Website Update: The Competition (Five Years Later) – Part Two

Suspense Fucks D-Rel
It’s been over five years since we witnessed the hilarious, awkward, and erotically entertaining “competition” between “straight” college buddies D-Rel and Suspense that over time has become a BBA classic.

Ever since the release of that scene, viewers have scolded me for not pushing them to go further, and wondered what might have happened if I had.

I’m usually very patient and persistent when it comes to these things. But I can honestly say that after at least a dozen or more unsuccessful attempts at reuniting D-Rel with Suspense – either one of the guys would be willing but the other guy would be unavailable or unwilling, or D-Rel would reluctantly agree to do it and then back out at the very last minute – I’d pretty much given up hope of this much-requested “reunion” ever happening. Sadly, this just seemed like one of those scenes that wasn’t meant to be….

D-Rel and Suspense Reunited
Aside from briefly seeing each other at the train station a few months ago, D-Rel and Suspense haven’t stayed in touch or seen each other in over four years.

But when Suspense recently returned for his shockingly impressive encounter with Migo, and right around that same time D-Rel contacted me out of the blue asking for work, the timing finally seemed right and I figured what better way to celebrate BBA’s 5th Anniversary than by reuniting these two long-lost friends for a much-anticipated “sequel”?

See for yourself what happens when these former college buddies are finally reunited for their first scene together in over five years. And this time they’re ready to take their friendship to a whole new level….

D-Rel Rides Suspense
For this long-anticipated reunion, D-Rel and Suspense are challenged to another “competition” that once again tests the boundaries of their friendship. Only this time, instead of me deciding the winner, it’s up to BBA’s viewers to determine the winner in two different categories: “Best Top” and “Best Bottom”!

After all of the exciting new things we saw them do with each other for the very first time in Part One, it’s finally time to see these former college buddies take their friendship to the ULTIMATE level by fucking AND getting fucked by each other!

Suspense Fucks D-Rel On Back
D-Rel Fucks Suspense
In their first scene together over five years ago, the “competition” took center stage as both boys eagerly and sometimes comically vied to outperform the other and take home the bonus cash prize.

This time, however, the “competition” is all but forgotten as D-Rel and Suspense get caught up in the excitement and intensity of exploring each others’ bodies in ways they might have secretly wondered about five years ago, but never in a million years thought would ever actually happen!

Don’t miss the hilarious but also surprisingly intimate wrap-up interview that includes some interesting and illuminating revelations from both guys.

After watching both parts of this action-packed 5th Anniversary reunion, BBA’s members can cast their votes to decide who will win the bonus cash reward in both categories!

To watch the full-length, uncensored action, click here to join BBA today!

If you’re already a BBA member, click here to enjoy the unforgettable conclusion of this long-anticipated “reunion” any time you’d like!

15 comments on “Website Update: The Competition (Five Years Later) – Part Two
  1. kenny fan

    I give this scene 10/10.

    I enjoyed every moment of it. Just wished since it’s reunions that Kenny and Beno can get their act together and do a reunion together lol.

    Best Top goes to Suspense and Best Bottom goes to D-rel

  2. D-Money

    ok mike got to give u props on this one!!! the more i saw this scene and thought of the first time these two got together i thought to myself it might have been good to not push them 5 yrs ago because now with them being grown up more mature that action was hella hott!! my personal opinion best top hands down suspense suspense put it down to me best bttm i gotta give to d-rel — im forreal he really showed me a side of him i didnt expect and because he took more dick (attempted to) than suspense in the entire scene overall than suspense did i gotta give him his props for taking his big dick but i give him credit i think if u get him to bottom more and come back for more he could get use to taking it better in my opinion but to me great scene that was worth the wait and i hope d-rel does come back for more…….

    best top – suspense ; best bottom -d-rel

  3. Ezdawg

    I can’t believe you got D Rel back!!! DDDDAAAMMM… I really thought you were done with him a while back and that he didn’t wanna do any of this stuff. I loved the first 2 parts…. They both love suckin dick and I can never get enuff of that….plus…. Now that D Rel says he wanted to get with Suspense shocks the hell outta me!!!! Now as for the fukin… again I cant believe D Rel gave in. You can tell he is a natural top and really doesnt like bottomin but I guess he is kewl with Suspense…. Suspense is a good top but i gotta give D Rel the vote there…. Suspense gets my vote on the bottom for takin it like a real man!! SSSSOOOO it sounds like more D Rel to come…mm.. maybe with Lil Tyga???? or with Dragon swallowin that dik and lettin D Rel fuck the shit outta him…mm.. there are a lotta possibilities here…. but you gotta explain what brought D Rel back and admitting that he likes to do this stuff…lol…Michael you must know who I am…lol

  4. Michael

    I have to admit I’m a bit surprised and disappointed by the lack of feedback to Part Two of this much-requested reunion. But thanks as always to those of you who’ve taken the time to share your reactions and thoughts on the scene! Your encouragement and feedback always helps keep me motivated.

