Website Update: All I Want For Christmas (Part Two)

To celebrate the holiday season and welcome in the new year, I decided to splurge on something special for BBA’s viewers and finally make one of my long-time porn fantasies come true by bringing together four of BBA’s most popular models and one of our most promising newbies for an epic group scene unlike anything I’ve tried filming before!

For some of them, it’s a long overdue and much-requested “reunion” between fan favorites who’ve previously performed in past classics together. For others, it’s their very first time ever meeting or working together….

Join us for this action-packed conclusion to the BBA Christmas Sex Party that began in Part One with a silly but sexy game of naked Twister and now continues late into the night with various spontaneous combinations of dick-sucking, ass-licking, and RAW flip-flop fucking as FIVE of your favorite BBA stars take things to a whole new level in order to give their fans a special Christmas present they’ll never forget!

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21 comments on “Website Update: All I Want For Christmas (Part Two)
  1. debattx

    Definitely the best Holiday Scene to date! So glad Freaky J was included and Apollo was great as always. Stylez is becoming one of my favorites. I look forward to seeing more of him and more of Freaky J in 2017!

  2. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    I’ve waited a very long time for this even though it wasn’t quite what I was expecting but it was great 👍🏽

    You’ve tried numerous times but failed but patience is a virtue and this was the perfect time.

    I love when I saw the guys lined up eating ass in formation that was so hot to look at. In part one the way how Blake Bishop fucked and enjoyed fucking Isaiah was the high point of that scene had his eyes rolling and shit and enjoyed seeing Apollo fucking freaky j was hot too.

    Does anyone think Stylez favors Beno a lot or is it just me??

    Speaking of Stylez, I enjoyed him in this scene fucking and getting fucked but my question is: why was Blake Bishop the only one to fuck him?

    Apollo did his thing as usual, he looks so sexy when riding them two dicks and it was hot watching Blake fuck Stylez while Apollo rides Stylez.

    Isaiah’s ass gets me all the time I’ll love to stuff my face in it one day, it surprised me to see someone FINALLY ride his dick and Blake did such a good job at it, makes me think he’s way MORE experienced than people think.

    Freaky j it was good seeing him take dick from Apollo and Blake but I felt like he could’ve done more

    The parts where I felt let down was we didn’t see Isaiah fuck freaky j and I felt like Apollo and Isaiah should’ve reunited and fuck again, also I felt that more people should’ve fucked Stylez other than Blake

    I give this scene a full 10/10 best scene of last quarter 2016

    1. cocopop

      I agree with you, I too would have loved to see Stylez get some/more dick, Blake made a good attempt. That’s all it was, he tried twice and wasn’t able to get it, he ran from it the first time. Personally I felt Apollo may have been a better fit to fuck Stylez, Blake’s dick is hardly a starter dick, and Stylez ass did look tight. Can’t say whether he’s taken dick before, believe he wanted some that nite. Would love to see him and Apollo paired in a flip/flop they did seem to have chemistry. That brother must have thought he died and went to heaven to be paired with these old school BBA giants. I have an even greater appreciation for him he sexy as hell, bring him back Thursday in a solo Mike.

  3. Cobra

    Great update again. I was expecting a surprise or twist in part 2 but still good continued footage. The catch 22 with “gay for pay” video stars is once they’re “broken in”, the sex loses some of the edge. I think mixing the vets in with the newbies would bring that classic awkward sex back. I think my favorite BBA model is Saint because to this day he has issues taking the “D”. Great again to see Freaky J back. Isaiah still looks great so you can’t go wrong with any combination and the same goes for Apollo. Looking forward to more great scenes in 2017. Let’s go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Chris

    I still wanna know what happened to Saint.

    Only thing that was missing was Ross & Bandit. & did Freaky J even top anybody during this scene?

    From the 1st part it was obvious that Blake was head over heels for Isaiah. It was like he was following him.

    Now scenes we need.
    Blake & Isaiah
    Apollo & Freaky J

  5. Rob

    All joking aside, I did enjoy the special. I hope to see Freaky J take more of Blake in the future. Really missed Saint.

  6. Stoned Mountain

    Michael, I enjoyed your Christmas show even though I hate “gang bangs,” where a half dozen guys mill around looking for something to do. I liked your show because I was able to just see and admire Apollo and Stylez, nicely edged bodies with no tattoos. And Isaiah, such a perfect model in every way, so eager to please. And my boy Blake, who showed up and without ceremony did what I never saw before, submit to a dick up his ass, and did so eagerly. Nice showcase.

    Please. More Stylez, with Blake. And more Apollo doing whatever he wants to do.

  7. sexrules

    This was hot…..I loved seeing Stylez fuck Blake Bishop. I think they should do a one on one scene together. I hope to see more gangbangs in the near future of BBA!

    1. cocopop

      Yes, yes, little brother Stylez held his own like he was an All Star himself. Mike my new years wish list scenes is to see more of Stylez paired with Blake, their chemistry was off the hook. Secondly, the possibility of him and Apollo paired in a hot scene together. And lastly, maybe he, being the one to break-in Lil Scrap being that his dick aint a monster dick, that is if you’re not going to do it yourself. His emotions while enjoying sex reminds me of Ross, he is a star on the rise.

  8. Allen Wells

    Wow Mike, I refuse to watch part 2 b/c I didn’t like part 1. I have no regrets. Whats stands out is the fact that, “Everybody Loves Stylez”, phuck Raymond. LOL! I ended my membership with BBA weeks ago b/c of your stubbornness. A one-on-one with Stylez and Freaky J (with pubic hairs), or Bandit would be awesome. I am well prepared to enjoy 2017 with BBA.

  9. Eagerbeaver

    It was a great pairing. I wish the fucking was more intensified.. the thrust was like …blah.. but it was all good.

  10. CL05ETFR3AK

    As I said on the website’s comments page……….”well,well”! 🙂 . Saint’s absence is woefully apparent. I do hope he was assisting you behind the camera, or had a serious emergency, because in my opinion he would’ve been the perfect person to break Stylez in for some anal. I’m none the less happy with the scenes but he was missed.

  11. Platinum 313

    If Saint isn’t getting fucked, I don’t wanna see him on camera PERIOD. All the top BBA models are sexy as fuck and FULLY VERSATILE. SAINT is NOT one of them period.

    1. Jo Wilfried

      With 403 likes.. BANDIT is the New Star of BBA.. No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 are overused already.. WE NEED A NEW SPICE ON THE BBA MENU.. A LIL SCRAP and BDB pairing will be hot! Make that happen Michael.

  12. cocopop

    Mike so glad to see you back, hopefully doing better. ..Isaiah “You miss that dick Apollo” I still think these two got a bromance off camera, Apollo “cant get enough” I was surprised neither fucked the other, maybe they saved it for a private get together that nite sharing a room together.

  13. Kody Fan

    This Xmas film was rather enjoyable!! Several wonderful scenes from the super erotic Twister, BBA style, to the chain of ass eating models, 5 deep! Lol. Great fucking scenes with Blake Bishop & Isaiah bottoming, Stylez yelling on Blake’s dick, Apollo riding Blake’s dick & then Stylez’ dick while Blake fucked a surprised Stylez. It was just GREAT!!


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