BBA Battle Bowl – Semi-Final Winners & Questions, Quarter-Final Answers

The Semi-Finals are complete and you can check out who will compete in the Championship Round by visiting the UPDATED BRACKETS.

Great job done by all of our Final Four but there are only three prizes. Congratulations to the Third Place winner BBArracuda. Enjoy your free 3-month subscription to BBA! For the final two competitors, your Final Round questions will be sent out momentarily.

Here are the questions from the Semi-Finals:

1. Who is Beno talking about when he says, “I ain’t never wanted nobody so bad in my life!”

2. What model only agreed to give up his ass because he needed the money to bail a close family member out of jail?

3. What model surprised Michael by showing off his asshole to the camera while Michael was out of the room?

4. Who was the first model to verbally invite Michael to touch him during their solo audition?

5. Prior to appearing on film together, Cory claims that he and Staxx had only done what?

6. What model said the following quote to his scene partner, “Lube me up, Scotty!”

7. Name the two BBA models who have also competed as MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighters.

Quarter-Final Answers:

1. D-Rel
2. Take That Ass!
3. Dee Weezy
4. Corrupting Cortez
5. New England Patriots
6. Legacy
7. Mello
8. Tay
9. Saint
10. Noah

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