Website Update: The Competition (Five Years Later) – Part One

The Competition (Five Years Later) - Part One
It’s been over five years since we witnessed the hilarious, awkward, and erotically entertaining “competition” between “straight” college buddies D-Rel and Suspense that over time has become a BBA classic.

Ever since the release of that scene, viewers have scolded me for not pushing them to go further, and wondered what might have happened if I had.

I’m usually very patient and persistent when it comes to these things. But I can honestly say that after at least a dozen or more unsuccessful attempts at reuniting D-Rel with Suspense – either one of the guys would be willing but the other guy would be unavailable or unwilling, or D-Rel would reluctantly agree to do it and then back out at the very last minute – I’d pretty much given up hope of this much-requested “reunion” ever happening. Sadly, this just seemed like one of those scenes that wasn’t meant to be….

D-Rel and Suspense Reunited
Aside from briefly seeing each other at the train station a few months ago, D-Rel and Suspense haven’t stayed in touch or seen each other in over four years.

But when Suspense recently returned for his shockingly impressive encounter with Migo, and right around that same time D-Rel contacted me out of the blue asking for work, the timing finally seemed right and I figured what better way to celebrate BBA’s 5th Anniversary than by reuniting these two long-lost friends for a much-anticipated “sequel”?

See for yourself what happens when these former college buddies are finally reunited for their first scene together in over five years. And this time they’re ready to take their friendship to a whole new level….

The Competition (Five Years Later) - Part One

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12 comments on “Website Update: The Competition (Five Years Later) – Part One
  1. D-Money

    mike mike i love part 1!!!!!! the fact that these 2 got back together and have even more passion than before as far as for the poll in my opinion too close to call plus with part 2 on deck cant give anyone an advantage yet but will give big props to D-Rel — definitely comes out of his shell and definitely wanting and showing people he definitely has grown up from the last 5 yrs we seen him — they both still goofy lol but tell u what they definitely have more sex game under their belt now which had me ready for part 2 and suspense giving it to D-Rel proper into part 2……..

  2. Harlembrotha

    They both just needed time to experience more of life and find themselves. Yes, they’re doing it for the money but also because they’re now open to it. Your whole website has allowed guys to be themselves without worrying about labels.

  3. Que

    Lord when I saw the comin soon post I felt like dreams do come true. Now that Part one of this ultimate fantasy has come I cannot wait for part two. Anyone who saw the original scene knew that D-Rel was very attracted to Suspense and likewise. What fans also got to see then was D-Rel’s fascination with Suspense’s BBD so when he reached for it in scene two of part one I knew the time had come for him to take the Dick. Michael thanks for another wonderful scene though with these two I honestly feel they could have been left in the room with flip cams setup for multiple angles and it would still be the hottest scene!

  4. Stoned Mountain

    Nice gambit, you sly devil. 😉 Your competition with money prize turned the dudes into kids jumping with delight to see who can please daddy. And since you know how much I love kissing and romancing, I could not have been more blown away than by the ten minutes of kissing. I write this having seen just Part 1 and a bit of 2, with all the lovely kissing.

    The one mild disappointment was that Suspense has let himself gain a little too much flab, but he’s still sexy, and love that big bone. Cannot believe De-Rel has agreed to let Suspense open him up!! 😉

  5. kenny fan

    I always wondered why you NEVER had this scene done a long time ago LOL well this was the perfect timing…..It surprised me seeing D-rel staying hard getting/giving head to/from Suspense…..I can’t wait to see part two of this….I’ll give this scene an overall number once I see the second part

  6. Stoned Mountain

    Can’t wait to see Part 2. D Rel was rock hard all the way. I suspect he want some of that ass

    I love that slim wiry D Rel body. Cuddling with him is a wonderful fantasy.

    The kissing between these so-called straights is surprising because kissing is spurned even between gay “thugs.”

    PLEEz gimme Part 2!

  7. Pascal

    Jeez, Suspense is such a great porn model who always looks attentive and appreciative of what is happening to him and others. And I love his ‘Aw shucks’ demeanor.

    Send the skinny twinks to McDonald’s and shoot everything with Suspense I say, lol.

    And yeah at him using condoms!

  8. Jamal

    I for one love seeing some flab on suspense. I feel like all the guys we see (Beno and others) are too skinny and it’s a turn off. Can we please see more Rico and can we see Isaiah bottom!!!!!!!!

    1. H-Town

      I totally concur with the little flab and the thicker (more fuller) variations. They put me in the mind of everyday, average REAL guys…which I love. Nothing wrong with a few imperfections :). Keep Suspense coming…Bring back Randy, Tyga, Dragon, Rico, Kenny (just to name a few). I still love me some Beno and Cory though too.

  9. princegwa

    For me this was D-rel at his best. Michael I must give you props for pulling this reunion off.
    I’m not ready to cast my vote yet. But I do have to say D-rel has a bomb head game going.


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