Website Update: Straight Boys Taste Better

Blake Bishop & Ross
There’s nothing quite like the thrill of putting a straight boy’s dick in your mouth, knowing that just a few hours earlier that powerful piece of meat was probably plunging in and out of his clueless girlfriend’s wet pussy. Or even better, burying your face in some fresh straight-boy ass, knowing that it’s the most private and protected part of his body.

Blake Bishop recently experienced this firsthand when I asked him to help out with a very different kind of shoot than he’s done for us so far, and show our newest straight recruit Ross what messing around with a guy’s all about.

Ross had initially told me that he was only open to doing solo and guy/girl scenes. But with a girlfriend and young son back at home to support, he didn’t need a whole lot of convincing before agreeing to give our better-compensated “guy-on-guy” option a try 😉 . Believe it or not, his girlfriend even gave her approval!

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the hot show as Ross takes his first “baby steps” into “gay for pay” porn by letting another man touch his naked body, suck his dick, and even LICK his tight, virgin ass for the VERY FIRST TIME!

Ross's First Time Touched By A Guy
“My hands ain’t never been this sweaty before!” Ross confesses at the start of this scene.

Luckily, he’s in good hands with our new star Blake Bishop, who despite being a bisexual “top” has proven that he not only doesn’t mind but clearly ENJOYS sucking dick!

Taking a seat next to the nervous straight boy, Blake Bishop begins tentatively touching Ross’s smooth, defined chest and rippling abs. He slowly unbuttons Ross’s shorts and begins groping the straight boy’s sleeping dick, eventually pulling it out and putting the entire thing in his mouth….

Ross's First Blowjob
Ross’s facial expressions are both hilarious and fascinating to watch as he reacts to feeling his dick in another guy’s mouth for the VERY FIRST TIME.

At first it looks like we might have another Caesar situation on our hands when Ross’s dick remains limp even in Blake’s talented mouth. But Blake refuses to back down from the challenge and eagerly slobbers all over the sexy athlete’s big dick, licking and slurping and even DEEP-THROATING that fresh straight-boy meat.

It’s not long before Ross’s eyes are rolling back into his head as he curses and jumps and squirms all over the couch – easily one of the most animated and expressive reactions that I’ve ever captured on camera!

Viewers looking for hardcore fucking from Ross will not find it here in this scene. Unfortunately, Ross wasn’t quite ready for that just yet.

But if you’re turned on by the idea of watching every unscripted, unpredictable moment of a sexy straight athlete’s first blowjob and rimjob from a guy, unfolding in close to real time toward an unplanned and unforgettable climax, then this is a “reality porn” exclusive you don’t want to miss!

Ross Prepares To Touch His First Dick

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37 comments on “Website Update: Straight Boys Taste Better
  1. srulez

    I thought this scene was hot. I think Blake Bishop and Ross had some great chemistry together. I would like to see more scenes with them together. Ross and Blake has a nice ass, so I wouldn’t mind seeing either one get fucked. Blake Bishop knows how to use that dick of his, so it would be hot with him fucking Ross. Ross has some sexy reactions and moans. I would love to see his reactions and hear him moan while take Blake big dick.

  2. Stoned Mountain

    Fascinating! Blake did yeoman work on Ross but the pleasurable sensation scared Ross. 😉

    Intrigued that pretty boy was so overwhelmed by Blake’s head game! Ross was moved and startled by the pleasure but felt guilty about it?

    Damn what a pretty hole Ross has! Is he coming back for more? You KNOW Blake wants that hole…


  3. D-Money

    Once again Mike the summer is getting better and better — this was quite a pairing the fact that this in a nut shell was a hot oral scene made it better blake is really coming into his own as one of BBA’s next generation models and I can see him making that next star change — Mike when you can put a model in any scene and any environment and knowing his chemistry can makes the scene or his scene partner that much more hotter and comfortable thats when you know you have a star and blake is turning into one — I definitely like Ross starting to open up his limits and I think with time and more experienced open minded pairings he could be a great stable as well Mike but Blake damn sure is and could become that next BBA exclusive!!

