Michael Galletta Counts Down BBA’s Ten Best Scenes of the Year

Feels like just yesterday that I was being asked how I could possibly top the great year BBA had in 2013.

After a year that had seen the discovery of fan favorites such as Cory, Stephon, and AB, and highlights that included Stephon’s shocking “gay for pay” journey as well as porn star Day Day finally giving up his ass, the bar seemed to have been set pretty high and I’ll confess I had my doubts about my ability to maintain, let alone exceed, such a high standard heading into the new year.

Now as we look back at the models and scenes of 2014, and welcome in the new year to come, I’m relieved and proud to be able to say that 2014 has been one of the most surprising, unpredictable, and exciting years in BBA history.

We celebrated BBA’s 5th Anniversary with the return of some much-missed fan favorites such as Dragon, Lil Tyga, AB, and Suspense. We introduced some exciting new faces – guys like Isaiah, Mello, Randy, and Migo – who have quickly become a new generation of BBA fan favorites.

Other highlights included surprise visits by special guests Freaky J and Staxx, the long-anticipated “reunion” between D-Rel and Suspense that had literally been five years in the making, and of course such surprising and unforgettable “conquests” as “Mystery Model” returning after a long disappearance AND going all the way by getting fucked in his ass, and horse-hung skinny boys Day Day, Migo, and Tay finally giving up their tight “top-only” asses on camera for the very first time.

Of course the most shocking and satisfying highlight of the year was watching our newest straight star Isaiah’s slow but steady experimentation with guy-on-guy sex – recently climaxing with him finally giving in and doing the one thing he stubbornly swore he would never do! (Of course this college basketball player’s unlikely “gay for pay” journey is far from over, as you’ll see in the new scene coming out later this weekend).

After giving it a lot of thought, I’ve come up with my list of BBA’s Ten Best Scenes of 2014. For a variety of reasons that I’ve explained below, these are the scenes that have kept me coming back for repeat viewings again and again, standing out from the rest of the pack as my proudest achievements and favorite scenes of the year:

(In Ascending Order)

#10. Sparring Match

sparringmatch_main3_smallThis is one of those quiet scenes that flew under the radar and didn’t receive the same level of interest or hype that other scenes on this list might have when they came out. The BBA equivalent of “comfort food,” it’s quickly turned into one of those scenes that I turn to for a reliable release at the end of a long day. Saint once again shines in the role of “gay for pay” mentor, and finally brings a performance out of the light-skinned straight boxer to match the potential we saw glimpses of in Mello’s earlier scenes. Easily one of the most erotic and entertaining “gay for pay” scenes this year!

#9. Initiating Isaiah

initiatingisaiah_main3_smallThis is the scene that started Isaiah’s “gay for pay” journey, and it’s worth revisiting if for no other reason than to gain a new appreciation for just how far Isaiah has come over the past year! Whether it’s letting another male touch his body for the very first time, nervously wrapping his hand around Cory’s huge dick, or insisting on wearing a blindfold before burying his own big dick in another guy’s ASS for the VERY FIRST TIME, this scene is “gay for pay” porn at its purest and most authentic best, perfectly capturing the reluctance, anxiety, and flashes of embarrassed pleasure from a straight guy’s first time.

#8. The Competition (Five Years Later)

thecompetition_fiveyearslater_parttwo_main2b_smallAfter trying to make this much-requested “reunion” between D-Rel and Suspense happen for over five years, how could this scene NOT make the list?!? Time might have taken its toll on the boys’ looks, and the action is far from perfect or smooth, but even just seeing these long-lost college friends finally doing the kinds of things we’ve always fantasized about seeing them do with each other was an exhilarating thrill like no other and proved why unscripted real-life stories like this can be so much more exciting to watch than the fake scripted stuff.

#7. Riding The Tyga

ridingtyga_main3_smallAt first glance, you’d never guess that one of the guys in this scene is actually STRAIGHT, or that the guy getting his juicy ass pounded is one of BBA’s most energetic and aggressive gay “tops.” That’s how convincingly both guys stepped outside of their comfort zones to deliver one of BBA’s best action scenes of the year. Lil Tyga succeeds where other models have failed by finally bringing Isaiah out of his shell and pushing him to a level of same-sex passion and intimacy unlike anything he’s shown us before. The foreplay alone would earn this scene a spot on this list, but seeing Lil Tyga surrender his round, tempting ass for only the second time in BBA history was easily one of the highlights of the summer!

