Website Update: Isaiah – The Next Chapter (Part One)

Isaiah: The Next Chapter (Part One)
It’s hard to believe just how far Isaiah has come in his experimentation with guy-on-guy sex! When he first showed up for his solo “audition” almost exactly one year ago, this sexy straight basketball player only wanted to do scenes with women, and even insisted on wearing a blindfold before he’d agree to try fucking a guy.

Since that understandably stiff and reluctant beginning, Isaiah has been given plenty of practice and over time grown more confident and comfortable with the idea of fucking other guys. He’s also let other guys suck his dick and taste his ass for the very first time. We’ve even watched his awkward first attempts at putting a dick in his mouth and most recently, licking another guy’s ass!

Sadly, Isaiah’s open-mindedness has still had its limits. Even though he has one of the most breathtaking asses in BBA history, and is well aware that many of BBA’s viewers have been wanting to see him get fucked, taking ANYTHING up his tight virgin ass is a line that Isaiah has stubbornly refused to cross for over a year.

“No money in the world could ever make me do that!” Isaiah swore with defiant assurance when I first brought up the idea of him trying anal penetration, even if only with his own fingers. “That’s just something I will NEVER do. I don’t care if you was offering a BILLION dollars!”

Well, I never back down from a challenge, especially when the prize I’m pursuing is a stubborn straight black basketball player’s tight bubble-ass – and I’ve continued bringing up the idea with Isaiah every couple months.

Lucky for us, my perseverance finally paid off when Isaiah recently found himself needing to earn a very large sum of money to help pay for his next semester’s tuition. Realizing the ONE thing he swore he’d NEVER do was the only thing he could do to earn that much cash at one time, he finally gave in and agreed – for a very steep price – to GIVE UP HIS ASS!

Isaiah Discussing Decision To Give Up His Ass
Almost exactly a full year after Isaiah’s “gay for pay” adventures began, we finally get to watch this sexy straight athlete try ANAL PENETRATION for the VERY FIRST TIME!

“My fans wanted to see it,” Isaiah acknowledges at the start of this scene. “This is something that I want to try to do, to make my fans happy.”

Things start off with a sensual striptease in which Isaiah generously shows off his spectacular ass, allowing his horny gay viewers to pay more attention than ever before to that most private and protected part of his body.

“You guys want to see this ass get penetrated?” he seductively asks as he smacks, grabs, and eventually exposes his beautiful ass….

Isaiah takes his time and starts off with his own fingers so he can adjust to the new sensations of having something stuffed in his butt for the very first time. Lying on his back and raising his muscular legs in the air, Isaiah lubes himself up and slowly pushes the tip of his finger past his tight, hairy hole.

Watch in disbelief and amazement as Isaiah plunges one, then later TWO, fingers in and out of his tight virgin ass, his eyes clenched tightly shut in stoic endurance as he slowly FINGER-FUCKS himself for the very first time….

Isaiah Fingers Himself For Very First Time
Impatient to explore Isaiah’s tempting butt for myself, I push the tip of my own finger past the straight boy’s tight, winking hole and watch as it slowly sinks into his forbidden insides.

It’s not long before this strikingly handsome ex-high school basketball star is submitting to a vigorous FINGER-FUCKING as I eagerly thrust one, then two, and eventually THREE greedy fingers in and out of that fresh VIRGIN ass….

Michael Finger-Fucks Isaiah
There’s nearly a full hour of HOT ANAL PLAY that even includes Isaiah bravely attempting to take a large dildo. At first he skeptically swears that the whole thing will NEVER go all the way in, but of course I’m determined to prove him wrong!

This scene captures on camera Isaiah’s spontaneous and unscripted reactions to attempting anal penetration for the very first time, and it’s a crucial first step that you don’t want to miss. But rest assured that this is just the BEGINNING of Isaiah’s exciting next chapter in “gay for pay” porn!

Stay tuned for the much-requested and shocking conclusion when one of BBA’s most popular and stubborn straight models finally BENDS OVER and surrenders his ass to some DICK!

Isaiah's First Dildo

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33 comments on “Website Update: Isaiah – The Next Chapter (Part One)
  1. Jamitis28

    WOW! A day everyone has been waiting for!! What’s interesting to me is this… The preview looks as if you got him to bottom for 3 different guys. If this is true Mike, you deserve an award. In the preview, I saw Lil Tyga (who never takes it easy on his bottoms), some other darkskin guy (unless that’s Tyga looking darker because of lighting) and you fucking him as well. That’s 3 guys. Talk about being broken in ROYALLY!!! Damn, Mike, am I correct??? If so, I can’t imagine how sore Isaiah must be. LOL

  2. D-Money

    I got to admit mike i got mix feelings on this one!! A part of me never ever wanted to see Isaiah bottom and a part of me did!!! I tell u what u definitely convinced me lol that hole was beautiful and chocolate 🙂 great teasing great fingering and I cant wait for part 2 which brings back a fan of mine Tyga — cant wait for more and I tell u what Isaiah has trully come full circle and its good to see Mike u have helped him with seeing his freaky side……….

