Cast Your Votes For The Best of BBA 2014!

You’ve seen my own personal picks for the best scenes from the past year. Now it’s YOUR TURN to let me know what you think by choosing YOUR favorite models and scenes from 2014!

As I figure out my plans and goals for 2015, it’s helpful hearing which models and scenes you enjoyed the most from the past year. After all, it’s only thanks to you that I’m able to continue bringing you these hot models and scenes!

To keep things as fair and accurate as possible, you’re only allowed to vote once, so please take your time and choose your answers carefully. You’ll be able to see the voting results in live time to compare your own personal favorites with the rest of BBA’s members and fans!

If you feel like explaining or defending any of your choices, please feel free to share your thoughts as comments on this blog entry! I’d love to hear what you think.

I’ll be kicking off the new year and updating the site with a new scene later this weekend. In the meantime, have fun picking out your favorites and reminiscing with me about the past year!


24 comments on “Cast Your Votes For The Best of BBA 2014!
  1. Kenny Fan

    Okay these are my reviews for 2014….

    I always love seeing a top getting fucked and I loved the chemistry between these two guys, I wish they come back soon

    I didn’t really care for seeing Day Day top those ugly bottoms in the cocodorm days, hell even his most recent scene with taethedoug was fucking boring but this scene with Saint will ALWAYS shine thru as a top favorite because he got pounded HARD AND ROUGH just like how I love it

    It was my pleasure seeing “Mystery Model” return and this time taking dick like that even tho he didn’t make much noise to me the scene was still hot, hopefully he comes back soon

    As much as Idc for Cory I must say I enjoyed this scene with Tay because we got to finally see Tay getting fucked for the first time and watch him take it

    I’m such an Isaiah fan lol but this scene with the both of y’all was not only hot but VERY VERY tempting, watching him wink his asshole to us was the biggest tease to me I loved watching how you Made him suck that dick like that as well

    This scene really showed that Saint can be able to handle two guys at the same time and was able to test his limit to see if he can be a good top. I really enjoyed watching Randy getting fucked

    Now as quiet as Mello can be I must say I prefer this scene with him and saint than him and Rabbit, they had more of a hotter connection than in Mello’s other scene but overall I liked it

    When I first saw this scene I said to myself “there is no way Suspense can take a dick like that” and when I saw the actual video I was surprised Suspense took it like a pro and I commend him for that

    This has to be Lil Tyga’s best scene to date. I always look at Lil Tyga as “a top that needs to be tamed”. This is his best scene for the year 2014. I loved watching him service Isaiah and then get pounded hard everything in the video was hot

    When we first saw Freaky J I instantly wanted him to get fucked by a BLACK guy and I thought Beno would have been the first to and I was caught off guard when it was Isaiah that was the top. As much difficulties this scene had I still enjoyed the awkwardness of this scene and we got to see Isaiah do something he said he’d never do

    This scene was a complete shocker when I saw the picture and title and I quickly wondered “who is the top and who is the bottom” when I saw the chemistry between these two in the kissing I was still wondering who getting fucked lol but Saint tried to take that dick but he isn’t no Suspense, when Migo took that dick I was highly surprised and couldn’t help but beating off to this scene twice in the same day.

    This is the scene I’ve been waiting for practically all year of 2014 I was very hopeful for this guy and I knew he was going to come back! When I saw his scene with Cory I said to myself “one day he’s going to feel lube and fingers up and around his asshole” and FINALLY it happened. I love watching his ass so much that I think about the many other ways he can get fucked lol the part that shined the most was seeing him suck Michael’s dick with his nutt on it that was hot since he swore he would never do such a thing.

    Overall 2014 was a great year for BBA and I will say I was mostly pleased! Can’t wait to see what’s next in 2015. Happy New Year!

