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Noah (Two Years Later)
It’s been over TWO YEARS since we last saw Noah in action. Even though he never officially “retired,” responsibilities such as working two full-time jobs and raising his young son have kept this exotically handsome young man very busy and unavailable every time I’ve asked him to return.

Noah also claims that he was “a little bit traumatized” by his past experiences here at BBA. He still identifies as “straight” and tells me that he hasn’t done anything with a guy since his memorable scene with Mookiie over two years ago. “I kind of closed that chapter,” he explains at the start of this scene.

Even this last-minute shoot came VERY CLOSE to never happening at all when Noah started texting me around the time he was supposed to show up, saying that he was literally SHAKING with anxiety about doing something like this again, and very close to changing his mind.

Luckily, I was able to calm the cute boy’s sensitive nerves and convince him to come over for this hot shoot with Saint, a much more experienced and open-minded straight model that I knew could not only welcome Noah back to the BBA family but also take him to the NEXT LEVEL….

Noah Meets Saint
See for yourself what happens when Noah meets Saint for the very first time and re-opens this “chapter” that he claims to have closed.

It’s both shocking and exciting to think about just how far Noah has come since he was scared to even TAKE OFF HIS CLOTHES during his solo audition.

Before joining BBA, he was still just a wholesome “boy next door” who had only had sex with two people in his entire life. Now, just a few short years later, this sheltered “straight” boy and hard-working father is doing the kinds of things that I never could have imagined we’d someday see him do!

Noah and Saint About To Kiss
Tasting Noah
Enjoy over a FULL HOUR of spontaneous, stroke-worthy action that includes tongue-kissing, nipple-licking, dick-sucking, and ass-eating – plus the thrill of finally seeing Noah TAKE DICK again for only the THIRD time in his young life!

And this time I’ve told Saint not to take it easy on our returning model and instead thoroughly “break in” that cute, near-virgin ass by fucking it LONGER, DEEPER, and HARDER than ever before….

Noah Gets Fucked
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22 comments on “Website Update: Noah – The Next Level
  1. Mj

    Hey Mike great scene. Great seeing Noah back. I wanted to ask a question. I’m a bearded guy and wanted to know where are the bearded guys? Seems all the models only have goatees at best. Is that not your thing? The beard gang is a growing trend. Would love to see some beard love. Also all the models are typically swimmers build not all but most. Where are the football build and muscle thick guys? Let me know your thoughts!

    1. Eagerbeaver

      Yes mj YESS!!!!! I second this question michael.. However this is black ‘boy’ addictionz Mj so he might say hes trying to stick to that aspect but idk.. That is a great question tho. I would love to see a black dilf on this website one good time

    2. Michael

      Thanks, MJ! I’m glad you enjoyed seeing Noah again.

      To answer your question, I don’t personally like beards at all, sorry. And since BBA is primarily inspired by my own fantasies and personal tastes, that’s probably why so few of BBA’s models have anything more than goatees.

      The same goes for body type. Even though I’ll feature thicker guys like Rico or Collin from time to time, that’s just not my preferred body type and I’m much more turned on by bodies ranging all the way from skinny to toned and athletic. Apollo and Stephon are probably about as “muscle thick” as you’ll ever see on the site.

      That being said, I’m very open to EagerBeaver’s idea of bringing in a muscular black and/or white “DILF” type to fuck some of the boys, and that’s actually something I’ve been wanting to try for awhile. Now accepting your applications, guys 😉 !

  2. Stoned Mountain

    HOORAY! Michael, you and Saint and Noah hit that one out of the park like the Cards!

    Saint was his usual self, expertly coaxing a fine performance out of exotic Noah. I would liked to see a super closeup of those eyes that turned on Saint!

    Very impressed how Noah took the initiative, led the kissing and jumped on top when he got a chance. Let Cordell give him some ass! That would be beautiful.

