BBA Battle Bowl – Quarter-Final Winners & Questions, Round Two Answers

The results for the Quarter-Finals of BBA Battle Bowl are now in! Check out the UPDATED BRACKETS now.

For the first time in the tournament, there are no ties. CONGRATULATIONS to the Final Four: Blackwoods, Daddy Long Leg, BBArracuda & BlackBerryAddictionz! Remember, THREE of the four of you will win prizes. Your Semi-Final questions will be sent out in a short while.

Here are the Quarter-Final Questions:

1. What model’s mother was a school nurse?

2.  In what scene did Saint smother his scene partner’s face in their own cum?

3. Who jokingly referred to Beno as “old trade” shortly after meeting him in person for the first time?

4. What scene inspired the current logo for BBA?

5. What NFL football team is Mr. J cheering for in “Mr. J and the Boy Next Door”?

6. What model came not once but twice the first time they were penetrated on camera?

7. What model admitted on camera that he would be better as a bottom than a top in his scenes?

8. Which model’s best female friend’s MOTHER accidentally saw a pic of his dick and later gossiped about it with her friends and co-workers?

9. Who was the first and only model to ever eat Michael’s ass?

10. What model showed up for his solo “audition” less than an hour after attending church with his family?

Round Two Answers:

1. D-Rel

2. Isaiah

3. Lil Tyga

4. Several answers were accepted for this, including taking a shower together and D-Rel fucking Suspense.

5. Freaky J

6. Today You Is, Served Up, All Bets Are Off, Straight Boy Sex Toy, Tay’s Big City Adventure (Part Two), etc.

7. A bottle

8. An exclusive BBA model contract.

9. Zeus

10. Cory

Round Two Tie-Breaker Answers:

1. Swallow cum

2. Foster home

3. Suspense

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