My Latest Olympic Crush

Usain Bolt

I’m sorry for posting so little from my own videos lately, but things should hopefully pick up soon as I film new scenes and prepare for release the footage I’ve already shot.

In the meantime, I couldn’t resist sharing a few horny reflections about the latest athlete to make my mild obsession with the Beijing Olympics even more enjoyable 😉 .

I’m talking about Usain Bolt, the 21-year-old, gold-medalist sprinter from Jamaica. (I guess my dick has no sense of national loyalty, LOL).

Damn, what I wouldn’t give for one night….hell, even just one hour….with this stunning dark-skinned Adonis!

Usain Bolt
Everything about him makes my dick hard….his beautiful black skin….his wide, expressive eyes….

Usain Bolt Face


….those thick, sensual lips….

Usain Bolt


….and that flawless, tightly muscled body!

Not to mention the fact that his shorts seem barely able to contain what appears to be one massive piece of meat hanging between his legs! I’m not trying to take anything away from Bolt’s impressive athletic achievements, but I know I can’t be the only one whose gaze goes immediately down to that heavy appendage flopping wildly all over the place every time he runs!

Here are a few highlights:


As you can probably tell from the photo above, Usain Bolt has a definite cocky streak, and that’s another thing about him that really turns me on. It was kind of annoying when Bolt shattered a world record and all the NBC commentators could talk about was how “inappropriate” and “unsportsmanslike” it was for him to start beating his chest and taunting his competitors before the race was officially finished (seems that confidence and pride too often get characterized as “arrogance” when there’s a black man involved….an unfortunate challenge for Barack Obama, but that’s another topic….). Personally, I think Bolt’s strutting macho pride and youthful exuberance only make him sexier!

Unlike Cullen Jones, Usain Bolt appeals intensely to my more sexually submissive side. Sucking dick’s never been one of my favorite things to do….but hell, I’d gladly let this hung Jamaican hottie turn me into his bottom bitch any time he wants! Trust me, there aren’t many guys who have that kind of effect on me!

If he brings to the bedroom even a fraction of the confidence and aggression he shows on the track, I’m sure it would be the fuck of a lifetime! Damn, do I envy the females (and males?) who’ve been lucky enough to have that wild young stallion bucking between their legs!

Now that’s not to say I haven’t also imagined the sheer ecstasy it would surely be to get my tongue and dick up inside that sweaty-tight Jamaican ass!

Based on the pics below, it looks to me like he’s got one of those tight, muscular, high-arching butts that stretches against his shorts and just begs to be licked and fondled and fucked!



I hope you guys have been enjoying these Olympics as much as I have 😉 !

4 comments on “My Latest Olympic Crush

    The thought of athletes running wild with spandex is a great image, I am stuck on this American wrestler Spenser Mango. I havent seen a thicker ass on a leaner body in years, he is very handsome but his personality really sticks out

  2. Ben

    Hey buddy!

    And I’m sure that the second picture from the top, the one just above the one with his eyes wide open, doesn’t do anything for you either; especially since it looks like he’s leaking pre-cum or didn’t shake his cock hard enough after a wicked piss, huh?

    Of course, it’s probably just sweat, though. Don’t you think? G’wan. Take another look. You know you want to.

  3. Fan in Queens

    Usain is not the most conventionally handsome and will not win any beauty contests, but there is something undeniably sexy about him. He looks like he could fuck like a stallion. I love the first few pics of him with his medal. He has a very expressive, almost cartoonish face, but it’s cute.

    I’m a little disappointed by his ass. It’s rather small and flat for a black man. Now Tyson Gay, good god, that spandex was holding on for dear life. It was jiggling as he walked, trying to contain those two fleshy basketballs underneath. If you have any pics of him, I’d love to see that ass.

  4. Michael

    Yes, Usain is sexy as hell and if he brings the same passion and energy and aggression to the bedroom that he shows on the track, well God help the young woman or man who has to take a pounding from him! I’m no “bottom,” but I would jump at the chance for a wild romp in the bed with Usain!

    I couldn’t disagree with you more about his ass, though. It’s partly my fault because I couldn’t find any pics that truly showed it off in all its Jamaican glory. But if you watched him as obsessively as I did during the Olympics, you’d see that he actually has a pair of muscular, round, flawless buttocks with PLENTY to grab onto ;)!

    Tyson Gay’s ass was a little TOO much in my opinion, but this is coming from a guy who also loves those tight, smooth little muscle-butts like Shyne’s :).


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