#6. Lapdance With Benefits

lapdance_parttwo_main4_smallIn this day and age where any hot guy with a big dick and cell phone can become an overnight social media “celebrity,” most of BBA’s younger viewers probably don’t realize or fully appreciate what a significant accomplishment this scene truly was. Years before “selfies” and “Vines,” Freaky J was the first straight-boy Internet “crush” for an entire generation of gay and bisexual men, and finally getting him to take the huge step of trying “gay for pay” porn was the can’t-miss “porn event” of the summer. The scene itself might have been far from perfect, but just the fact that IT HAPPENED counts for a lot. Whether he was slobbering on his very first dick or letting another man enjoy a taste of his ass, getting his cherry popped RAW or having his face covered in cum, this was Freaky J finally living up to his name by doing the kinds of “freaky” gay things we never in a million years thought we’d ever see him do.

In one word, “EPIDEMIC” 😉 .

#5. Take That Ass!

takethatass_main9_smallFilmed in 2013 but not released until early this year, this scene showed us “porn star” Day Day like we’d never seen him before and might never see him again. Even the skeptics who claimed to have seen Day Day bottom in that controversial blurry night-vision scene on another site have to admit they’ve NEVER seen Day Day quite like this – his pretty lips wrapped around a big black dick, his tight “top-only” ass getting mercilessly pounded in full and unmistakable HD, and even his cute face shoved into a puddle of his own cum as the usually dominant “top” is forced to lick up his own “nutt”! Most shocking and memorable of all, the horse-hung “top” crying out in his sexy young voice for Saint to “TAKE THAT ASS!” in this history-making, “take-down” porn classic.

#4. Saturday Night Reunion

satnightreunion_main3_smallDestined to become a BBA classic, this spontaneous “reunion” had something for everyone. For the hopeless romantics out there, it had all the chemistry and passion one could have wanted from a “reunion” between Cory and Tay. For those who enjoy watching reluctant “strict tops” finally pinned down and squirming under some dick, this scene gave us Cory turning the tables on his “top-only” co-star and plunging his huge dick in that tight, hairy ass. Even though both boys have since moved on to other love interests, their intense attraction and chemistry with each other at this exact moment in time will be preserved and enjoyed by countless porn viewers for years to come.

#3. Don’t Knock It ‘Til You Try It (Part Two)

knockit_parttwo_main_smallIn the five-plus years I’ve been making amateur porn, I’ve NEVER seen two “newbies” make an action debut as impressive and unforgettable as this! After a lot of bad luck with group scenes over the years, what a thrill and relief it finally was to film the kind of epic RAW threesome I’d always wanted to make! Saint delivers the performance of his entire “gay for pay” career as he takes turns sampling these sexy new models’ asses, pulling his hard, wet dick out of one tight, throbbing ass and immediately plunging it right into the other. I dare anyone with even half a libido to make it through this scene without busting at least TWICE 😉 !

#2. Staxx In His Stocking

staxxinstocking_main_smallIn advance of this recent video-shoot, I told both Cory and Staxx that I wanted to make the kind of Christmas porn classic people could remember and enjoy for many Christmases to come – and boy, did they both deliver! Call it BBA’s very own Christmas miracle, this is one of those rare and magical scenes where the models collabarated with me as a director to create an epic holiday special that neither they nor the viewers will ever forget. In a year that focused a lot on reluctant straight guys and inexperienced “tops,” this scene came as a blast of fresh winter air for all the BBA romantics out there.

#1. Isaiah: The Next Chapter

isaiah_nextchapter_parttwo_main_smallIf you’d told me earlier this year that my #1 scene for 2014 would include my raw white dick plunging in and out of Isaiah’s flawless bubble-butt, or him sucking my cum-slimy dick right out of his own freshly-fucked ass, I would have said you were crazy and laughed you right off of the blog! This popular straight basketball player’s highly-prized virginity didn’t come easy or cheap, but damn, was it worth every penny! And not just because the feeling of that athletic muscle-butt tightly squeezing and stroking my dick was one of the best things I experienced all year, but also because the action itself is unforgettably hot. Scenes like this are what BBA’s all about, capturing on camera an experience we’ve all fantasized about if never actually experienced: the sullen straight guy surrendering his ass for college tuition after stubbornly refusing for over a year. My proudest achievement of the year, and quite possibly my entire porn-producing career.


