BBA Postpones Production Until 2021

It’s with great disappointment and sadness that we announce BBA will NOT be producing any new content for the rest of the year.

This is not a decision we make easily or lightly. In fact, it’s probably the toughest decision we’ve ever had to make since starting BBA over a decade ago.

We had truly hoped we were out of the woods and ready to return to some kind of semi-normal this Fall, and we apologize for getting everyone’s hopes up with our recent announcements. We were sincere in our hopes and plans for a “comeback” this October.

But the closer we actually came to turning that into a reality, exploring every possible scenario and protocol for safely resuming production, the more we realized this simply wasn’t going to be possible without taking on a level of risk – and even more importantly, asking our MODELS to take on a level of risk – that we’re just not comfortable with, legally or ethically.

We’re already seeing a Second Wave of COVID infections sweeping the country as we head into the Fall and Winter seasons. And recent outbreaks at the White House and NFL have made it clear that even with the kind of thorough, instant-result testing that we here at BBA don’t have access to yet, disruptive outbreaks are still occurring with alarming regularity.

We know this will be a controversial and unpopular decision. But at the end of the day, we have to put the health and safety of our models and their families above everything else, including the perfectly understandable wishes of our loyal customers and fans.

We’re aware that some producers are already moving ahead with production and assuming the kinds of risks we’re not willing to take. That’s up to them. Every situation is different, and we respect that it’s one of the most difficult decisions any studio owner will ever have to make. But the buck stops here, as the saying goes, and we can’t currently move forward on production with a clear conscience.

Don’t worry, we’re not planning on going anywhere! We’ll remain active both on Twitter as well as here on the blog, continuing to interact with our viewers and possibly even posting a couple BTS surprises between now and the end of the year.

This is an unfortunate and necessary but also only TEMPORARY hiatus. We hope to survive the rest of this nightmarish year, re-evaluate things in mid-January, and return with a bang in 2021!

We ask those who can to continue showing support by sticking around to enjoy uninterrupted, unlimited access to our entire collection of over 430 scenes. We’re still offering a special discounted price of $14.95 for our monthly subscription. Just cancel and resubscribe to take advantage of this discount any time using Promo Code QUARANTINEMEMBER on our “Join” page.

We’re also still offering the reduced rate of just $9.95 for our basic 15 credits package, a total savings of MORE THAN 30%! Just use Promo Code QUARANTINE on our “Join” page to take advantage of that special promotion.

Thanks as always for your patience, encouragement, and continued support during these dark and difficult days. This is definitely NOT the year anyone anticipated in January. Please stay safe, and we will look forward to returning in 2021, hopefully bigger and better than ever before!

17 comments on “BBA Postpones Production Until 2021
  1. JVerde

    You have to question the wisdom of anyone who might have an issue with your organization deciding to side on being responsible and not take chances with peoples lives. As I said on Twitter I couldn’t be prouder and will always be a fan.

    1. cocopop

      I couldn’t agree with you more, though I’m sadly disappointed. We here in Houston are still seeing cases rising, the stupid governor is opening bars and restaurants. So Mike, I’d say you’re more responsible than the governor of my state. I’d had concerns about Scotty and Shaun, being locked up, hope they’re well, and stay well. Mike, you guys stay well.

  2. Joe

    I understand that these are difficult times and applaud your decision to keep everyone safe.. Now what can I expect you to do for me as I have a one year subscription that will have expired before you resume production?

  3. Anthony

    I have stuck around for months in hopes that things get back to normal and I get that we are going thru a pandemic. However, I have consistently paid $19.99 a month and never received any discounts or anything. Now if your late with a payment they cancel you subscription but when you guys don’t put up content its fine. Something need to be done about that. I want the models to be safe too but the site need to stop charging until new content is avaible smh

    1. Michael

      I understand your frustration, but some customers still enjoy having unlimited, uninterrupted, any-time access to our extensive catalogue of scenes. We’ve tried our best to keep everyone updated throughout the year, including clear and often repeated instructions for how to take advantage of our quarantine discounts.

      It’s up to you whether you choose to take advantage of them, just as it’s up to you to decide if or when to cancel your subscription.

      1. Anthony

        You are correct Mr. Michael. Thank you for your feedback. Just wish it was just as positive as the others. I’m not on as much as others so I don’t always see the discounts or updated info. So I will take your advice. It’s been a pleasure. Hopefully things go back to normal sooner than later. Stay blessed.

  4. Bandit’s Bitch

    Well then is it possible to actually do the bandit Q&A?

    Also, have y’all talked about having the models film their own scenes with like a friend, that’s what some studios have done. Basically like Only Fans style.

  5. ToriFan- Old Skool

    I thoroughly understand. But, could you go back to the Quarantine Chronicles? Maybe shyless members could send in video clips?

    Just thinking out loud for some new porn.

    1. Michael

      We plan to reevaluate things when I return to NYC later this month and will hopefully have a better idea and be able to announce something more specific within the next few weeks. Hoping we can safely resume regular production by mid Spring at the latest.


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