  3. Dexter

    At first I was like dang I won’t see him get fucked I was quite upset… But after watching it about three more times I realized you had to go slow with him because he built up a resistance!! Slow and steady… I was VERY IMPRESSED!! It appears he gets fucked three different times by three different people.. The way he took that dildo made me wanna see Migo fuck him silly!! I Can’t Wait For The Update!! Thanks For Sharing!! And HURRY!! Lol

    1. Michael

      Wow, the thought of seeing Migo’s monster plunging in and out of Isaiah’s tight bubble-ass REALLY turns me on also, but I’m not sure he’s ready for that extreme of a challenge just yet. Maybe if we give him more practice, he can work his way up to working with Migo, LOL???

  4. Lawrence

    I’m in awe! Mike you are a smooth criminal! and tell Isaiah he is a fine sweet chocolate man, and yes! that butt is hairy, I like it good eaten !! .thanks Mike great job ! now randy! and beno! that will take it to the next level. RANDY and ISAIAH! are two fine black brother’s you sure know how to pick them!.

  5. Justin

    Oh my god. How could Michael keep us hanging. Wanted to see the video of him going all the way now. How are we to wait till December, that seems so far away. Want to see it now!!! lol

    Waiting on part two Mike. Good job.

  6. Jamal

    Mike, for the holiday can we please see a scene with Stephon and Isaiah both bottom for someone with a big dick or a flip flop scene with the two!!!! Please

    1. Michael

      Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Stephon will be returning before the end of the year. But hopefully we can talk him into coming back for more bottoming and/or flip-flop scenes in 2015.

      He might not be the easiest guy I’ve ever worked with, but he’s definitely one of the hottest!

  7. Misterman

    maybe just me, but he seems to have bottom often in the past. It was too easy for a “first timer”. I guess by “first time”, it’s first time on camera. Still enjoyed the scene.

    I think Beno and Suspense were two that were most convincing as first timers than any other BBA” first timers”.

    1. Michael

      Even though BBA has grown and evolved a lot over the past couple years, thanks in large part to the advice, encouragement, and support from the BEST FANS IN PORN, at the end of the day it’s still just an amateur website and one-man operation attempting to plan, film, edit, release, and promote hot and exclusive new content week after week, a varied and often time-consuming process that I’m afraid will NEVER be exactly “like clockwork.”

      That being said, with the exception of three holiday weekends that I spent visiting family out of town (including this past Thanksgiving weekend), the website has been updated WEEKLY for over a year, with most scenes being between 30 and 90 minutes long – MUCH longer than you’ll find on most other black gay sites! New scenes are usually posted to the website between Friday and Monday, and I make every effort to post them as early in the weekend as possible.

  8. Michael

    I apologize for the lack of communication here on the blog over the past couple weeks. Between putting together THREE hour-long updates last month (an exhausting and time-consuming process, let me tell you), the whole Ferguson crisis and some unrelated model drama at the start of last week, working on some exciting projects for the end of the year and start of 2015, not to mention a shortened week due to the Thanksgiving holiday, things have been a bit CRAZY around here to say the least! I just got back in town yesterday from visiting family for the Thanksgiving weekend, and I’m working hard to update the website later this week.

    I hope everyone enjoyed watching Isaiah’s first attempt at anal penetration with fingers and a dildo. As announced at the end of Part One, the exciting next installment in which Isaiah finally GETS FUCKED (RAW!) will be released in the month of December. These hot and lengthy scenes take a lot of time and hard work to prepare, but I can assure you that I’m working on it as fast as I can and it should be posted sometime later this week/weekend.

    1. chucke1

      Same thing every year, guy’s got to have a life! Everyone need to keep in mind no updates same time each year! One man show but I couldn’t keep up! My take is for Michael to do a better job letting people know in advance there won’t be an update which will cut down on complaints and disappointments!!!!!! That is my only complaint! This week that is LOL and besides he got to do the annual membership thing soon!!!!! I knew this was the deal and didn’t rejoin yet because! Chill and hang loose everybody! THE BIGGEST HISTORY MAKING UPDATE SOON TO A COMPUTER NEAR YOU

    2. D-Money

      Mike I dont know if you know or the fans know but you, Isaiah and your blog are nominated for the Blatinoawards!!! Very happy and proud to see this site and Isaiah nominated!! If u can push to tumblr and everyone to vote — I just did on!!!

  9. Jamal

    I understand about Stephon not being back so soon but I admit a scene with him and Isaiah flip flopping will be hott and I can wait for that to happen… Lol

    Also I do believe that this was Isaiah and Stephons first time bottoming

  10. Jamitis28

    Awww man… it sounds like I may not get to see the update. Headed out of the country Friday with very limited internet. Ugh… Now I gotta wait 2 more weeks. I hope you can update by 12:01 Friday morning too.

    Although I suspect that the real update with Isaiah & either Tyga or Saint (lol) won’t come ’til Christmas wknd. 🙂

  11. Paul

    Man, Isaiah made his move suspiciously fast. I assume his compensation for this made him rich enough to retire early. How about some roughnecks for a change, Jamaicans, etc? Hire some country backwood types. No seasoned pros ever.


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