Website Update: Staxx In His Stocking

Cory "Unwrapping" Staxx
We’re celebrating the Christmas season this year with an action-packed holiday special featuring the return of a much-missed fan favorite as well as a surprise out-of-town guest.

Earlier this year, BBA model Cory visited Atlanta for the city’s Black Pride, where he had a chance to meet and mingle with others in the porn industry. As fate would have it, it was there that he met Staxx, a former college basketball player turned up-and-coming “porn star” who has quickly earned a reputation as one of the most exciting new faces on the scene today.

As most of you already know, I usually prefer filming fresh faces over more familiar “porn stars.” But from the moment I first saw this tall, sexy athlete’s pics on Cory’s Tumblr blog (he stands at 6’6″ and weighs a muscular 200 pounds), I was instantly smitten and knew that Staxx was going to have to be a special exception 😉 !

Before now, Cory and Staxx had only “made out” and stolen a quick blowjob in the back of a car. But they’ve been asking to do a scene together since meeting in August, so I figured what better Christmas present for one of BBA’s most popular models (and BBA’s viewers) than bringing Staxx to town for a special visit and making Cory’s dream scene come true….

Cory and Staxx Kissing

This epic holiday special is jam-packed with a little bit of everything to celebrate this fun and festive time of year: costumes, chocolate, whipped cream, strawberries, and let’s just say you’ll never look at CANDY CANES in quite the same way again 😉 .

If you’re one of those freaky fans who’ve been wanting to see Cory finally take some dick RAW, then you’ll also be excited to know that he makes his exclusive BAREBACK debut in this scene!

Cory Having Fun With Staxx's Ass
This is one of those special scenes where my biggest editing challenge was choosing what NOT to include. The edited version alone is well over a FULL HOUR long!

Don’t miss the multiple-“nutt”-draining holiday action that includes tons of tongue-kissing, dick-sucking, ass-licking, and fucking as two of the hottest boys working in black gay porn today finally consummate their lust (and maybe more) for each other and enjoy one of the most sensual and uniquely erotic encounters I’ve ever filmed….

Staxx Ready To Fuck Cory
To watch the full-length, uncensored action, click here to join BBA today!

If you’re already a BBA member, click here to enjoy this action-packed holiday special any time you’d like!

Staxx Fucks Cory
On behalf of myself and all the BBA models, I want to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season!

For those of you who are wondering, the website will not be updated this upcoming weekend due to the Christmas holiday, but I’ll be back next week to close out 2014 and welcome in the new year with Isaiah’s first time bottoming for another black guy.

I’ll also be looking back at some of the highlights and my personal favorites from this exciting and eventful past year, plus posting some polls to find out YOUR favorite models and scenes from the past year.

48 comments on “Website Update: Staxx In His Stocking
  1. chaos kidd

    Omg this scene was da best scene to date lol this was beyond hot and sexy and i think the chemistry wit these 2 were off the charts i wouldnt be surprised if they start dating lol good job mike

  2. Hakeem

    Michael you have out done yourself with this one. Just two sexy dudes enjoying each other. The entire session just had me on the edge of my seat trying not to miss a second of this non-stop action. I have enjoyed myself this year ever since I joined BBA. There isn’t a better site on the net. An all-star lineup of fresh models from Day Day, Migo, Isaiah, Randy, Kendall, Tay, Freaky J and Staxx kept me coming back week after week. Enjoy your holidays. CAN’T WAIT for 2015. Be good.

    1. Michael

      Thanks for the high praise and encouraging feedback! I’m glad you discovered BBA in 2014 and I’ve enjoyed reading your comments here on the blog.

      I’m happy to have been able to share so many hot models and unforgettable scenes with you in 2014, and hopefully this new year will be even bigger and better.

  3. Dexter

    Well That Sucks…… I Was Hoping To See Isaiah, Although I Love Cory…. This Was A Blind Side…. I Guess Either Way, Merry Christmas To The “Hook Up Caught On Film That They Didn’t Finish In The Car”…. See You When Isaiah Comes Back!!!

  4. D-Money

    Mike once again u know how to end one of the most exciting years in BBA history with my man Staxx!!! Hes been all over the place and seeing him planting sexy Cory just a scene that was best saved for last for the end of the year!!! I swear everytime I see Cory he gives u so much damn passion in a scene he makes every partner in a scene think they are his lover I swear guess he just has that seduction freaky trait of his………Mike to you and everyone all the models happy holidays and to an even hotter 2015!!! Definitely cap my year with a wow with this scene!!!