  4. Ty

    This scene was HOT, SEXY Blake Bishop seduce Ross and he couldn’t do anything about it. Ross facial expressions when Blake was sucking on his inner thigh was priceless. I think Ross might have went all the way with Blake, but still a lil nervous and the kisses were hot as well

  5. Kevin

    This scene was quite hilarious with Ross’s reaction to trying the new things from what Blake was doing…he eventually got a little comfortable when his dick got hard for Blake to really work with and Ross look like he really enjoyed it…the ass eating was a bit hot!

    I can’t wait to see Ross go to the next level, when he is really up for it.

  6. Platinum 313

    probably the best scene i ever saw on here. blake bishop is my favorite top. i hate tops but he’s a very cool oral top. I would like to see ross sexy ass and blake with cory. that would be a hott scene. for ross first penetration scene cordell is the right one. blake and apollo are the franchise models of bba along with isaiah and cory.

  7. chaotic

    OMG michael u have out done yourself with this update…..ross and blake were perfect together and i love hoe ross got into it and didnt need porn to nut lol this was awesome i cant wait for the next update cuz i cant wait to see ross take it to the next level lol the sexiness was just too much in this update lol

    1. chaotic

      sorry for the misspelling or if my comment seems jumbled up but it was hard to leave a comment after i was left speechless by this update

  8. Nate

    I like the last video I think Blake is sexy ass hell and can fuck his ass off.I think the scene with Cordell was hot because Blake really layed the pipe. I’m looking to see more scenes of Blake topping keep up the good work I really enjoy the site and the videos that are being posted.

  9. lonleyman

    this shit was hot I give it a 10 and that’s hard to do without any fucking involved but I loved it. please put them 2 together I don’t care who bottom. and add Apollo that would be the scene of the century. #bbaisnumber1

    1. KayJay

      I agree! For a non-fucking scene this was one of the best.

      It was definitely non-scripted and believable, like something that might happen behind closed doors between two guys with time to kill.

      One question, however; am I the only one that noticed while Blake was sucking Ross’ dick, Blake was also fingering (or at least massaging) Ross’ asshole? And it seemed to me that Ross enjoyed it so much that it made him cum.

      Great job, Mike! I’m really enjoying the scenes this summer. Keep ’em coming!

  10. Jamal

    Can we please not forget about Isaiah ! I would really enjoy a scene with these two mike, I am sure U can make it happen !

  11. Cobra

    Nice scene. Blake is the hottest “break in” model for any of the gay-for-pay models by far. My only complaint is that these new batch of straight guys don’t need encouragement to perform other than the check. I’m pretty sure Ross knew BBA didn’t do any straight porn so he pretty much knew his only option was gay porn. I’m pretty sure he’ll graduate to the next step with no problems. It’s kinda like a tv show where you KNOW the ending already. With Isaiah and a few of the others, we were kept guessing and hoping lol.

    1. Michael

      I replied to you about this on a previous post, but I’m guessing you haven’t seen it. I totally understand where you’re coming from and by now you should know that I love nothing more than a challenge 😉 .

      But the straight guys featured on this site have always fallen across a diverse spectrum ranging from stubborn and even disgusted reluctance all the way to more cooperative and even curious experimentation. Most are motivated by money, some by curiosity, and some by a combination of the two.

      This variety has always been a part of BBA and I usually don’t know which type a particular straight boy will be or how he will react to guy-on-guy sex until the camera’s turned on.

      Believe it or not, most of these guys don’t know anything about the actual site in advance. They are usually responding to very vague and general online ads seeking male talent for amateur adult video work, so the part about Ross (and many of the other guys) telling me up-front that they will only do solo and/or straight work is 100% true.

