BBA Battle Bowl – Championship Results & Questions, Semi-Final Answers

First of all, on behalf of Michael and myself, I want to thank each and every one of you who participated in BBA Battle Bowl. We have received a lot of positive feedback from a lot of you. This has been a really fun tournament.

With that being said, congratulations to the Second Place winner Blackberry Addictionz and a huge congratulations to the GRAND PRIZE winner and ULTIMATE BBA FAN, Blackwoods! UPDATED BRACKETS.

Here are the Final Round questions:

1. “A lot of people want to fuck me. So they gonna be looking at him like he better fuck the shit out of _________ and I’m like he better not.“ What model stated this on camera?

2. Who described his own young virgin ass as being “sacred ground”?

3. Who said the following before sucking dick for the very first time: “I don’t like shit in my mouth except food….and TITTIES!”

4. What model was given the nickname “C.O.D.” by his friends, and what does that stand for?

5. These models had spoken for weeks on a hook-up/dating app before meeting for the first time to shoot their scene. What two models are they? (There are two pairs of correct answers here. I am looking for both pairs of models. Partial credit will be given if only one set is given.)

6. What scene came about after Suspense asked Michael for a “challenge”? (This question may seem open ended and left to interpretation, but there is only one answer.)

7. To what fictional literary character does Shaun compare his best friend Scotty while discussing the subject of dick size?

Semi-Final Answers:

1. D-Rel

2. Noah

3. Zeus

4. Tori

5. Kiss and Oral

6. Stephon

7. Julien & Caesar

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