BBA’s “New Normal” & October Comeback (UPDATED)

UPDATE 9/25/20: Resuming production in a safe and responsible way has turned out to be even more challenging than we’d anticipated. Unfortunately, we’ve run into several obstacles and setbacks that have delayed our progress.

We’re still committed to bringing our loyal fans hot NEW content as soon as we possibly can, but it’s not going to be QUITE as soon as we’d hoped. Hopefully not too much longer though!

Thanks for your continued patience, encouragement, and support during this difficult year, and we will continue to keep everyone updated with announcements (and hopefully previews) as we get a better idea about when we’ll be back with new content (and the newly redesigned website).

We’re happy to hear that so many of you have been enjoying our BTS collections, Quarantine Chronicles, Q&A Series, and digitally re-mastered classics over the past several months. We’ve tried our best to keep things fun and entertaining during these long, weird, and totally fucked up quarantine months.

It’s become painfully clear that COVID isn’t going anywhere any time soon, and this is a “New Normal” to which we’re going to have to adapt. With that in mind, we’ve decided to take a temporary break from updating the site.

During this brief hiatus, we’ll be devoting our time and resources to resuming production of exciting NEW content in a safe, controlled environment that minimizes the risk of infection for everyone involved – similar to the hub/bubble approach that the NBA and NHL have been trying in recent weeks. We will also focus on wrapping up our months of hard work on a new and improved website.

Our TENTATIVE goal is to launch the newly upgraded website and resume our regular update schedule featuring NEW action scenes during the first weekend in October.

We hope our monthly subscribers will stick around to enjoy continued access to our entire collection of over 430 scenes. We’re still offering a special discounted price of $14.95 for our monthly subscription, re-billed every 30 days at the same rate (a total savings of 25% off every month).

Current members need to cancel and resubscribe to take advantage of this discount, but you can continue enjoying this discounted rate for as many months as you’d like until you cancel. Just use Promo Code QUARANTINEMEMBER on our “Join” page to take advantage of this special deal.

We’re also still offering the special sale of just $9.95 for our basic 15 credits package, a total savings of MORE THAN 30%! Just use Promo Code QUARANTINE on our “Join” page to take advantage of that special promotion.

Thanks again for your patience, encouragement, and continued support during these difficult times. We look forward to returning in October, hopefully bigger and better than ever before!


52 comments on “BBA’s “New Normal” & October Comeback (UPDATED)
  1. Joe

    Not sure when my 1 year subscription is up but I hope you will extend my time for the updates I will miss out on.


    Oh well it is what it is! 😞 This pandemic has wreaked havoc all over and we’re just gonna have to deal with the changes. Hopefully when production resumes all models will want to participate, even the blast from the past surprises during the “quarantine chronicles” right Mike/Montez/Shax? Could we have scenes with story lines just to add to the improvements? Mike you’re in New York now, have you started recruiting boys from that area yet I think this would be a next great addition? Lastly at some point during that rebranding cycle could we finally see “Rocky” get his? 😎 need to know if he actually feels or speaks eh 🤔

    1. Michael

      Production will likely be limited to our current model roster, at least initially. But we’d love to feature some fresh faces (including NYC recruits) and maybe even a couple “blast from the past” surprises in the future. Rocky has resisted the idea of bottoming so far, but you know our motto. 😉

      1. D

        How about some more never before seen scenes like you did with Shaun and Scotty but with some of the older actors…some of the stuff that was cut out of old scenes…like that one time ol boy fell asleep before the shoot was done 🤣

  3. Tyrone Boyd

    Been with you for quite some time. Enjoy the scenes. Somewhat disappointed in latest results. Understandable though. I miss Bandit and the boys. Wish I could see Lil Dav again. A then and now scene would be great. Guess I’ll see you in October

  4. Rottie

    With the new page coming and new ideas. Could we get some scenes of the model keeping their socks on while fucking? It’s appealing to some of us just like barefoot is appealing to some. I definitely would love to see a model like Dominic fucking in socks. Everytime he starts a scene he is in his black Nike socks but then takes em off. I be so disappointed 😞

  5. Le3chexx

    Thanks Mike, I have been so impressed with all the great creative content that has been posted on this site since this crazy Quarantine began. The most memorable moments were seeing and hearing from the models day to day lives, getting to know them behind the scenes, and seeing how far Ross, Dominic and Trapp were able to go with just themselves, a camera and a dildo… dammmmm LOL.

    Now if your team is about to do what I think they are… it sounds like our favorite models are about to go to quarantine camp… LOL. The possibilities for your future content sound HOT as HELL lolol.

    Thank you for communicating with us, and always keeping your models and fans in mind. See you in October!

  6. curtj

    I dont understand why you cant be a fetish site with spanking and bondage and handjob scenes not just hardcore action scenes its restricted you never really got into that theme not to mention voyeurism where is the creativity. The initial launch of the site was to include these themes but you never have.

    1. blackbound

      There’s a handful of scenes with light bondage but yeah, I would also love to see more. Getting already reluctant models to agree seems like it wouldn’t be easy, though…

    2. GetRealNig9@

      Bitch stfu! Nobody doing all that weird ass shit! Get tf off this —- u just really pushed me off with that extra shit

  7. whobei

    I’m glad you guys will be back soon. I was gonna say that all you really needed to do was test the actors before filming and make sure they haven’t been out and about without a mask on. It should be pretty easy to shoot some new scenes now and I can’t wait to see what’s in store!

    1. Tdawg

      Unfortunately, that idea is definitely not enough to maintain safety with this particular virus, because half the people are asymptomatic and don’t even realize they have covid, and as a result super spread it to everyone. Anything outside of a negative cov2 test puts everyone at risk. Furthermore, this new mutated strand kinda leaves regular cloth and disposable masks futile.

  8. Stldiscreet1

    🤔 hmmm I look fwd to “the new” footage. Here is a Great Question. I have followed BBA for quite some time and am VERY familiar with the premise of “pushing limits”. So my question is, Michael? When will we get to see YOU bttm for one or more of these guys? I mean c’mon man, it’s only fair.

  9. crazyface11

    If Bandit makes it into the “bubble”, please try to film his Q&A as originally planned! That one had a record amount of questions!!!!!!

  10. Rob

    I can’t wait to see Trapp’s lil str8 hole get 6 months of backed up plowing. Hope to see a return to that Amityville house for Halloween. There’s unfinished business there.

    1. Michael

      Funny enough, I watched “House of Whores” a couple nights ago and was just telling Montez that I would LOVE to do a sequel if at all possible. Fingers crossed! 😉

    1. Michael

      We aren’t “other websites.” “Other websites” might be okay with safety standards that we find unacceptable. “Other websites” aren’t necessarily based in a state with strict quarantine rules for out-of-town visitors. “Other websites” may not have their models spread out all over the country.

      Every studio and adult content creator has to make these tough decisions based on their own unique situations and tolerance for risk. Rest assured that we will continue figuring out the best and safest possible ways to move forward in an effort to get some hot new content to you ASAP.

  11. Spooner

    It is going to be hard not seeing Bandit, Apollo, Dominic, Jah, Lil Jake, Mar, Trapp and Ross. Bringing in new talent would be nice too. Wish you could get Lil Dav back. Would love to see what he would do now. Bet he is still as sexy as ever.


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