      So yes, there has certainly been a stretch of more open-minded and eager-to-please straight/bi-curious boys recently, but don’t worry – I’m sure it will only be a matter of time before the more stubborn and reluctant types pop up again!

      1. Cobra

        Thanks for the clarification Mike. I guess my post does appear whiny and overly critical. I had no idea you pretty much trick guys into inquiring to your ads (shame on you lol). Certain models are almost a once-in-a lifetime finds, and I do appreciate your efforts in constantly recruiting and keeping the videos fresh instead of re-cycling the same models every week. Ross is most certainly a character who’s entertaining to watch and Blake is “all that and a bag of chips”. I’m actually enjoying this run and looking forward to the new updated site!

        1. Michael

          No worries. I completely understand where you’re coming from, and I didn’t think you were being whiny at all.

          I didn’t mean to suggest that the straight models are “tricked.” All of the guys are told up-front that the audience for their videos will consist of gay men and females. Knowing this, many of them warn me from the start that they won’t participate in any scenes with a guy.

          I can usually convince most of them to at least start with a solo audition, although with some of these guys, even THAT can be like pulling teeth! If the guy’s solo audition goes well, I will then discuss with him the possibility of trying a “gay for pay” scene, usually making a generous offer that most of them find hard to turn down. After that comes what you see on the site….

  12. TJ

    I’ve been subscribing for years and I’ve watched every scene since the beginning and I must say that this is a hands down favorite man. Ross keep pushing the envelope because it’s gonna pay dividends my boy and blake is A1 good job mike.

  13. Dexter

    Although i find Blake Bishop COMPLETELY Repulsive… I ENJOYED THIS UPDATE FROM START TO FINISH!! Now bring on the “Cherry Popping” #RossIsMyNewFavorite

  14. A Pleased Paying Customer

    WHAT A GREAT SCENE! This is the essence of what BBA is all about. I loved every part of the scene. I think it might be Ross though. Something about him is infectious. Now the real question is which of these boys are you going to explore personally Mike. I think only you can really push them to their limits of what they are willing to do for money.

  15. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    I give this scene a 10/10 due to a fact that it wasn’t a fucking scene and yet it was so hot. Now it’s time to let Blake Bishop and Ross to get fucked

  16. lonleyman

    hey mike bba been so hot this summer. we cant wait till the weekend come for a update. give us a tease or something. put the 2 models that’s in a scene together but don’t tell who top or bottom. that’s like telling us who is in a scene but u have to guess whats going to happen.

    1. Michael

      I will try to post some previews soon. And you must be hacking my computer or something because your “guess who bottoms” idea is very close to what I already had in mind for my next teaser 😉 .

  17. Lonleyman

    Hey Michael can u go ahead and release part 2 of this, this weekend I don’t think no one will be mad. I know there’s a part 2 they did not finish after that nut

  18. KinaBe1

    This scene was so hot even though there was no fucking I got turned on anyway Blake Bishop knows how to work his mouth and he got Ross moaning & groaning. Blake gives amazing A1 head Ross was loving it too. The kissing on his inner thighs then the ass licking was really hot. Blake makes every scene he’s in hot & makes his co-stars comfortable I love that he’s definitely one of my favorites.

    Seeing Ross reaction when Blake first went for his inner thighs was kinda funny but sexy at the same time & I also loved hearing him moan. Blake Bishop got them tricks I’m gone have to take whatevah class he took lol.

    I would love to see Ross & Blake Bishop again this time someone is going to be fucking ok lol but Blake was kinda turning Ross out with the sucking & kissing on the inner thighs licking & kissing on his ass.

    I’m not really sure but was Blake fingering or massaging Ross ass…Hmmm anyways Thank you Mike I love scenes like this or with fucking. Solo’s I don’t like it’s like watching paint dry or whatevah lol but you really came thru with this update hopefully next one will be Ross Blake Bishop & Apollo or Ross Blake Bishop & Cory.

