Website Update: All I Want For Christmas (Part One)

To celebrate the holiday season and welcome in the new year, I decided to splurge on something special for BBA’s viewers and finally make one of my long-time porn fantasies come true by bringing together four of BBA’s most popular models and one of our most promising newbies for an epic group scene unlike anything I’ve tried filming before!

For some of them, it’s a long overdue and much-requested “reunion” between fan favorites who’ve previously performed in past classics together. For others, it’s their very first time ever meeting or working together.

Join us for Part One of this unforgettable BBA Christmas Sex Party (hosted by Lil Tyga) as the guys show up to the party, strip out of their clothes, change into sexy Christmas underwear, joke around and catch up, and talk about their favorite scenes from the past year….

Things quickly heat up when a silly but sexy game of naked Twister eventually turns into BBA’s very first ORGY!

This is one of those special scenes where my biggest editing challenge was choosing what NOT to include. The edited version of Part One alone is well over a FULL HOUR long!

Don’t miss the multiple-“nutt”-draining holiday action that includes tons of dick-sucking, ass-licking, and RAW hardcore fucking as FIVE of your favorite BBA stars take things to a whole new level in order to give their fans a special Christmas present they’ll never forget….

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26 comments on “Website Update: All I Want For Christmas (Part One)
  1. Cobra

    Amazing cast Mike. Almost too good. It’s so many All-Stars you kinda want to linger with each one. Great to see my main man, Freaky J. His scene over in the corner was kinda anti-climatic tho. Man I wish you had picked a rookie who wouldn’t chicken out man lol. I would have loved to see Taz or Bandit bite the bullet. Stylez up and ran lol. Yes I’m nit-picking but it was a great scene and I really enjoyed it. Your camera help was pretty good but a slight bit jumpy but not enough to deter from the action. I’m already hyped for PART 2. Happy Holidays to ALL the BBA models. You guys are ALL amazing even tho we all bitch and complain. Your work is TRULY appreciated and above all very entertaining and worth every cent of the subscription! 2017 is going to be EPIC for BBA

  2. Steven

    Hello Michael!
    I’m glad you’re back! I REALLY enjoyed this Christmas video. It was great to see all these models together. I know it was a logistical nightmare to get everyone on the same schedule. I do have a question though. Are we ever going to see Bandit again? I really hope so. That’s my favorite model on the entire site.

    1. LukeNasty0416

      i am totally in agreement here. just finished the second part, and i cant wait to see stylez really take some dick. he definitely got out that jam, wish shazeer was in this scene. loved both parts though, best site ever!! great job mike, and well worth the wait.

  3. Allen Wells

    First of all welcome back BBA. I hope all of your winter blues have gone away. ‘All I Want For Christmas’ has a starring cast to die for. WOW! Of all the models the one that stood out to me was Stylez. His haircut, very cute face, sexy body, and gorgeous dick turns me on. I will be so glad when and if you ever put him in a one-on-one scene with him as a top or bottom. I would really like to see more of him. Unfortunately, the movie really did nothing for me. The ass-eating was terrible and the dick-sucking wasn’t good either. I could only enjoy this scene if I was actually there watching it being filmed. I’m still waiting on BBA to get back to the 1 on 1 scenes. I won’t watch part 2 of this scene and will be glad when it’s over with. Please no more 3somes or group scenes for a while. I give this scene a 3 out of 10. I don’t see how part 2 can make it any better.

  4. steve

    You could have done better. You had over a month to give us something much better than this. Much rather would have like if you just gotten one manly top as santa with him in 4 scenes with 1 BBA model a scene getting hardcore raw fucked (lil tyga, isaiah, apollo, freaky j). Oh well, i guess this will do.

  5. Rob

    OMG another vanishing of Saint! An XXX human centipede! Product placement! I can’t handle Part 2. Hope to see the fellas lined up for Isaiah’s hole and for Saint to walk back in with Beno!

  6. Tori Fan

    This was HOT, especially the newbie Stylez. But where did Saint go? Is he recording or has he retired from sucking dick and getting fucked?

    At first I was kinda analyzing the situation. 2 guys who like dick….Blake and Stylez cause they stayed hard and then the rest straight men whose dicks couldn’t stay hard.

    But I’m still surprised at Isaiah dick being semi hard. Either his prostate is getting stimulated or he likes taking it up the ass.

    Apollo didn’t seem to be too excited……

    But thanks for the thick guys with the skinny ones. So…how long before I can buss this nut?

  7. Allen Wells

    I forgot to mention how sexy and gorgeous Freaky J looks with the pubic hairs. A scene with him and Stylez would be awesome. A flip-flop on their backs (legs raised) ass-eating scene? I would blow my fucking brains out. LOL!

  8. lovemesomesaint

    Super hot guys for this scene, but I’m not a big fan of orgies. The camera can’t stay focused on all the hot models all the time so you miss out on some hot action. Sometimes you’ll be into what’s happening with 2 models and the camera will move to other models. That’s just me because apparently some do like orgies. Not really looking forward to part 2 so hopefully the one after will feature a couple of hot models going one – on -one.

  9. Platinum 313

    Stylez is my new favorite model. He’s so damn sexy and hot. Saint was a part of the camera crew and that’s a good thing. If he’s not gonna get fucked, I don’t wanna see him

  10. cocopop

    First let me say, Mike happy to see you back, hope you’re feeling better. Now this has become your best christmas/orgy scene yet, moving out last years scene. The all-star cast was brilliant, and the rookie truly held his own among these ole school models. That lil brother is sexy as hell, even more so since he cut his hair short. Would love to see Stylez paired with Apollo, Blake and Isaiah either one would be hot. This guy has potential yet to be explored, make it happen in the new year Mike. What even more sexy about this scene is everybody got fucked. Great job Mike as well as Lil Tyga and Saint. Happy New Year to all.

  11. clo420

    They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder and that good things come to those who wait. Truer words could not be spoken about the “pause” that BBA just took and the spectacular outcome as a result! I would say to Mike to take long breaks more often but I’m afraid I would end up too starved for the talent he puts out. Great comeback and looking forward to more. All the best for the New Year!

  12. kvngbryce

    Bruuuuuh!!! Wtf!?!?! This is some of the HOTTEST shit i ever seen on BBA!! This gets two claps and a DAAAB from me!! lmao

  13. Prince Tahji

    This is by far one of the best BBA scenes produced on your site. Great comeback and thank you for keeping true to your word. I will definitely renew especially with scenes like this!

  14. Eagerbeaver

    I liked it… so here are my questions… where saint vanish off to?
    Is freaky j still with his girl since bba happened?
    Will there be another surprise in part 2?
    When is the new update date? Is it still every thursday or the same day part 1 was released on?


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