Website Update: Q&A Series – Bandit

Took us awhile, but we finally made this much-anticipated Q&A session with Bandit happen!

When we announced a while back that Bandit would be the next BBA model to participate in this series, the questions immediately began pouring in. Let’s just say our fans left no doubt that Bandit remains BBA’s #1 model, submitting more (and better) questions than ever before!

For everyone eager to get to know the infamously quiet and reserved “Big Dick Bandit” much better, this is an episode you won’t want to miss! Join Montez as he sits down for an illuminating, hilarious, and thoroughly entertaining interview with this BBA legend….

Things heat up even more when it comes time for Bandit to complete some of your freakiest “dares.”

Montez will once again be the envy of MANY as he gets his own horny hands on one of BBA’s most popular “gay for pay” stars!

To join Montez and Bandit for this sexy Q&A session, click here to join BBA today!

If you’re currently a BBA member and/or already have BBA credits, click here to get MUCH better acquainted with our #1 model any time you’d like!

23 comments on “Website Update: Q&A Series – Bandit
  1. Joe

    No shade Montez just ruin all these videos for me. It could have been a zoom call- or if you going to shoot you can get two models together.

    1. Mike

      Nah Montez is the reason I watch these videos!! Honestly, a lot of us fans have been wanting to see more of him on camera than a lot of the models. Montez is one sexy brotha. Btw. Next Q&A can it be Montez and Justice. Can one of the dares be for Justice to suck Montez’s toes and/or let Montez suck his. Let’s spice it up some!

  2. Scorpio

    I was afraid that once Bandit opened his mouth I wouldn’t like anything he said but it was good to see his personality more.

    Me being from Detroit I know that most Detroit niggas really only listen to Detroit artists so I knew who he was talking about.

    What surprised me the most is that he said he’d do another scene with Rory. I would love to see him & Spice go again & I wanna see him & Luh Redd or Shameeks.

    My only complaint was Montez I wish you would’ve made him cum with the flesh light. We always see Bandit jack off to cum & he admitted it was feeling good while you was doing it. That’s what made The Ross Q&A good to me was that Montez jacked him until he came.

    1. Mike

      I agree. It’s Montez’s interaction and the guys response to receiving pleasure from Montez specifically that makes these videos work.

  3. Dope88

    lets just say i LOVE THIS Dude even more now

    his arrogance /confidence showed in a good way and i see why he is so laid back cause he dont give a F what anyone thinks and i appreciate him being open like that…he walks in that spirit of Content and he’s funny

    and most importantly we learned from all this he will not be disappearing on us cause “All my bitches know”

    also Montez or Mike should gift him a dildo so he can relax even more cause if he’s saying it hurts but seems to still be able to take it.. and make it seem like he enjoys it….imagine if he has some practice outside of bba with a toy 🤯

          1. Nakia

            I think you should do a video like Michael…..fucking a model. How big is your dick? Cut or uncut? I’d definitely pay to see you fucking

  4. Cobra

    I just wonder how many of these “straight” men have gone gay or bi since their bba filming. Not sure if this was any of the questions but I will re-join when filming resumes.

  5. Cobra

    just a random comment you don’t need to post but it may be a good look to recruit some of these “so called” straight dudes that do nude co-ed Paint and Sip Shows. Great bodies and a hint of curiosity.

  6. Jamal

    We should let bandit recruit one of his friends. I would actually enjoy watching bandit in a scene where he lets a girl Fuck him with a dildo or a natural habitat scene.

    1. Michael

      We plan to reevaluate things when I return to NYC later this month and will hopefully have a better idea and be able to announce something more specific within the next few weeks. Hoping we can safely resume regular production by mid Spring at the latest.

  7. Ling

    I like Montez, and I’d like if he went all the way similiar to Michael. We need an older black man on BBA seriously.

    1. Michael

      All of the Q&A and Quarantine Chronicle scenes are still on the site, I just moved them further back in the archives as part of our work on the new site. When the new site launches, I didn’t want people to have to scroll through pages of pandemic filler content just to get to our official scenes lol. Sorry for the confusion! You can still find them by searching by title, going to the model profile pages, or scrolling back to the end of the archives.


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