Michael Galletta Counts Down BBA’s Ten Best Scenes of 2016

Despite being a downright AWFUL year when it came to things like the presidential election, celebrity deaths, and just about everything else, I can thankfully say that when it came to BBA, 2016 was actually a very good year!

It introduced some of the hottest new models I’ve filmed in years and left us with some truly unforgettable BBA classics that we’ll be watching and talking about for years to come.

If there was any one overarching theme for the year, I’d say it was probably a return to BBA’s roots. Of course this sometimes confused and even pissed off newer viewers expecting more conventional gay action scenes, while reminding and reassuring long-time viewers that we haven’t forgotten what makes BBA irreplaceable and unique.

Instead of featuring special guests and high-profile “take-downs” like we have in years past, we kept things simple and returned our focus to one of BBA’s original and most popular themes: seducing straight black boys and finding out just “how gay they will go” for the right price!

Which brings me to my list of BBA’s Ten Best Scenes of 2016, the scenes which for a variety of reasons explained below are the ones that kept me “cumming” back for repeat viewings again and again, and stood out from a crowded pack as my proudest achievements and personal favorites:

(In Ascending Order)

#10. But That’s My Homeboy!

Technically not much more than a two-for-the-price-of-one solo “audition,” some might be surprised to see this scene show up on my list. But “solo” or not, there’s no denying that this was also one of the most hilarious, unpredictable, and thoroughly ENTERTAINING video-shoots I filmed all year!

From the comedic interview that perfectly conveyed the cute and endearing closeness of these two real-life straight best friends from the ‘hood better than any professional porn script ever could, to the hilariously awkward shower encounter that found them standing side by side NAKED for the VERY FIRST TIME, this was one of those rare scenes that had us stroking our dicks and laughing out loud at the same time!

#9. His New Stepbrother

This fun little departure from our usual “reality porn” format to experiment with a more scripted role-playing fantasy ended up creating some of the most vividly erotic images from any scene we produced all year. Whether it was cute “baby brother” Kody‘s tempting bubble-butt popping up and out of his sagging jeans while sprawled out on the couch watching TV, or the playful roughhousing that leads to Kody sharing a bubble bath with his “big brother” Shazeer in soaking wet clothes and eventually leaning in for their taboo first kiss, this was a “forbidden fantasy” brought unforgettably to life through these and other striking images seared into our erotic imaginations.

#8. How Gay Will They Go?

A sentimental throwback to such BBA classics as The Competition and How Gay Will He Go?, this was one of several hot scenes from the year that proved you don’t always need hardcore fucking for a scene to earn multiple “nutts”!

From the taboo thrill of seeing Bandit put another man’s dick in his mouth for the VERY FIRST TIME, to watching he and Zadian awkwardly tongue-kiss and fake-fuck each other as they competed to “out-gay” each other for a bonus cash prize, this spontaneous “gay for pay” competition explored and celebrated all the various subtle and surprising ways that cocky straight boys will compromise their “straightness” for cash!

#7. No Holes Barred

Sure, the wrestling was a little corny and fake, but who the hell cares if it means two muscular straight black men as smoking hot as Apollo and Stephon rolling around naked on the floor for your private entertainment, their tangled, sweaty bodies grasping and groping in a determined effort to take the other guy down (in more ways than one)!

Fan favorite Stephon‘s long-awaited return after more than TWO YEARS turned out to be well worth the wait, and included him meeting up with one of BBA’s biggest “gay for pay” stars, finally taking another black guy’s dick RAW  for the VERY FIRST TIME, and even SWALLOWING CUM by the end of the scene!

#6. Bandit Bends Over

If you’d told me earlier this year that one of my favorite scenes from 2016 would include my raw white dick plunging in and out of Bandit‘s cute muscle-butt, or him sucking my dick right out of his own freshly-fucked ass, I would have said you were crazy and laughed you right off of the blog! But REAL LIFE has a funny way of working things out in even hotter ways than scripted porn ever could, as we learned firsthand when this sexy, horse-hung straight boy from the ‘hood finally bent over to pay back his bail with the only payment method he could afford! “Not a charity,” INDEED 😉 !

This was BBA stripped down to its raw, taboo core, and a sizzling summer treat for anyone who’d been wanting to see Big Dick Bandit finally “taken down” and tamed into submission!