    Very intrigued with Noah’s Middle Eastern/Ethiopian look. He is living proof that we are all brothers. With those eyes, thin nose and thin lips — and a color change — he could pass for a European.

    Thanks for the show.

    ps See if Apollo wants some of that exotic ass.

  3. Cobra

    Saint makes for another “gay for pay” classic with co-model Noah toughing it out for the money. It was strange that Noah’s last scene was bottoming for a “gay” top but nothing seems to be “off limits” at BBA. Big ups to both models for a great performance. It was kinda nice to see straight models with some degree of awkwardness but still delivering the goods. Mike this is your summer blockbuster.

  4. D-Money

    CONGRATS on another heater MIKE!!! Nothing like two sexy dark chocolate brothas on screen and I had been wondering where Noah was hiding at!! Great to see he stepped back to raise his child but really needed Saint to bring him back in the fold!! Once again Saint never loses his touch always knows actually the right buttons to push great scene great oral pleasure and definitely hope with the right timing you get Noah back for more action!

  5. Damien

    I’m a new member. Love this site. However I was looking forward to watching the scene with Mookie and Noah before watching the new scene with Noah. I had not seen Noah before. My 2 cents: The interviews go on WAY TOO LONG! Sometimes the longer it goes on the more turned off I get. I did not want to know Mookie was gay and he only had sex with a female once. That was such a turn off. Only into DL bi guys. After he said that I had to turn it off, TMI. The write up you have below each scene should be enough. TMI can ruin the scene. Just my opinion.

    1. Michael

      Thanks for becoming a new member, and welcome to the BBA blog!

      I know exactly what you mean about “TMI” sometimes ruining a model or scene. It’s one of the reasons I don’t like following my favorite non-BBA porn models on social media. Twitter has pretty much ruined at least one of them for me.

      At the same time, I’ve always tried to let BBA’s viewers get to know the guys and real-life stories behind every scene, and the interviews play a big part in that. Even though it might have been a turn-off to you and some other viewers, it would have been silly to pretend that Mookiie was anything other than a gay male, which by the way I do happen to film in addition to the straight and more “DL” type guys.

      If you strongly dislike the interviews or feel like they go on too long, it’s pretty easy to skip right to the action. Although I personally think that takes away half the fun and limits your appreciation of the models and scenes overall – sort of like starting a book or movie a quarter of the way in. I’ve lost track of how many times a scene’s hottest moments would have gone totally unnoticed or at least not fully appreciated by anyone who’d skipped right to the action.

  6. A Wells

    This is very close to what drives me to continue my membership. This website is one of the best if not the best. Great job Mike. I love seeing Noah and Saint get it on. What turns me off is the spitting and the sloppiness of Saint sucking dick and eating ass. It just doesn’t work for me. I’ve cut many movies short because of the spit. To be honest none of the guys eat ass better than you. I would like to see a little more of Saint getting his ass ate lying on his back and knees to his shoulders. I haven’t seen his beautiful ass in a while. In the meantime, I’ll continue my membership since you seem to be rebounding. I know your job is not easy. But getting rid of the DL Chill Spot movies and the spit would make it easier for you to continue getting my $$$. I would love to see Murda, Chippy, and some of the other DL Chill Spot guys on BBA though. Keep up the good work Mike.

    1. Michael

      I’m sorry to hear that Saint’s sloppy dick-sucking and ass-eating detracted from your enjoyment of a scene you were otherwise excited about.

      I guess it’s just a matter of personal taste because I LOVE watching sloppy-wet dick-sucking and ass-eating. The WETTER, the BETTER! I love seeing a guy’s hard dick soaked in bubbly spit, or streams of saliva spilling out of a guy’s mouth when he’s giving head. So we clearly have very different tastes when it comes to this issue, LOL!

      Not saying it will necessarily be a part of every BBA scene, but I’m also not going to tell the guys to keep things neat and dry if that isn’t their style. Sorry 🙁 .