There you have it, my personal picks for the best scenes of the year. I’d love to hear your reactions to my top choices! Are there scenes you would have left out and/or included instead, and how would your rankings differ from mine? Let me know what you think!

I’ll be posting some viewer polls very soon in which you can vote for your own favorite models and scenes from 2014.

On behalf of myself and all the BBA models, I want to thank everyone for their encouragement and support, and wish everyone a safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR! We know that none of this would even be possible without BBA’s loyal and passionate fans!

I wonder what hot new models and unforgettable scenes we’ll be talking about this time next year?

9 comments on “Michael Galletta Counts Down BBA’s Ten Best Scenes of the Year
  1. Drew

    #3 is really #1….you’re being extremely delusional if you think that you and Isaiah are number 1. Maybe, in terms of significance, but certainly not in terms of actions, as neither you or Isaiah are very charismatic on screen. But I love the concept of your list. And you do have the best website overall, and deliver top notch work.

    1. Michael

      Fair enough. As someone who’s been pretty blunt about not wanting to see me in the scenes, it’s no surprise that you wouldn’t agree with my pick for the #1 scene, LOL. Just go back and look at the feedback to my scene with Isaiah and I think you’ll see that I’m hardly being “delusional” to rank the scene as high as I did.

      Thanks for the encouraging words overall, and I’ll look forward to reading more of your feedback in 2015!

  2. Dexter

    You Been Saying You Were Gonna Put That Update With Isaiah Out For The Past Two Months.. First It Was “Coming The Holidays” Then It Was “By The End Of The Year” if You Wanna Be “Technical” (THATS TODAY) Now It’s This Weekend LATER On!! I guess.. I hope it doesn’t lose it’s momentum as I’ve noticed in the past you wait to release footage and it FLOPS!! Just My “Opinion” Anyway my favorite scene was Mystery Model (Other Then The Shaved Ass) That’s Top Of My List!! Also Most Of The DL Chill Spot Scenes…

    1. Michael

      The part with Lil Tyga was only about three seconds of a much longer teaser, and I only included that to reassure those viewers who don’t like my interracial scenes that Isaiah still ended up bottoming for a black guy as well. While I’m glad you’re excited and even impatient to see the scene, that is most definitely NOT a scene that I’ve hyped or even promised by a specific date. And while there might be times where you’ve had to wait for a scene that you end up not liking, your reaction to a scene shouldn’t be affected by how long you had to wait for the scene to be posted.

      This blog is a place where I will frequently post teasers and previews of upcoming scenes that might not always be released right away. If it really bothers you that much to know about scenes in advance and have to wait for their release, I’d advise avoiding the blog and not watching the teasers.

  3. 2raw

    I Like this concept of the year’s top ten…although I dont totally agree with “all” the choices…I think #1 should be #10 and #10 would move to 9th place leaving #2 for 1st place, #7 in 2nd place…

  4. biglarry

    Not being a member too long I was trying to figure out how often the site is updated? I can’t seem to make out the pattern that keeps changing back and forth?
    Please advise at your earliest.
    Thank you

    1. Michael

      The update schedule has been somewhat irregular during the holiday season, but in general the website is updated WEEKLY, with a new scene added to the website between Friday and Monday. I make every effort to post the update as early in the weekend as possible, but that will sometimes vary depending on the length of the scene, my filming schedule, etc. Hope this helps!

  5. neeko

    So glad mello made it in the top 10! Swear he has got to be one of the best bba has to offer, yet he is so underrated! That scene with randy, kendall and saint was also on point. Kendall has an adorable innocence about himself. I would love to see Chad again… And I’m so in love with Isaiah lol but as a top! Just personal preference… Id love for u to consider him working with mello or Dee weezy! Good work as always and I can’t wait for the next update!


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