  2. Cobra

    I enjoyed to year-end poll and picked most of the scenes that were most popular. The black only scene i thought should be broken up to separate the gay-for-pay scenes and gay scenes. That may get a little touchy but your last update of the year with Staxx went up against a few of the “gay for pay” scenes which divided the vote. And Happy New Year’s to you and all the BBA models.

  3. chucke1

    My picks for Ten Best Scenes of the Year #10-Two Tops Don’t Make A Bottom-Love Saint and enjoyed seeing Migo fucked #9-Isaiah Job Orientation-With Saint, straight guys uncomfortable getting naked! #8-Riding the Tyga-Isaiah shoving it in deep and Tyga taking it in pain #7- Unfinished business-Mystery model and Michael cum shot in mouth! #6- Freaky J: All in That Ass-Love seeing Isaiah fuck a straight guy! #5- Isaiah The Next Chapter (Part One)-love seeing that hole #4-Take that ass!-Day Day and Saint, dependable Saint gave it to him hard! #3- Natural Habitat-AB and Isaiah having straight sex, straight ass humping #2-Natural Habitat; Saint & Stephon-Straight ass humping is too HOT here #1-Isaiah The Next Chapter (Part Two)- History Making

  4. Jamitis28

    My TOP 10…

    10. 2 TOPS DON’T MAKE A BOTTOM – SAINT & MIGO… Solid scene for 2 tops & full of surprises

    09. NATURAL HABITAT – AB & ISAIAH… Loved this scene. It was quite obvious that straight sex is where their heart is. lol

    08. SATURDAY NIGHT REUNION – CORY & TAY… Felt like I was watching a couple do their thing. Tay still needs to work on his stroke game but good scene.

    07. ALL IN THAT ASS – FREAKY J & ISAIAH… Epic scene even though some parts seem awkward. Seeing Freaky J take all that dick was worth the wait.

    06. FEEDING THE TYGA – SUSPENSE & TYGA… This scene was Tyga’s return after a short hiatus and he certainly delivered the goods. Tyga is one of the best Tops in BBA history. He delivers the perfect mixture straight fucking & passion. Although in this scene he chose to fuck the shit out of suspense.

    05. DON’T KNOCK IT TIL YOU TRY IT – SAINT, RANDY & KENDALL… I was not going to even watch this scene because I didn’t think Saint could handle 2 guys. Well, surprise, surprise!!! He put it down! But make no mistake about it. The star of this scene was RANDY. He has the attraction, appeal and an amazing ass. More Randy in 2015!

    04. ISAIAH’S NEXT CHAPTER – MICHAEL & ISAIAH… Good to finally see Isaiah get fucked. Once again though, the model having sex with Michael looked totally uninterested but it was great seeing Isaiah get fucked. Mike did the best he could. Now on to a real fuck down by Lil Tyga!

    03. FOSTER HOME REUNION – BENO & KING… For most of 2014, this was my top scene. Beno has become a master bedroom sexologist. lol I don’t need to say anymore except in 2015, can we finally get BENO & LIL TYGA!!!!!

    02. STAXX IN CORY’S STOCKING… Beautiful romantic scene. If they are not a couple then something is wrong because their chemistry was crazy!

    01. RIDING THE TYGA – ISAIAH & LIL TYGA… I’m giving the favorite scene. Lil Tyga is the only one so far that has been able to bring Isaiah out of his shell. Isaiah had to step up his game to match the Tyga’s energy & aggressive sexuality. This scene was explosive & it was great seeing Isaiah engaged the whole time. The Tyga got tamed this night. Now it’s time to see Lil Tyga return the favor.

    Thanks for a great 2014. And remember we need a scene between Beno & Lil Tyga in 2015!!!!

    1. deeke

      I’m a member of the Beno fan club, too! He makes any scene he is in that much hotter. And I also agree with you about Randy! Now that’s who I would love to see Beno with and soon!