  19. Slim

    Blake Bishop, as always, delivers — he truly shines when he is serviced and is allowed to put that major wood to use, but even in this scene without all that he more than earns his pay.

    Ross … is a very attractive boy. He took two steps backward, though, in that his performance here was disappointing. Ross reminds me of Apollo because they’re both stunningly attractive with nice bodies (Apollo, of course, has an excellent body lol) and tons of personality, but where Apollo rises to the occasion and churns out good scenes even though he may not actually be attracted to his scene partners, Ross could not … rise … to the occasion for the most part. Watching him squirm,wiggle, and roll his eyes but have no hard dick just seemed like hammy acting to me. To his credit, he was able to finish the scene hard and he did nutt. I can’t say, though, that I’m looking forward to seeing him in another scene after this one.

    1. Damien

      Slim: It’s like we watched two different scenes. I could not disagree more and I’m not easy to please. Ross was super hot in this scene. Loved his personality and his reactions. He was truly turned on by this experience. As for Apollo, he truly is attracted to his partners. He has discovered his Bi side which many men have and is enjoying these new experiences. Love Apollo. Checking every day for new scenes with Ross, Apollo, or Caesar. My 3 favorites.

  20. decaturbaby

    wow.. that was really hot.. it reminded me of a personal similar experience I had many years ago.. Those expressions on Ross’s face were so real and familiar… This was a very good scene Mike… Is this the scene that you said you had for us? I love me some Blake Bishop, his tongue is wicked.. hard to believe that that was his first time toss the salad…. loved it… Ross is growing on me too.

  21. Daniel

    This video is why I subscribe to BBA! Ross’ reactions are the ultimate visual example of reality porn. I definitely would love to see him squirm with some more rimming and hole play.

    Blake Bishop is an excellent addition to the BBA star corp. He needs to be rewarded with a nice servicing with all the work he has done in such a short amount of time.

  22. Damien

    Love this site, It’s now in my top 3. I’m a white dude who loves Masculine DL Black guys. The scene with Ross was hot! More scenes with Ross, Caesar, and Apollo. My 3 favorites right now. Would love to see Apollo in a scene with Caesar…….and eventually Ross.

  23. Michael

    I wish I had more time to reply to each and every one of your comments, but since that’s not possible at the moment, I just wanted to thank everyone for all of the encouraging reviews!

    I had braced myself for some negative reactions to the lack of any actual fucking, so the almost unanimously enthusiastic response has been a pleasant surprise. It’s nice to see that the scene’s simplicity, spontaneity, and unscripted honesty are being enjoyed by most of BBA’s viewers.

    This definitely represents BBA’s unique brand of “reality porn” at its most entertaining best, and the guys and I have been thrilled and flattered by the reception it’s getting so far. Thanks!

    1. walkerd15

      This is truly one of my favorite scenes, Mike. Despite the lack of intercourse it was hot! One question though that I hadn’t seen you clarify: IS Blake fingering Ross towards the end? Whatever it was sexy as hell but I’m just curious as to how far Ross went.

  24. Chris

    I dont care to see any 1 of them bottom but I am anxious to see Ross top someone that someone should be Mookie or Cory . Not Mello, Suspense or Dragon.

  25. platinum313

    I would like to see the natural habitat series resume with blake and ross. that would be a very hot threesome. speaking as a versatile guy, who prefers versatile scenes. I would like to see a versatile threesome raw with isiah, cory, and apollo

  26. DanE

    Ross cant keep his eye off Blake’s dick, while at the same time enjoying Blake finger fucking him. He’s ready for the next level Mike, take him there.

  27. AlexB86

    This was by far the best video of the year. Michael, Blake Bishop need to do a workshop, because what ever he’s doing in the head department got dudes going CRAZY. And Ross expression was hilarious. I think he’s going to be big with BBA……More ROSS videos


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