Website Update: Two Tops Don’t Make A Bottom

Migo and Saint In Shower
Over the past couple years, Saint has earned a well-deserved reputation as the BBA “trainer” by showing skeptical straight guys the ropes and helping them get more comfortable with the idea of doing guy-on-guy scenes.

Even though I had serious doubts about his ability to take Migo’s massive TEN INCHES, or even whether he’d be willing to try, I knew that Saint was just the kind of outgoing and open-minded scene partner who could help break down some of Migo’s inhibitions and bring him out of his comfort zone.

Saint and Migo Meet
“I’m going to see if I can get you to go ALL THE WAY for me today!” Saint playfully informs Migo at the start of this scene.

See for yourself what happens when Saint meets Migo’s monster and also becomes the first BBA model to explore and enjoy the horse-hung straight boy’s OTHER “assets”….

Saint Meeting Migo's Monster
Migo About To Suck Dick
If you’re looking for passionate and mutual “lovemaking” between eager gay “porn stars,” then this ISN’T the scene for you!

But if you’re like me and find yourself turned on by the idea of watching two sexy straight “tops” explore their sexuality with each other for money when no women or gay “bottoms” are around, then this is a scene that you don’t want to miss!

Saint and Migo Kissing
Saint Tries To Take Migo's Monster
To watch the full-length, uncensored action, click here to join BBA today!

If you’re already a BBA member, click here to see for yourself why “two tops don’t make a bottom” 😉 !

Migo Gives Up His Ass

41 comments on “Website Update: Two Tops Don’t Make A Bottom
  1. Dexter

    This scene was really awkward…. Maybe it’s because I find saint such a boring model… He never wants to take ANYBODY’S DICK Even before they are attempting to get it in he screaming “it hurts”!! “I Can’t Take It”!! “I Tried”!! When he never really tries at all he lets them get the tip if you wanna call it that in and he starts crying.. He really can’t fuck either it’s like watching paint dry!! I commend miko for even trying when saint did NOTHING TO TRY TO ACCOMMODATE HIM AT ALL!! Can he just retire already!!

    1. Htown

      I couldn’t agree with you more. I’ve always thought that about Saint, but for some reason he is LOVED by BBA fans. Finally glad I found a co-signer lol.

    2. Michael

      I can think of a lot of words that can be used to describe Saint, but “boring” sure as hell isn’t one of them, LOL! You’re entitled to your opinion, but I think you and Htown are quite possibly the only two people on the planet who want to see Saint retire 😛 .

  2. Cobra

    Loved it! Another great “gay for pay” scene starring the AMAZING Saint. Besides having a very large member, MIGO is not a great porn performer to watch so pairing him with Saint was a great idea. You could have gotten a “gay or bi” model such as Tyga to perform better sex but in keeping with the “gay for pay” format, this match-up was another classic. Again you said it well in the scene description, those looking for seamless gay sex with seasoned models are not gonna find a lot of that on BBA. But for me this was a awesome scene. Kudos again to Saint who has my vote for “Best” gay-for-pay model in the game today. No disrespect Mike but i much more enjoy Saint’s intro the scenes giving a true “gay-for-pay” actors perspective to the scene from the start. Still waiting on a bi-group scene where the guys hook-up in a flip-flop. You need to reward some of these guys for the recent “Great” scenes but make sure you add boy-on-boy sex. Regardless of what we request, you always come up with classic scenes so i’ll just see what you have planned next. Kudos to you Mike on the last few updates.

    1. Michael

      Thanks, Cobra! I tried my best to pack a lot into the last couple months of 2014 and provide BBA’s members and fans with some sizzling-hot scenes they’ll never forget, so the positive feedback is greatly appreciated!

      I’ll definitely try to film some more bisexual scenes in 2015, as they seem to be more popular than I would have guessed.

  3. robert

    Thanks Mike. I just recently asked for you to push Migo but was pleasantly surprised to see it so soon. The name of the scene left me unhopeful for any real fucking but damn if Saint didn’t pull thru for me. I was hard as fuck watching Migo scowling at Saint as he dicked him down. May not have lasted long but has me anxious for more. And props to Saint for trying even tho I wanted to see him take Migo. Only thing missing was the self suck. I was waiting for them both to slurp on it together but maybe next time. Don’t let this be the last these two hook up. This was refreshing in the midst of Isaiah’s progress.

    1. Michael

      Yeah, I was mad at myself when I sat down to edit this scene and realized that we’d forgotten to include any self-sucking/dick-sharing action 🙁 . I guess I got so turned on by the thought of seeing Migo GET FUCKED that it totally slipped my mind, LOL.

      Glad you were still able to enjoy the scene overall, and that it came as a pleasant surprise!

  4. DLRich

    I liked this one. It’s entertaining and as always Saint is eager to please. He does his job the best he can every time. Migo is okay. His “monster” tends to redeem him and the fact that he took it in the behind, which I never thought would go down. The only thing is Migo’s inability to “finish” in the scenes if you know what I mean. But idk what can be done about that.

