Guess That Ass! & Blog Catch-Up

Hard as it is to believe, we’re already quickly approaching the one-year anniversary of the BBA Tumblr and I couldn’t be any more proud of what Montez has done with the place. If you still haven’t checked it out or not stopped by in awhile, please take a look and show your support by following us and re-blogging our growing collection of BBA-related images, gifs, video clips, etc.

Before They Were Stars, Generation Next, From Top to Bottom, and The Evolution of…. are just a few of the hot and entertaining series shared exclusively on the BBA Tumblr.

Just today we started a fun new series that was suggested to us by one of BBA’s viewers, and we’re calling it Guess That Ass!

Montez kicked things off with a tough one that even had me stumped for a minute, LOL. So take a minute to go check it out and put your BBA expertise to the test 😉 !

Some of you might also have noticed that I’ve been posting a lot of blog comments over the past couple days. One of the projects I’m currently working on for the recently announced website renovation is requiring some down-time while my main computer is busy. To make the most of my time while I’m waiting, I’ve been trying to catch up on replying to some of your blog comments from the past several months.

If you’ve posted any feedback, questions, requests, etc. over the past few months, or just enjoy reading my personal takes on the models and scenes, you might want to browse through the archives because there’s a good chance I’ve replied to one of your posts.

9 comments on “Guess That Ass! & Blog Catch-Up
  1. Kevin

    I’m going to take a wild stab that ass was Isaiah? Please tell me it was his sexy phat bubble butt? lol

  2. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    Y’all are so clueless. That’s RABBIT in the scene with Cory and Mello “Two Are Better Than One”


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