BBA Battle Bowl – Championship Round Questions & Answers

Here are the questions and answers for the Final Round of BBA Battle Bowl:

1. “A lot of people want to fuck me. So they gonna be looking at him like he better fuck the shit out of _________ and I’m like he better not.“ What model stated this on camera?

Day Day

2. Who described his own young virgin ass as being “sacred ground”?


3. Who said the following before sucking dick for the very first time: “I don’t like shit in my mouth except food….and TITTIES!”

Lil Steve

4. What model was given the nickname “C.O.D.” by his friends, and what does that stand for?

Joshua, “Cakes On Deck”

5. These models had spoken for weeks on a hook-up/dating app before meeting for the first time to shoot their scene. What two models are they? (There are two pairs of correct answers here. I am looking for both pairs of models. Partial credit will be given if only one set is given.)

Any combination of Legacy/Spyda, Mookiie/Dre, Beno/Tori was accepted.

6. What scene came about after Suspense asked Michael for a “challenge”? (This question may seem open ended and left to interpretation, but there is only one answer.)

The Straight Boy Who Learned To Take Dick

7. To what fictional literary character does Shaun compare his best friend Scotty while discussing the subject of dick size?

Harry Potter

Once again, congratulations to our GRAND PRIZE winner, Blackwoods! As well as runners-up Blackberry Addictionz and BBArracuda.

Thanks to everyone else who competed, as well as those of you who played along from the sidelines. Hope you had fun testing your BBA knowledge and revisiting some of BBA’s older models and scenes. If there’s enough interest, we’d love to offer similar fun contests in 2017!

Speaking of the new year, we’ll be closing out 2016 with the action-packed conclusion to BBA’s Christmas Orgy within the next several days. I’m working hard around the clock to get it ready for you as quickly as possible, but editing over 15 hours of footage filmed on three different cameras is no quick or easy task, let me tell you!

These last couple updates are being posted a couple days later than the usual schedule due to the holidays, but the regular Thursday schedule will be resuming in the new year.

Thanks for your patience and continued interest and support, and I hope everyone is enjoying Part One of BBA’s very first orgy and having a wonderful holiday season so far!

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  1. Joe

    That’s kool michael but after this free month (which I hope is still going to happen) I think I’m going to take a break from bba unless I c sum improvement to my satisfaction from you as a webmaster Im just not happy with this last month and wat I paid for so I’ll be back later on in the next year hope you get things together because I really like the concept of your site and I think you do a good job at times but you have way to many excuses as to y u can’t do this or that this is wat I would think is your baby (website)so i would think u would have ppl take your place in sum aspects to keep delivering when you can’t best wishes to u in the new year

    1. Michael

      I understand your frustration, which is why all active BBA memberships were extended by a free month to make up for the couple weeks without updates in December. If that didn’t happen for you, please contact me directly by email or through the site’s “Contact” form and I’ll try to look into it and resolve the issue ASAP. Thanks!

  2. walkerd15

    I love BBA! It’s the only site I actually pay for; but patience is definitely a virtue one must possess as a subscriber.


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