  5. KayJay

    Mike, was Jamaican Cherry Swap not in 2014? The Jamaican scenes overall were not my favorite BBA scenes, but Jamaican Cherry Swap was one of BBA’s best scenes ever (in my opinion)! Two brothers giving up their virgin asses to each other in one scene is epic. I watch that one on the regular! If it was in 2014, it surprises me that you didn’t include that one. I think we have similar tastes when it comes to that sort of thing.

    Just wondering,

    1. robert

      Love this scene. Maybe Mike will consider sending for Skinny Kid. Him and Deno need a scene. Hope the Jamaican troubles work out so we get more.

    2. Michael

      Sorry for the omission! Jamaican Cherry Swap was released in 2014 and you’re right, it was a sizzling-hot scene. Probably the best of all the Jamaican scenes, in my opinion. I didn’t include it in the original poll since it wasn’t a scene filmed by me, but I’ve now added it to the poll thanks to your feedback.

  6. Jamal

    Mike, how muxh longer are we gonna have to wait for the scene with Isaiah bottoming for a black dude? I feel like the new year and the weekend have come and gone and still no update. do u need me to help U edit the scene ? Smh I’ll do it for free.

  7. DC FAN

    There were so many outstanding updates for 2014, it is very difficult to name just 10 but I will give it a try. I will actually provide 11 since one of my picks was shown on BBA but was not produced by Michael.

    11. 5 YEARS LATER – Suspense & D-Rel

    Despite the change in D-Rel’s appearance, this was a really good reunion. The chemistry between the two was special and both clearly enjoyed themselves. I especially enjoyed the candor expressed in the post scene interview.

    10. STAXX IN HIS STOCKING – Staxx & Corey

    Sexy, romantic scene between two attractive BBA models who were obviously attracted to each other. The Xmas costumes, candy canes, and even Eartha Kitt’s sexy rendition of “Santa Baby” added a true holiday feel to this scene. I was just waiting for Michael to knock on the door dressed as Santa Claus.

    9. TWO TOPS DON’T MAKE A BOTTOM – Migo & Saint

    There is nothing sexier than two masculine tops sweating it out. This was a solid scene with plenty of surprises since Migo is relatively new to BBA. Despite the abrupt stoppage during the penetration scene, this scene was still special.

    8. RIDING THE TYGA – Tyga and Isaiah

    Lil Tyga has been a bright spot on the BBA roster regardless to his role in his scenes. He always brings a level of excitement to each of his scenes. While serving as the bottom in this scene, he still dominated in my opinion.

    7. UNFINISHED BUSINESS #2 – Mystery Model and Michael

    This Mystery Model reminds me of the class mate, next door neighbor, or co-worker that you would love to see naked but know it will never happen in this lifetime. Thought he was TOO FINE to ever return to porn but he did and I was pleasantly shocked. Loved it!

    6. DON’T KNOCK IT – Randy, Saint, and Randall

    Saint proved that he could handle two models at the same time and I developed a new respect for him since this update. Randy is clearly one of the most underrated models on BBA since I think he is the total package.

    5. FEEDING MIGO’S MONSTER – Migo and Suspense

    This was Suspense’s coming out party in my opinion since he willingly handled Migo’s lethal weapon without a problem. Loved the chemistry between the two and the “money shot” was one of the most explosive in PORN history. I was just sorry someone from the Guiness Book of World Records was not there to document the measurements of the historic money shot.

    4. LAPDANCE WITH BENEFITS – Freaky J and Michael

    Freaky J would have been the break out star of the year on most sites but I think he joined BBA during a very strong cast year. Freaky J has been consistently good in all of his scenes and I just hope he returns next year for more scenes.


    This was one of the hottest scenes this year despite the fact it was not produced by BBA. Just as professional athletes sometimes leave it on the court, these young
    guys left it on the bed. Made love as though nobody was watching…..loved it!

    2. FREAKY J -THE NEXT LEVEL – Freaky J & Dragon

    I’ve been a fan of Freaky J since his Internet days and was shocked how well he performed with Dragon. He’s definitely a quick study and brings all of the goods each and every time.