  5. Htown

    The hottest EVER on BBA! Chemisty is on POINT!!! WOW. I was ready to bust on part 1 with all that hot kissing!!! Merry Christmas to ME, from Michael!!!

  6. robert

    This update isn’t for me but I ain’t mad. My cock needs a rest anyway. I do hope this scene delivers for all the Cory fans out there and curious to read their feedback. Happy holidays to Mike and the BBA models. I hope the new year brings more Randy……with Migo

  7. Stoned Mountain

    Merry Christmas to ME!

    Nice body, nice dick, nice tongue, even nice music!

    Never seen Staxx do such luvin’

    Chocolate dee-light

  8. mike c

    Great Job Mike Cory And Staxx Should Be A Couple There Chemistry Is Out Of This World Sexy You Outdid Your Self This Time Mike Best Scene I Have Ever Seen Great Job To Everyone Who Had Anything To Do With This Scene And Great Job To Cory And Staxx You Guy Took It To Another Level Merry Christmas And Happy New Years to The BBA Family

    1. Walker

      Agreed!!! Staxx is always a tease when it comes to his ass. I think Staxx should be the next “DayDay” by bottoming on BBA.

  9. Robbie

    Why won’t the site be updated next week? I feel like business shouldn’t stop just cause it’s a holiday. I mean I don’t think it’s fair that we don’t have an update for Christmas.

    1. bkboi

      I agree Robbie.Micheal sure do know how to string us along..I mean I’ve been watching since day one.but I’m starting to get frustrated with the lack of updates. I mean I look back to last Christmas when stephon give it up to Saint, and was that was only 30 updates ago.30 updates a year Michael that’s an average of 2 updates a Month.SMDH..

      1. Michael

        Not sure how you came up with that number, but in actuality the website was updated 47 times this past year, which averages out to close to one website update per week. And most of the updates were between 30 and 70 minutes long – FAR more content than you’d get from most other black gay websites out there, and in most cases at a cheaper price!

        1. KayJay

          Forty-seven updates in a year is pretty damn good, in my opinion. BBA moved from three updates a month to four updates a month. Great Job, Mike!

          Thanks for a great year, Mike! Looking forward to 2015!

    2. Michael

      BBA is an amateur website and one-man operation. What you’re asking would essentially require that I never take a vacation or break.

      Contrary to what some viewers still seem to think, I’m not sitting stingily on some mountain of web-ready scenes that only need a couple quick clicks of my mouse to be posted. Bringing BBA’s members the kinds of hot and LENGTHY scenes that I do requires a significant amount of time, money, and hard work to plan, film, edit, process, publish, and promote each and every new scene week after week.

      Knowing that I would be out of town visiting family for at least a week over the holidays, I worked extra hard over the past month to bring BBA’s members the best possible Christmas “gifts” for the month of December. No bonus footage, no solos, just three lengthy, action-packed scenes (37 minutes, 51 minutes, and 69 minutes) – two of which easily rank among the best of the year, imho!

      I’m extremely proud of what I’ve shared with BBA’s members this month (not to mention this past year overall), and think the quantity AND quality of the recent updates more than makes up for an irregular holiday schedule.

  10. kenny fan

    I really don’t care for Cory, Staxx will only get my attention ONLY if he gets fucked…..I’m hoping that happens one day…..I can’t wait to see Isaiah getting fucked before 2015

    Happy Holidays everyone

  11. Pascal

    Michael, if you are going to bring over established porn stars, could you have them wear condoms at least?

    But the action sure was passionate this time so I’m kind of torn here…

    1. eagerbeaver

      That’s what I’M saying… lately Michael your videos have become raw sex friendly, especially when u break out these new models. You started in the beginning with safe sex, can you promote that alil more please.. Thank you.

        1. D-Money

          Agreed with decaturbaby — actually prefer the raw a lot more myself everyone knows the difference I dont need mike policing safe sex vs raw sex we all adults and know the good and bad!!! let the models be themselves and if they like raw sex im all for it!!!! #RAWSEX2015

      1. A.J.

        I don’t think porn is the place people look to for moral advice. I very much doubt people have raw sex because of these scenes and vice versa. If they do may they find a better path. With that said condom or no condom it really doesn’t make a difference considering Mike is more responsible than that.

    2. Michael

      While I can understand and respect your personal preference that BBA’s models always wear condoms, I don’t share your disdain for raw sex and these types of scenes will continue to be a part of the site going forward. The same can be said for 95% of gay porn sites today.

      We will also continue to feature scenes in which the models use condoms.

      1. Pascal

        Happy New Year everybody!

        I don’t get where you read that someone requested that ‘BBA’s models always wear condoms’.

