BBA Battle Bowl – First Round Winners & Questions

Round One of BBA Battle Bowl is officially over and here are the UPDATED BRACKETS.

Congratulations to all those who advanced! The questions for Round Two have already been sent out, so be sure to check your Tumblr or email if you’re still in the running. We started out fairly easy but the questions will get harder as the tournament progresses 😉 !

For those of you who aren’t participating in Battle Bowl but would still like to join in on the fun and test your knowledge,  here’s the complete list of Round One questions and tie-breaker questions:

First Round Questions:

1. What model was also known as “the Schoolboy”?

2. In his first and only time eating ass on camera, what did Ross put on his scene partner’s ass?

3. What scene’s intro includes one model pushing another model into a fountain?

4. Why did Michael punish Saint in “Punishing Saint”?

5. Who does Lil Tyga credit as his “porn mentor”?

6. What type of candy did Staxx stick in Cory’s ass?

7. Who won the wrestling match in “No Holes Barred”?

8. Who is the only (male) model to suck dick in a “Natural Habitat” scene?

9. Who recruited Young Montanna to be a BBA model?

10. Where does Armando say is the best place to pick up white women?

Tie Breaker Questions:

1. Which of Kenny’s scenes begins with him sleeping on a bed?

2. What scene featured a playful rivalry between an ex-Army and an ex-Navy guy?

3. Who did push-ups while Michael was eating his ass?


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