Just Getting Warmed Up….

I’m happy to hear that the vast majority of you seem to be loving the fresh faces and hot new scenes we’ve been bringing you lately. It’s definitely turning out to be an exciting and eventful 2018 so far, especially considering how rocky the year started off. But trust me when I say we’re just getting warmed up 😉 !

We won’t be posting anything new this weekend due to it being a major holiday weekend, but we’ll be back with another big surprise for you the following week (approximately Monday, July 9th).

And since we made the mistake (ha!) of promoting one of this month’s three promised updates as a bonus FIFTH update for May, we’ll be posting FOUR hot and lengthy new updates IN A ROW during the month of July (approximately July 9th, 13th, 20th, and 27th).

Stay tuned to this blog as well as our other social media (Twitter: @BBAddictionz, Instagram: @OfficialBlackBoyAddictionz, Tumblr: @BlackBoyAddictionz) for some special teasers and announcements over the next several days.

Get out that sunscreen, it’s gonna be a scorching hot summer around here!

6 comments on “Just Getting Warmed Up….

    I can wait cause i’m all dryed out i need to build up on a lot of eggs. mike u and all the rest of the bba crew (HAVE A HAPPY 4TH OF JULY) PUT SOME BBQ BULL NUTS ON THE GRILL they so good they cost a lot damm they r so good.

  2. AleckzanderB

    OMFG!?!?! I still haven’t fully recovered from Jay C & Manny Killa video yet…PLEEEASE tell me were going be seeing more of Jay C?!? And Manny has really been doing the damn thang!

  3. Sj

    What about more videos with amateurs and with Mike? Not into the new porn-star-focused direction. The whole reason I liked the site is because it was real guys. Using porn stars makes it like every other site.

    1. Montez

      Hey, Sj!

      We understand your point. However, when we do feature more established porn stars, we try to feature them in a way that no one has seen them before. Examples of that being Staxx, Knockout and Jay C, bottoming. To this day, BBA is the only place to see that. But do not worry. We have not lost sight of what else makes BBA special. Stay tuned. 😉


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