        All studies about sex workers show that the STD infections among that population is sky high compared to ‘civilians’ (= amateur models like you usually use). Since there is no word about testing on the site, I have to suppose that BBA doesn’t test for anything and just relies on good faith.

        So using an established sex worker without testing is more dangerous than using amateurs. Which is what I was pointing out.

        Now if you add a detailed Testing paragraph in the FAQ section of the site in 2015, then I’ll shut up and will be able to enjoy Staxx’s prowess more.

        1. Michael

          You were critical of BBA’s raw scenes long before a “porn star” like Staxx came along, so that’s why I concluded that you prefer all of the models wear condoms.

          I’ve actually addressed your concerns on this blog in the past, but perhaps you never saw my reply. My personal feeling is that a model’s health status and our testing procedures aren’t anyone else’s business any more than other private, behind-the-scenes issues such as how and how much the models are paid, procedures for ensuring that the models are of legal age, “douching” protocol before the shoots, etc.

          Even “reality porn” like what we film here at BBA is meant to be a fantasy and escape, and viewers who don’t feel comfortable watching or “supporting” raw sex should simply avoid BBA’s condom-free scenes. Scenes in which the models use condoms will continue to be featured on the website as well.

          Just as you’ve probably assumed I’m responsible about making sure the models I film are at least 18 or older, please rest assured that steps and precautions (i.e., testing) are taken to protect the health of the models participating in the raw scenes.

  12. Cobra

    Seasons Greetings to Mike and ALL the models at BBA. Amazing Year in video. My favorite scenes are the “gay for pay” but I must admit you made a great find in Staxx. Love to see him matched with a “gay for pay” model in 2015. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for BBA in 2015.

  13. samoan.kid

    That sucks..this update was late only to have no update this week..i understand that youre entitled to a break. But the festive season occurs every year at the same time lol so it’s something you can prepare for ahead of time…at the end of the day we are paying customers, and a half arsed notice that we wont get an update this week as if its ok just aint cutting it..and tbh im getting a bit tired of it..

  14. DC FAN


    This great update ends your year on a very high note! The chemistry between these models was outstanding….

    Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to you and the BBA models!

  15. platinum 313

    Raw porn IS THE BEST PORN. I CAN’T WATCH PORN WITH CONDOMS ANYMORE. Keep doing the raw porn. Long as everyone is tested, it’s all good. Nothing wrong with using established models. I would love to see Taethedoug and. 2long join BBA

  16. Stoned Mountain

    Cory and Staxx are a wonderful holiday gift, and men for all seasons. And I love that this came together because of Cory’s sharp eye.

  17. Drew

    SMH at why anyone cares if the sex is raw or protected??? Unless they are f**king you in the ass or vice versa, it shouldn’t matter! Just make sure that you and your partners use protection when you are having sex and stop trying to be the moral compass or voice of reason for all BBA subscribers. We are watching PORN, so technically, all of our morals are slightly compromised at this time.

  18. UK Dan

    Amazing scene. I still wanna see you fuck Cory Mike and if possible flash the cash for Staxx and get ur daddy dick in him too!

    Happy New Year to you and all the BBA gang!

  19. Jamitis28

    Somewhere Tay is sitting around thinking, “I can’t believe this shyt”. LOL Staxx made love to Cory as if they were married. Thanks Mike…

    I still want my boy Beno back. Been too long. … and Isaiah being fucked by Lil Tyga needs to be SOON too.

    1. Michael

      Yeah, who knew Cory could give us a performance with even MORE passion and chemistry than his encounters with Tay??? Christmas miracle indeed, LOL!

  20. rican4blk36

    regarding updates, sometimes i’d rather cancel and come back 2 or 3 months later and get all the scenes at once, i understand it takes time and money to run this kind of site with this high quality, but we are also paying hard earned money every month in order to make this happen.

    in a different tone, more Saint, he should have his own site and fan club, i love him, i could watch a video of him just sitting lol but really does he have an address to receive fan mail ?

    1. Walker

      I agree with you in regards to the subscription; that’s what I do now. I completely understand what Mike is saying about the work and I respect that but at the same time, I have to be strategic in how I’m spending my money to pay for these subscriptions. Especially if sometimes I may only get 3 vs 4.

  21. Gregg

    I HEART CORY!!!!! The more Cory, the better :). I’d love to see him in another flip flopping scene tho. He doesn’t get enough of a chance to show his topping skills!!!!

  22. Skentae

    I want to see Staxx get fucked. I really don’t like Cory because he is very feminine and that’s a major turn off for me


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