it this time around, but so far I’m hooked.

But the thrill of the competition, the human drama, the national pride, and all of that other high-minded crap is only part of the Olympics’ entertainment value for me. I’m not going to lie, half the time I’m drooling over some cute young gymnast’s ass or desperately hoping that NBC has at least one gay cameraman who will give us a close-up shot of Michael Phelps’ soaking-wet Speedos as he jumps out of the pool after a race 😉 .

Michael Phelps

So you can imagine what a pleasant surprise it was to stumble across Cullen Jones, the only black guy on the U.S. men’s Olympic swim team, and as of earlier tonight, only the second African-American swimmer to win a Gold medal.

Cullen Jones

Cullen Jones

I was expecting plenty of eye-candy….watching an international spectacle like the Olympics really reminds me just how many specimens of stunning male beauty there are around the globe. But a black guy? On the swim team?!? So much for the stereotypes, LOL!

As you can tell from the photos below, he’s a real hottie for sure. He has a flawless body, beautiful skin, perfect teeth, and a sexy smile….




XII FINA World Championships - Swimming


And damn I love his thick, sexy lips! I don’t know what European asshole first decided to turn the full lips of Africans into a target for parody and racist ridicule, but I’d bet anything he did so largely out of envy! Seriously, if I had to choose, lips would probably be my favorite physical feature when it comes to the unique beauty of black males. And looking at a handsome young brother like Cullen Jones, you can easily see why….

Cullen Jones Face

Now that’s one locker-room I sure as hell wish had a hidden camera! Damn, what I wouldn’t give to see Cullen’s wet Speedos clinging to the curves and crack of his gorgeous ass….pool-water streaking down his smooth dark skin….his soaked swim-trunks revealing, but only for a moment, the enticing mystery between his legs.

As perpetually horny and sex-obsessed as I am, of course my imagination runs wild with the images on TV. I fantasize about all the hot interracial fun that might take place when Cullen and his teammates are out of the media spotlight. The congratulatory locker-room butt-slaps and towel-snaps turning into something less playful and more urgent….Cullen’s Speedos ripped off as he’s pushed against his locker, the eager white hands of his teammates exploring every inch of his virgin body. A finger, maybe even a tongue, probing the black athlete’s tight hole (I imagine it tasting like sweat and chlorine), replaced seconds later by a hard throbbing dick as one male swimmer after another puts his newest teammate through a “hazing” he’ll never forget….

So am I way out of line for turning the 2008 Olympics into my own personal supply of jack-off fantasies???

Before I go, I couldn’t resist sharing this particularly tempting photo of Cullen Jones. Gotta love Google 😉 !

Cullen Jones Ass Showing

5 comments on “Another Reason To Watch the Olympics….
  1. Ben

    Ah, Michael! What a lovely post.

    I thought I was the only pervy guy out there who sexualized events such as the Olympics. Except, of course, I’ve been drooling over Phelps.

    On many occasions I have been known to surf the t.v. channels for college or high school wrestling. Perhaps it’s one of the reasons why I like UFC so much! Except that when they started, they used to wear shorter and tighter fighting trunks.

    Ah, manboys. Gotta love ’em!

  2. syko

    you know Michael Phelps has size 14 feet right? 😉 and damn! Cullen is fine!!!! whens he gonna be in 1 of your vids??? 😉

  3. Fan in Queens

    God gave Cullen Jones, the height, and general body structure specifically to become a swimmer. Now if Cullen would only realize that god gave him those thick lips to be sucking on some cock, he’d reach his full potential of what he was born to do.

  4. Michael

    Ahhhhh, now that would be a porn dream come true! Why’d you have to go and get me all horny and frustrated, thinking of all the hot, freaky things I’d love to do with/to Cullen on film ;)!


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