    1. TAKE THAT ASS! – Day Day and Saint

    I’ve watched Day Day take down (top) over 1,000 models on that other site so it was refreshing to see him on the other side of the fence… or bed. He seemed rather one dimensional on the other site but Michael’s direction allowed him to open up….pardon the pun! Fantastic scene with plenty of surprises!

    Mike for 2015, please get someone to take Staxx down. His ass is unbelievable!!!

  8. Michael

    I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has taken the time to vote in the polls and share their own detailed and entertaining “Top 10” lists! I’ve really enjoyed reading them, and it’s interesting to see where the lists overlap as well as differ from my own list.

    I’d love to read more if anyone wants to add their list to the mix!

  9. Pascal

    Phew! I was afraid it was going to be a free-for-all for the ‘sickly twinks’ but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Thank you for having better taste than Michael, viewers! lol

    I only have a Top 9 Scenes ranking because of that very reason. Here goes:

    #9 – Foster Home Reunion – Beno and King: well I couldn’t very well leave Beno out, could I? Beno, drop the camera and join in on the fun more often in 2015! (but good job filming these days anyway)

    #8 – Isaiah’s Job Orientation – Saint and Isaiah: if only for Isaiah’s dick leaking a long string of precum when he was sucking on Saint

    #7 – Introducing Isaiah : the editing and interview was so good in this, it made up for Isaiah’s (still enduring) discomfort in front of the camera

    #6 Two Tops Don’t Make A Bottom – Migo and Saint: I loved the banter between the two and Migo’s silly signature grandpa hat that he wore even under the shower. What’s he hiding under there?

    #5 – Feeding Migo’s Monster – Migo and Suspense: Suspense is a trooper what can I say?

    #4 – The Competition Five Years Later Part I – D-rel and Suspense: I didn’t like Part II even if Michael thinks I should have my eyes checked but the chemistry was off the hook in part one

    #3 – Unfinished Business – Mystery Model and Michael: it would have been rude to leave Michael out. The Mystery Model was hardcore cold-fishing this one but he is so good looking and Michael tried his best

    #2 Feeding The Tyga – Suspense and Lil Tyga: it was a redo of their previous meeting during a threesome but Tyga has grown leaps and bounds as a performer that it was so worth it for me

    #1 Riding The Tyga – Isaiah and Lil Tyga: when it comes to dialogue, Tyga puts Isaiah immediately at ease for some reason (as their recent rematch proves as well). And he made for one hell of a bottom. Plus he still seems so proud of the scene and the positive comments it garnered.

    So very nice job ramping up the production schedule in 2014 Michael and I hope you can continue this trend in 2015. Thanks to you and the models for all the porn and much success in the future!

    1. Michael

      Thanks for sharing your list of favorite scenes from last year! Glad to know that even though you seem to dislike about 99% of BBA’s content and themes – reluctant straight guys, skinny twinks, tops taken down, raw sex, etc. – you were still able to enjoy some of the models and scenes we brought you last year 😉 .

      1. Pascal

        To be honest, it’s only 95% that I dislike…

        Now imagine if you were to put as much effort into the rest as in those actually enjoyable 5%, how extraordinary the site would be! 😉

        I would subscribe continuously instead of just a couple of times a year for instance. Ka-ching!

  10. Cobra

    Just happened to see an interview and a few scenes earlier of Ace Rockwood. I think for 2015 i think he could be the next Day Day as a well known top to try to convince to bottom. He dabbles in straight porn for the straight-for-pay is already out. Just a very good looking personable guy.

  11. sammywow

    Hi Michael,

    As I read about it above and wanted to see the scenes, I clicked on the link to the Jamaican Cherry Swap and tried to download them and it seems as if the links are not working properly–I downloaded a few of the other scenes that were in the favorites and they all downloaded fine, so it doesn’t appear to be my computer or browser problem–not a big deal, but thought I’d let you know. Thanks!


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