Putting The “Fantasy” In “Fantasy Football”

Like a lot of gay boys, I was never very interested in sports growing up. I was raised in a family of sports fans, however, so I’ve had to spend countless hours watching baseball, basketball, and football games on TV. Even as a kid, I quickly discovered that watching sports didn’t have to be torture….in fact, it could be a lot of fun when I focused more on the athletes than the game itself!

Over the years, I’ve gained a greater appreciation for sports, but I still always watch them with one eye on the game and one eye on the bodies under the uniforms. What healthy, full-blooded gay man doesn’t imagine his favorite athletes stripping and showering in the lockerrooms after a hot, sweaty game???

Football’s always been one of my least favorite sports to watch, mainly because the guys tend to be a lot heavier than I usually like, and all of those helmets and heavy padding end up hiding too much of their bodies. Since I joined my family’s “Fantasy Football” league last year, however, I’ve discovered that even the NFL offers plenty of stroke-worthy eye-candy to inspire countless post-game fantasies.

So in honor of football season’s opening week, here’s a little tribute to a few of my favorite NFL hunks:

                                                Terrell Owens



I’m usually attracted to the slim, toned, young-looking guys (there’s a reason I named my company “Black Boy Addictionz”), but sometimes I can find myself just as turned on by a powerful hunk of a man like T.O.

A lot of my friends turn up their noses in surprise and disgust when I confess my little crush on T.O., but I can’t help myself. There’s just something I find so hypnotically sexy about this man! I love the way his strong, white teeth flash against the darkness of his skin. I love his large lips, strong jaws, and beautifully sculpted body. And there’s no way you can look at a body like his and not suspect that there’s a massive piece of meat swinging between those legs!

Terrell Owens

I know that a lot of people can’t stand T.O. because of his reputation for being a bit of an arrogant prick both on and off the field, but I have to admit that’s one of the things that turns me on about him. In the photo above, it looks like he’s saying, “What the fuck you waitin’ for?!? Get over here and start suckin’ this dick!”

That’s an order I’d gladly obey without hesitation 😉 . Hell, he could choke me with that dick and I wouldn’t complain….and there aren’t many guys I’d say that about!

I also get the sense that he knows how to fuck….although in reality he’d probably crush my pale, puny body and send me limping my way to the emergency room after he was through with me, LOL! Still, it would probably be worth it for a wild romp in the sack with a stud as sexy as him!

Terrell Owens


Based on the photo above, it looks to me like T.O.’s also got a damn fine ass! Ahhhhh, what I wouldn’t give for the chance to bury my face between those dark, sweaty ass-cheeks after one of his Sunday afternoon games! I bet that hole’s nice and tight and tasty too!

                                          Chad Johnson (aka Chad Ochocinco)

Chad Ochocinco

Okay, so I could do without the dyed hair, but anybody who’s seen this guy either on or off the field knows just how sexy he can be!

Let’s start with that face! Young black men rarely get any more strikingly handsome than this, in my opinion. Those deep, intense eyes in particular make my knees go weak and my dick leap to life every time I see him!

Chad Johnson is sort of like the Usain Bolt of the NFL. He’s cocky and playful and always full of energy in a way that is sometimes obnoxious and immature but also disarmingly charming at the same time. He’s got a definite “thug” side to him that is really sexy, and I’d be willing to bet he brings that same confidence and “swagger” to the bedroom!

In a recent interview, he joked about a “sex tape” that might surface one of these days, and you know that got my imagination racing. I’d pay good money to see a young stallion like him fucking the hell out of some slutty, lucky white girl like Paris Hilton.

His face, voice, and personality are the most seductive things about him, but as you can see from the photos below, he’s got a bangin’ body as well….



I bet Chad’s packin’ a monster between those legs….

But as you can see from the photo above, he’s also got one of those round, muscled butts that only a black man could have! I’d give just about anything for the chance to explore that beautiful ass with my nose and fingers and tongue….and don’t even get me started on how good it would feel to have the privilege of fucking that tight virgin hole!

Plaxico Burress

Plaxico Burress

Plaxico is another player who brings a thug-like cockiness and sex appeal to the football field. I’m sure he’s bedded his fair share of females, probably giving each one the fuck of her lifetime!

Still, I can’t help but fantasize about his teammates giving him a taste of his own medicine in the lockerroom shower one day, turning his tight, off-limits asshole into their own sweet piece of “pussy”!

Last season, I used to joke with my friends and more open-minded family members that Plaxico has the best ass in the NFL! I couldn’t find any photos that really do it justice, but you can tell from the pic below that it certainly grabs one’s attention!



                                                        Reggie Bush

Reggie Bush

I couldn’t post a tribute to the hottest players in the NFL without mentioning the finest young man of them all! Reggie Bush’s football career may be on the decline, but his striking good looks and sex appeal are still unsurpassed by any NFL player, past or present, in my opinion.

Seriously, Reggie Bush is like a god to me, that’s how stunningly gorgeous I think he is. He could easily land a spot on my list of the ten most beautiful black men on the planet.

Which is sort of surprising, considering his body type is much beefier than I typically find attractive. His face is so breathtakingly handsome, though, and there’s also something sort of cute and boyish about his personality that I think balances out his intimidating muscular build.

Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian


I swear that Kim Kardashian was put on this Earth just to provoke the envy of black-boy-addicted gay guys like me, LOL!

First, she makes that hot sex tape with the fine (and hung!) young rapper Ray J….then she briefly dates another one of my favorite black celebrities, Nick Cannon….and now she’s getting fucked by Reggie Bush every night?!?!? Seriously, no man or woman deserves that much good dick in one lifetime!!!

I mean, damn, just look at that ass in the photo below! I seriously doubt a more perfect butt exists anywhere else on the planet! You can’t help but want to grab a handful of those meaty ass-cheeks, and then dive in between them for the feast of a lifetime!

I can only hope that a sex tape starring Kim and Reggie will come out one of these days!

For my fellow Reggie Bush fans out there, here’s a clip from a GQ photo-shoot he did awhile back where he shows off his flawless body and seduces the viewers with his sexy voice and winning personality! (There’s an annoying ad at the beginning of the clip, but it’s well worth suffering through to get to the good stuff).

Thanks for indulging my horny Sunday afternoon ramblings, and I hope everyone enjoys the new football season 😉 !

3 comments on “Putting The “Fantasy” In “Fantasy Football”
  1. Ben

    God-DAMN if that entry wasn’t like something I would have written on the subject of sports! Only two major differences is that I would have added baseball, possibly boxing and DEFINITELY Ultimate Fighting Challenge and my boys would have been latin or rednecks. WOOF!

  2. Mike

    man, really good stuff. mmmm, reggie bush is fine as hell. u shud do one on basketball playaz as well. they are fine, where can i even begin? i mean kobe bryant, lebron james, chris paul (my fav hottie in the nba) ;), amare stoudamire.

  3. Michael

    Thanks, man, I’m glad you enjoyed my horny ramblings ;). I tend to watch college basketball more than I do the NBA, but you’re right, there are some FINE young brothers playing basketball these days. And probably more of them fit my type than those playing football, although I’ve obviously been surprised at some of the stunning young men playing football. Still, Chris Paul is cute as hell and I’d do just about anything for an hour or two with Kobe ;).


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