BBA Battle Bowl – Second Round Winners & Questions, First Round Answers

Round Two of BBA Battle Bowl is over and you can find out who advanced to the Quarter-Finals in the UPDATED BRACKETS.

Congratulations to the remaining field of 8! Quarter-Final questions will be sent out momentarily. For those of you who aren’t participating in Battle Bowl but would still like to join in on the fun and test your knowledge, here’s a complete list of Round Two questions and tie-breaker questions:

Round Two Questions:

1. Which straight model was offered a bonus cash prize simply to stroke his dick while watching gay porn?

2. Who famously stated about getting fucked in the ass: “That’s just something I will NEVER do. I don’t care if you was offering a BILLION dollars!”

3. Who was the first model other than Michael lucky enough to feast on Isaiah’s ass?

4. In “The Competition” what did Michael jokingly say the models had to do next that caused the models’ facial expressions to turn to that of shock?

5. What BBA model did Blake Bishop admit to fantasizing about meeting and fucking?

6. Name four scenes in which a model’s arms/hands are restrained/tied up.

7.  What did other models attempt to shove up Saint’s ass during a BBA Christmas Party?

8. What special reward does Saint offer Isaiah during Isaiah’s first training session with him?

9. What model was given his nickname by an awestruck ex-girlfriend who told him he’s “a god in the bed”?

10. In BBA’s first and currently only scene shot in a moving vehicle, who was driving the vehicle?

Round Two Tie-Breaker Questions:

1. What does Stephon shock his viewers by doing for the very first time near the end of his scene with Apollo?

2. How did Beno know King before being reunited with him through BBA?

3. Who accidentally gave HIMSELF a facial?

Round One Answers:

1. Dragon
2. Whipped Cream
3. “That Ass Is Mine” (Apollo & Blake Bishop)
4. Saint got too drunk and was not able to finish the “BBA Christmas Party” scene
5. City Bwoy
6. Candy Cane
7. Apollo
8. Saint
9. Lil Tyga
10. Starbucks

Round One Tie-Breaker Answers:

1. Craving Kenny (Two Years Later)
2. Apollo & Mello in “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell…” and Mello & Saint in “Sparring Match” were accepted.
3. D-Rel

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