#5. Spring Break Showdown

When I finally brought together BBA’s two most popular straight models of all time for one of the most requested scene pairings in BBA history, the results were no less explosive than one would expect.

The chemistry between Apollo and Isaiah – both athletic straight guys with girlfriends and young sons waiting for them at home – was off the charts, and the sound of Apollo moaning, “Yeah, baby, you fucking the shit out of me!” in his sexy Southern accent while Isaiah’s huge, RAW dick plunders his flawless bubble-butt is enough to make you bust every time. Of course seeing Apollo return the favor by plunging his own eager dick in and out of Isaiah’s amazing ass makes this an instant “flip-flop” classic that you truly have to see to believe!

#4. Thrown To The Wolves #2

On paper, this should have been a total disaster. With two brand-new amateur models being asked to do a full-action THREESOME for their very first action shoot, all kinds of things could have gone terribly wrong! But instead, we ended up witnessing three of the most uninhibited, outgoing, and VERBAL performances of the year from these sexy young “porn stars” in the making, proving their impressive talents and true porn potential in a spontaneous, freaky threesome that we’ll never forget.

Also probably the most FUN I had behind the camera all year!

#3. One Man’s Top…

Apollo and Saint‘s first scene together earned a spot on my list of the Top Ten scenes from 2015 thanks to their natural chemistry and eagerness to please their gay fans. So it’s no surprise that the much-requested “reunion” between these sexy straight ex-Army guys would result in one of the most scorchingly hot scenes of 2016 as well!

As always, Saint shined in the role of “gay for pay” mentor and brought out of Apollo the kind of passionate and verbal performance I’d hoped to see in his earlier bottoming debut with Ross.

And even though we’ve seen Apollo take dick several times since, this still stands out from the rest as his best bottoming performance so far!

#2. That Ass Is Mine

Even though Blake Bishop had already shown us flashes of greatness in his earlier scenes, it wasn’t until this much-anticipated bottoming debut – well over a year in the making – that he finally proved himself to be a true STAR!

The shocking, can’t-miss “porn event” of the summer, it also featured Apollo in what is arguably his BEST and most passionate “topping” performance so far. I’ve already watched this sizzling-hot scene more times than I’d like to admit, and will no doubt be returning to it time and time again for many months and years to come!

#1. Breaking Bandit

The shockingly hot sight of Bandit bent over with his cute light-skinned butt in the air, wincing and grunting and cursing as Saint aggressively plunges his thick, RAW dick in and out of that near-virgin ‘hood ass, was easily one of the year’s most exciting and truly EPIC surprises!

My proudest “conquest” of the year, this relentlessly intense scene is the epitome of a classic BBA “take-down,” and only seems to get hotter with every viewing!


Coming up with this list was A LOT tougher than I’d expected, but there you have it, my personal picks for the best scenes of the year! I’d love to hear your reactions to my top choices! Are there scenes you would have left out and/or included instead, and how would your rankings differ from mine? Let me know what you think!

Like last year, I’ll be posting some viewer polls very soon in which you can vote for your own favorite models and scenes from 2016.

On behalf of myself and all the BBA models, I want to thank everyone for their feedback and support over the past year, and wish everyone a safe and very HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I know that November and December were pretty dark and difficult months around here, and I’ve tried my best to make it up to BBA’s loyal members and fans with the recent Christmas Sex Party that most of you seem to be enjoying so far.

My goal is to make 2017 BBA’s biggest and best year so far, so stay tuned to see which exciting new models and unforgettable scenes we’ll be talking about this time next year!

13 comments on “Michael Galletta Counts Down BBA’s Ten Best Scenes of 2016
  1. Dale

    I agree with the top 3…Finally seeing Bandit (#1 clip) and Blake Bishop (#2) take it, were highlights of the year. However, because I am a PROUD, unapologetically, self-described “freak”, I love feet and handcuffs, so Julien and Young Montanna SERVED UP would be in the top 5 for me. There is a section of your loyal paying subscribers who look for that, Mike!

  2. Allen Wells

    Parts of “Bandit Bends Over” and Bandit’s scene w/Rory are my favorites. I hope to see him back soon. Bandit and Stylez in a one-on-one would be awesome.

