Coming Soon: The Competition (Five Years Later)


Ever since we first witnessed the awkward, hilarious, and erotically entertaining “competition” between “straight” college buddies D-Rel and Suspense over five years ago, viewers have scolded me for not pushing them to go further, and wondered what might have happened if I had. Some of you gave up on seeing this fantasy “sequel” a long time ago, while others have continued to ask me about it on a regular basis.

As most of you already know, I’m usually very patient and persistent when it comes to these things. But I can honestly say that after at least a dozen or more unsuccessful attempts at reuniting D-Rel with Suspense – either one of the guys would be willing but the other guy would be unavailable or unwilling, or D-Rel would reluctantly agree to do it and then back out at the very last minute – I’d pretty much given up hope of this much-requested “reunion” ever happening. Sadly, this just seemed like one of those scenes that wasn’t meant to be….

Hard as it is to believe, it’s now been over five years since the “competition” that over time has become a BBA classic, and reuniting these two college friends seemed like a great way to celebrate BBA’s 5th Anniversary.

Aside from stumbling into one other at the train station a few months ago, D-Rel and Suspense haven’t stayed in touch or seen each other in over four years. When Suspense recently came out of retirement (again!) for his shockingly impressive encounter with Migo, and right around the same time D-Rel contacted me out of the blue asking for work, the timing finally seemed right and I decided to give this much-requested “sequel” one final attempt.

To be completely honest, until both guys actually showed up for the shoot, I seriously doubted this time would be any different….

D-Rel and Suspense Reunited
Needless to say, dropping everything in order to make this scene finally happen has really thrown off my schedule this week, which explains why the site hasn’t been updated yet.

But rest assured that I’m working as hard as I can to share this hot and lengthy “reunion” with BBA’s members as quickly as possible!


Stay tuned to see for yourself what happens when these former college buddies are finally reunited for their first scene together in over five years.

This time they’re challenged to take things to a level far beyond just seeing each other naked for the very first time, awkwardly grinding the futon next to each other, or nervously wrapping their hands around each others’ hard dicks….



D-Rel and Suspense First Kiss
D-Rel and Suspense Get Intimate

Coming Soon to!

21 comments on “Coming Soon: The Competition (Five Years Later)
  1. Harlembrotha

    Oooooh! I can’t wait! I was one of those hoping to see this reunion. (I also want to see Eureka finally fuck DJ, if you can ever make that happen!)

  2. D-Money

    finally the encounter i have been waiting for — this is what made me change my membership to recurring 🙂 cant wait to finally see this!!

  3. Cobra

    Good work Mike. A winner already and another BBA classic even before release i know!
    D-Rel was always my fav besides Saint and I always thought you were pretty tough on his past behavior but it was clear to me that money was his only motivation and he took some pretty big steps and it appeared some voice popped on in his head saying “what in the hell am i doing”? With all that said it looks like the motivation caught up again your patience paid off. Can’t wait.

  4. KayJay

    This post made me pause. I can’t believe I’ve been a BBA subscriber for OVER 5 years. I know I subscribed to BBA before Suspense did his solo, because I remember him as your newest model. How long ago was that?

    I’m looking forward to seeing the scene and another 5 years! Congrats on your success!!

  5. greg

    would be really great if u could have D-Rel’s brother around again! any chance of getting them together? the one when he watched up close was really hot.

    1. Michael

      Trust me, I haven’t forgotten about D-Rel’s cute younger brother! Unfortunately, he is still refusing to do any gay scenes. I haven’t given up on him yet, but it’s looking less and less likely to happen the more time that goes by.

  6. Mr.mikey

    I’m One of the most excited people about this update but in order for me to renew for another 3 month subscription these updates have really got to become more consistent because as it stands the anticipation or the eminent disappoint because of the irregularity of updates is too much for me to continue to pay good money for.

    1. Michael

      I’m glad to hear that you and so many others are excited about this scene, a scene that simply wouldn’t have happened if I’d been more concerned about updating the site at the same exact time every week.

      With only three rare exceptions (all holiday weekends), the site has been updated every weekend for OVER A YEAR, typically on Fridays but that will sometimes vary depending on my filming schedule. That’s the best I can do and still continue bringing BBA’s members the kind of unique and high-quality content they’ve come to expect.

    2. Jman

      I have to agree with Michael on this one. He’s stepped up his consistency game big time this year. I don’t normally take time to post positive stuff, but I had to speak up on this one. I prefer to point out negative stuff.

      With that being said, I have to say this–there’s a Jedi force making me say this–this update was a major snooze fest. I mean, I can’t just leave a positive comment–that’s boring.

      Regarding this update, I’ve never watched something so damn boring in my life! LOL…D-Rel has lost that innocent boyish sex appeal to me. I hated the way Michael treated him in one update and spoke pretty harshly about it a few years back. Now, I hate to say…I’d be okay with seeing Michael treat him like that again. Michael, you have my blessing to now fuck D-Rel within an inch of his life! LMAO!!! That’s terrible of me! I’m not a good person.

      1. decaturbaby

        that’s called being “passive aggressive” Jman, but at least you recognize your flaw… I love what Michael does, this is a real site, where he actually get “Str8 Guy” to do unimaginable gay things on camera for the first time, for all of us to see… I’m very grateful for that.. and although I too may find fault with some things, the good things waaaaaay out weigh the things that i don’t like…. Thanks Michael.

  7. Mebili

    I gotta admit I have been disappointed 2 weeks in a row with your updates. Last week’s update just seemed like filler and the update about “coming soon” is not an update at all. You could have posted that in the middle of the week with an explanation about no update this weekend. I really feel cheated on this month’s subscription. This is how other sites lost my business.

  8. lob Taylor

    Dear Micheal since you started this ‘coming soon’ scam , I have learned to delay renewing my membership till there’s a couple of interesting updates too.

  9. Cobra

    Well as far as feedback goes, most people only bother to write to complain so you must be doing something good. It was another classic matchup/re-union that you are now famous for on BBA. Sometimes when you finally achieve a goal you thought was unattainable, sometimes that goal when accomplished is anti-climatic in a strange sense. D-Rel next to Saint is one of my favs but when he was telling Suspense to “fuck him baby”, the gay-for-pay tag kinda got lifted. When Isaiah finally gives up the ass and squirms in pain is one thing, when he throws it back asking to get fucked harder the viewers are already looking for the next gay-for-pay “turnout”. While Saint is getting very comfortable with gay-for-pay sex, he has this uncanny “straight” aura that remains intact. I must say also Freaky J who is my next favorite gay-for-pay model. Don’t get it wrong Mike, i can’t wait for the next update and this one was hot as well.


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