Knockout vs. Staxx (Video Teaser)

27 comments on “Knockout vs. Staxx (Video Teaser)
  1. AlexB86

    Knockout & Staxx…. Two TOPS! And 1 must bottom!
    Michael idk how you did this, but you’re the man! I would never doubt your skills again!…… P.S. I low-key think Staxx gonna be the bottom. Either way can’t wait!

  2. Cobra

    Of course this game is a “set up” lol. Staxx would win hands down in a real game. Great concept tho and hot teaser. I see you steppin up your game Mike lol…

  3. WAyNO

    I think Staxx got played.. Knockout pretended he couldn’t shoot. Staxx has all the pressure on him being the baller as we know.

  4. DC FAN


    This teaser is about to drive me completely crazy!

    I can’t shoot but I’ll BET you this scene is going to be the scene of the year!!!

    I know putting these two tops together required a lot of time , effort, money, etc. but I know it will be well worth it in the end. Can’t wait………………………

  5. chucke1

    Staxx gets nailed!!! Problem is that it will be last day of summer just before midnight CST LOL. Just kidding Michael, looks like a HOT update, thanks for the preview but what you are you waiting on? In retail, when retailers get a hot new piece of Versace or Gucci, they can’t wait to put it on the floor, so I don’t understand you holding it back. What if I died from anticipation, wouldn’t you feel bad? I guessed Noah in last update and you delivered, THANKS and what a HOT update. More Ross and Noah coming? GREAT GREAT SITE, hope I make it to the end of summer LOL!

  6. Yayo

    I just hope Mike doesn’t drag this out until September then make it a 4 part series but since this is a business I’m sure he is so get ready to wait…

  7. KayJay

    Mike, you are the MAN! Nice concept. Great teaser! This is an example of why I’ve had this damn membership for 5 years! Fuck!! lol!!!

  8. Jo Wilfried

    I think Knockout won over Staxx on the “bet?” but of course… STAXX is a better baller on the court.

  9. KinaB1

    Dang Michael I gotta say after seeing this preview I apologize to you cause I was sure that one of them wasn’t gone bottom & that you had to put a third person in but I was wrong lol I’m happy that I was wrong.

    Looking forward to this scene I’m so excited who gone win the bet I’m guessing Staxx cause dude is good on the court either way it go I’m cummin to this video no doubt in my mind lol.Thank you Michael

  10. Yoseph

    I cant wait to see Staxx get fuck in the ass big time by Knockout I hope Knockout fuck Staxx ass in all position deep down in that flawless ass.

  11. Cobra

    Reflecting back I had seen a few BBA videos years back, probably bootlegged on other sites and I was pretty much unimpressed (sorry Mike lol). What caught my eye was BBA’s big announcement to show Day Day finally bottoming. At this point I assumed that the “gay for pay” angle was a hoax like most of the other sites but I just wanted to see Day Day. Saint literally stole the show for me. That one scene made me subscribe to see Saint’s other scenes and it was clearly obvious that at least there were a few “legitimate” gay for pay models out there. I said all that to say that I think this teaser is a great advertising tool for BBA. I just happened to see this Staxx upcoming scene mentioned on a different site which should bring in more potential subscribers to BBA. Maybe you should consider trying it out on a few other upcoming scenes and most importantly sharing them on other sites as advertising for BBA.

  12. Que

    Seeing as I know Staxxx has actually bottomed before I’m pretty certain that he’s going to be the one to give up his cakes. If it was up to me I would choose Knockout to be the bottom though.

  13. Jamitis28

    Based on the premise of the preview it should be knockout. But I’m guessing it’s Staxx because Mike gets really passionate when people bring up Staxx bottoming for that other site. Lol Logic says that’s because Staxx is going down here & BBA will be able to say it was the 1st site to get him to give up the cheeks. Also Mike said the original delay back in June was to film a scene us the fans would thank him for later. That has to mean Staxx because people were asking for that already. Now with that said, I would be satisfied with Knockout going down too. 🙂

  14. Leroy

    I love the scene but I would of love to seeing STAXX take dick he has a sexy ass, It would be a very hot scene for you to fuck STAXX like you fuck stephon Micheal .


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