  7. A Wells

    No offense Mike, but after my second viewing of the Next Level I realized Saints ass eating is not good at all. It’s just not his thing. Too wet and too sloppy. It distracts the perfect view of the hole. I’m an ass man like you and I want to see it natural, not wet and slimy. For me, the spit ruined his movie with Apollo and Migo as well. I know it’s hard trying to please all of your fans but he doesn’t have to do it every scene. I like Saint a lot but can you please ask him not to use spit anymore. The Next Level was only ok the second time around. But you are still rebounding. Kudos to BBA.

  8. Stoned Mountain

    I was not a subscriber when Noah came through previously. So I looked up the Mookiie and Noah show. Very nice. Noah is such a pixie. So damn cute in looks and manner. Noah, with a kid his age, was a lot more open and at ease than he was with older-man Saint!

  9. Princegwa

    Loved this video Noah is looking great.
    I do have to say I am one of the ones who go back and watch him with Mookiie from time to time and I think a reunion with these two is a project you should pursue Mike.

  10. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    I give this scene a 7 out of 10, I’ve explained before in the past about Noah being so quiet in his scenes and I would really enjoy if he be more vocal when hes taking dick like that. The scene was good and all but I really dislike when Saint uses his spit to eat that ass all the way down but in all it was a good scene

  11. KayJay

    Another GREAT scene for the summer, Mike. This is the scene I wanted to see 2 years ago; Noah getting that ass beat up! And Saint waxed that ass! lol.

    Noah is shy and doesn’t talk a lot; which is cool with me. But what really turned me on was his inability to hold back the grunts and moans when Saint was going in on him. Needless to say, when I heard that, I didn’t make it to the end of the video.

    Saint is a much better top than he is a bottom, and his outgoing personality goes well with Noah’s quiet, laid-back demeanor.

    I also had a thought/request. Since Saint and Apollo apparently are not disgusted by facials and the taste of cum, would you consider a bukakke scene with either or both of them as the receiver?

    Congratulations on another great scene. Thanks!

    1. Michael

      I’m glad you enjoyed seeing Noah again! I agree that Saint’s outgoing and energetic personality was the perfect fit for a shy, quiet boy like Noah. It really helped bring him out of his shell, at least a little bit, and I thought they had a good chemistry with each other. I actually enjoyed a nice “nutt” to this scene myself just the other night, LOL!

      It’s funny that you should mention the idea of doing a bukakke scene because that is something I’ve been wanting to film for awhile now. Remember that BBA Christmas Party back in 2012? That was originally supposed to be a bukakke orgy scene with Saint as the receiver, but several guys ended up standing us up so we had to change plans at the last minute.

      Of course turning this fantasy into a reality is a lot easier said than done, but it’s a hot idea that I will definitely keep in mind! Thanks!

  12. Platinum 313

    I am NOT a Saint fan. Rather see Blake or Apollo as the official company top. Even Isaiah. I wanna see Noah top. He has a dick, he should use it. As a versatile person, I desire more versatile scenes. Isaiah and Cory again would be hott

  13. vhsum

    This was great. I did not watch it right away but now I am glad I did. It is amazing to see Noah perform the way he did. It is also so interesting to see straight guys do the stuff they do like riding it. It is clear that he is not 100% comfortable with being screwed by a man but it was just a really great scene!

  14. Pascal

    Saint smiling while receiving head and saying to the camera “I missed BBA” was great: was it rehearsed/suggested beforehand or off the cuff?

    I liked that it suggested that some of the models find some enjoyment while working with you.

  15. Allen Howard

    Hey Mike, what is the latest on Noah? Is he officially retired aka can’t get a hold of him anymore? Is he responding to you to come back to BBA in the near future. Please let us know what is the status. Should we turn the page and face reality he is not coming back. Or are you still working your magic to see him again. He is the reason I joined. It is only right if you can let us know. Thanks.


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