    While I enjoy hearing your picks for the winner in each category, don’t forget to visit the members’ section and vote in the official polls for your votes to be counted! Thanks!

    1. Drew

      Well Mike, here is some feedback. Neither one of these guys is very attractive. Both have nice dicks. D-Rel has a toned body, but very unattractive face. And no offense, but Suspense is not much of a looker either. And neither guy is very “camera friendly/energetic/charismatic” like Saint, Corey, Randy to name a few. The concept of Five year reunion is very well conceived on your part and thanks for the hard work. But in reality, the only reason why these guys were any good 5 years ago is because they were YOUNG and tender. Now that they are older and not as tender, not as naïve, not as vulnerable, they are just regular guys having sex that just isn’t all that appealing or interesting to watch. But as always, you do excellent work. I’m just waiting on you using Randy and Kendall again in some combination with other models. Thank you 😉

  5. Pascal

    I liked Part One better: it looked like Suspense and D-Rel were having fun together. Part Two looks like ‘work’ to me.

    1. Michael

      Not sure how closely or carefully you watched Part Two of this scene, but with all due respect, I think you’re completely misreading what happened between D-Rel and Suspense in Part Two. Watch a little more closely and I think you’ll see that D-Rel was actually enjoying that dick and ass more than he wants to admit!

      You might have bailed before the hilarious and revealing wrap-up interview with both guys, which was personally one of my favorite parts of this scene and perfectly sums up what was really going on in this scene.

  6. Justin

    Wow! This is a most exciting and hot conclusion to ‘The Competition’ part 2. I am thoroughly blown away by how much they were both into each other and at times, though in pain, you can see that D-Rel was enjoying the dick. This is a perfect 5th Anniversary Series Video.

    I am one of those persons who were begging for this scene to happen and I absolutely was not disappointed by the final outcome. Great video 10/10, must watch!

  7. robert

    Well done again Mike. Thanks for giving us a worthy conclusion to an old favorite. I love that you found a sorta closure to their story. I am always impressed by your persistence with telling these models stories. My only complaint and my cock may not be healed in time for Isaiah.

  8. Petey

    Okay let me start out with D-rel is one of my favorite gay for pay actors. I truly enjoyed this scene as I do many of your others. But there is something about D-Rel that is so special and so innocent and so inquisitive that it makes you want to watch him so much more. Suspense has always been one of my favorites so the two of them paired in a scene is amazing I have been a long time supporter of this site and will continue continue continue to make sure that my account is always updated so I don’t miss any of these videos I cannot wait to see Tyga and Isaiah

    Best top- hands down suspense.
    Best bottom- has to go to suspense, but let’s face it he is more experienced… d-rel don’t get discouraged you did a great job, and with a little more practice you’ll be throwing it back and screaming “fuck this ass” lmao!

  9. E-Money

    Wow I thought it was the end of D-Rel but Mike you have come through again. Sorry I can’t afford to be a regular member but I always check back and what a surprise! No D-Rel and Suspense don’t have that youthful innocence but it’s the history and story that gives this update such an appeal. I personally still find them HOT especially D-Rel. How did I know D-Rel would cum too soon? (getting his ass ate by you, sucking your dick) It seems to me either he doesn’t have sex that often or just the thoughts of his gay explorations get him extremely turned on. It looks like he’s about to cum numerous times! How many times did you have to stop the action and say “D-Rel don’t cum yet!” just curious. Love the dialog between them and the “then and now”. “I can feel the inside of my booty hole from the outside. I can see it. No you can’t I can see it.” LOL!!! That will be a classic! Great job Mike! Don’t let the complainers get to you! Let the hater hate. Thats their job.

    1. Michael

      Thanks for your insightful feedback to this long-anticipated scene! I couldn’t have summed up my own feelings about this scene any better. While the action itself is certainly exciting to watch, this is one of those scenes where the real-life STORY behind the scene, and the evolution of both guys over five years, is a big part of what makes the scene so unforgettably hot.

      I think you’re right about D-Rel’s repressed and conflicted feelings about exploring guy-on-guy sex contributing to his predictable and almost comical pattern of premature climaxes. I’m glad you appreciated the spontaneous and hilarious dialogue between both guys as well.


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