  5. Tori Fan

    I’m gaining more respect for Saint. He has more character and passion to ME than some of the others. I watched this clip and actually got hard when I saw Saint curious about sucking Migo. Saint appears to be a passionate kisser too. I give him a gold star for TRYING to take Migo’s dick. I also give Migo a gold star for going as long as he did. I know that shit hurt. Some people just ain’t built for that much pain.

    So…I might have asked before…senior moments….but is Saint considering himself bi now? Cause several times his dick was ROCK.

    1. Michael

      Saint is definitely one of a kind and his evolution over the past couple years has been fascinating to watch.

      I worked with Saint again right before the holidays, and the shoot ended up going late so he crashed at the hotel and got a little drunk and during one of his drunken ramblings (he’s a talkative guy in case you hadn’t noticed, LOL), he basically admitted that he’s grown to enjoy at least SOME of the stuff he does in the scenes.

      He’s still a married man who loves women and I don’t think he’d openly identify as “bisexual” just yet. I also don’t think he seeks out same-sex activities OFF-camera. But he’s definitely embracing and enjoying this unique line of work that he’s chosen!

  6. kenny fan

    I love this scene !!!….i give it 10/10 I love the fact that Migo took dick and finally gave up that ass…I wish he tried taking it again !!!

  7. D-Money

    Gotta admit cant ever say Saint is never down for his fans because he definitely brought in this surprising scene!! Never did ever imagining pairing these two together due to Migo stern fact on never doing more gay for pay play and Saint being the true true top but gotta admit Saint has trully turn the corner on doing whatever for whoever on the camera!! When it comes on his freak comes out and it was hott!! Him wetting that dick was hott as hell great ass eating great foreplay and got a ton of respect for trying to even attempt to take that massive big dick!! Gaining more dare and freak in front of the cam and I definitely enjoy this great video — question mike are we going to see a BBA end of the year orgy??? Gotta toast the end of the year right going into 2015!!!

  8. DC Fan

    Kudos to Migo and Saint for providing an enjoyable scene despite the fact they are both straight/tops.

    Saint did a great job mentoring Migo and Migo should be commended for going much further than I ever expected since he is new to BBA. Hope to see him again really soon…….

    Mike, Thanks for the early Christmas present!

  9. JAMAL


  10. Simba

    Michael I’ve had a membership 3 times with you in this year alone, sad to say they are both gone due to school related finances, I tried to enter the GIF contest but that was an epic fail on my behalf. For Christmas giving me 24 hours of access to my favorite pornsite would be amazing. I love your work & hope to work with you in the future.

    – A Broke College Student 🙁

  11. Lawrence

    Hi Mike I think this seen with Mingo and Saint was a good pair! Saint really helps straight guys feel at ease with him like he did with Isiah, Randy, and Stephen. I think they need someone like that in the type of work you do! Mingo is very sexy in his own way he will come out off his shell in time. Thanks Mike!

  12. Pascal

    The interview part was fine, because Saint always delivers. But the penetrative sex part was… not good for me. Four updates back to back where the models don’t have any fun at all is too much.

    1. Michael

      Straight boys and strict “tops” being pushed past their limits has always been one of BBA’s original and most popular themes. But fair enough, I know that’s not everyone’s cup of tea, although I’d encourage you to revisit the scene with D-Rel and Suspense because I think you’re seriously misreading that scene if you’re still convinced D-Rel wasn’t having any fun 😉 .

      That being said, I do have some good news for all the BBA romantics out there. In the spirit of the holiday season, I just filmed a sizzling-hot Christmas special this past weekend that will offer a change of pace and some much-needed passion and chemistry before the year’s over! Stay tuned!

      1. chucke1

        Is this a good thing? What happen to Straight boys and strict “tops” being pushed past their limits has always been one of BBA’s original and most popular themes. I would prefer a bondage scene or some fisting!

  13. Paul

    Following an act like Isaiah would be hard to do. And these two kinda bored me midway. That’s showbiz. I am waiting to see what Isaiah has in store; sorry guys, no offense.

    1. Michael

      Beno’s still around but he’s been busy working three jobs, plus dealing with some difficulties in his personal life. But he’s still been helping out behind the scenes and hopefully we’ll see him jump in front of the camera again soon. I’ve already let him know that he’s missed!

  14. platinum 313

    I wanna see Isiah and Saint in a flip scene. Maybe add Freaky J and Suspense. I wanna see Cory and Isiah again too with Dragon hot threesome

  15. Jamal

    Mike, I understand that as a single person making the updates that you have a lot going on. However for the new year could you make an effort to update the site every week at the same time . it would probably just make things a lot easier. Just a suggestion.

  16. Dominique

    Mike you should be ashamed of yourself. This entire weekend went by with no update. It’s sad and you need to get better at updatdes if you want to keep your members. You knew that the weekend would get here yet you always have an excuse …


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