  3. decaturbaby

    good list.. but #10 with Shaun and Scotty actually contained 3 of my favorite scenes of last year… the first one with them paired, and “Seducing Shaun #2” and of course “What Friends Are For” with Scotty was one of my favorites this year…. I can’t wait to see them again… I hope he gets off for good behavior.. maybe you can talk to the Judge.. let him know that Shaun has a really good paying job waiting on him… Maybe he’s even a fan…. 🙂 IF not now, then maybe he’ll be needing some more money soon and Scotty will have to come back and “re-up” … Another one of my favorites was Apollo and Blake hooking up… those were both HOT… and Saint taking down Bandit… You had some very good new Finds last year… I’m looking forward to some brand new Finds this year.

  4. Paul

    No more rankings, awards, polls. Just today, and tomorrow, and the future and all the hopeful new finds. Your work speaks for itself. (I wish the Democrats had figured this out, despite polls upon polls which told them they had it locked.) I love Bandit, I love Armando, but damn it, there is another Bandit and Armando just around the corner I hope. A great 2017 is ahead!

  5. Xhaka Khan

    Wait..no Ross?? I’d have to disagree with that omission. The only complaint I have is that no one licked that boy totally right…his body needed to be glistening from being licked…including them pretty toes..maybe in 2017 though..lol

  6. crazyface11

    I agree with anything related to Bandit being at the top =) =) =). THANK YOU for such an amazing find Michael!!!!! I’m dying to see more of him!!!!!!

  7. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    My Top 12 Scenes of 2016

    12. How Gay Will They Go?
    11. The Forbidden Fruit 3
    10. Served Up
    9. Always Up For A Challenge 2
    8. His New StepBrother
    7. That Ass Is Mine
    6. No Holes Barred
    5. Michael’s Birthday Cakes
    4. One Man’s Top
    3. All I Want For Christmas 1&2
    2. Spring Break Showdown
    1. Breaking Bandit

  8. cocopop

    As we all reflect on fan favorites/bests, Mike I notice you refer to yourself as an amateur producer, being amateur, care to share with your viewers which scenes in the last 7/8 years you consider your very finest production and why? After viewing all scenes, I would have to say your best production for me is “One Man’s Top” with Saint/Apollo. It was an epic performance between two of your sexy/best performers at BBA. The planets seemed to align for this scene, the lighting, and audio was excellent the angles were on point. You were out of your comfort zone, you lost your amateur producer title doing this scene . The raw passion, chemistry between the two, one could feel the heat through the screen. Apollo was at his best ever at taking dick, he seem to truly be enjoying (not acting) the dick down Saint was putting on him, he being the best top on BBA. The only other scene he seem to be actually enjoying taking dick was with Isaiah. This scene could have competed with Catalina Studio when they began to cross over doing black porn stars, featuring Joe Simmons my favorite porn star at that time. Mike you hit it out the park with this scene.

  9. Eric Wright

    I Totally Agree With Your Number Pick Of Number For Your Best Scene Countdown I’m New To This Site So I Took The Time To Run Through A Lot Of The Models Scenes But I Must Tell You Who Kept Me Laughing That Beno Is A Riot His One Liners Are Classic For Instance In One Of His Scenes With Legacy and Dre He Hollered Out To Mike I Need 5 Minute Break…Before Mike Could Respond He Immediately Says What’s Wrong Are You In A Rush? I Laughed So Hard ..Then In This 3sum With He And Jayvieon And Josh Poor Beno Was So Worn Out ..As Jayvieon Mike Said To Him Go Ahead Josh’s Dick While Jayvieon Is Penetrating Beno Was In So Much Pain ..He Looked At Mike And Said I Can’t Put No Dick In My Mouth Right Now. ..I Laughed So Hard I Had Tears Running Down My Face …That Beno Is Just Hysterically Comical I Love His Personality He Always Tries To Give A Valiant Effort In Every Scene He Is Put In Kudos To Beno

  10. Eric Wright

    I Was Here Going Through Various Scenes Of The Various BBA Models And After Closely Taking A Look At Them And What They Bring To Their Respective Scenes One Thing I Do Know Is That If A Lot Of Your More Edgey Models Such As Bandit, Scotty , Shaun , Were More Accessible To Film Your Rankings With The Current Models I Believe Would Be Totally Different . For Example Models Like Cortez Although It’s Been 6 Years Ago Since You Filmed With Him Brothers Of His Caliber Definitely Keep Viewers Constantly And Consistently Watching And Dudes Like Bandit And Scotty And Shaun Basically Come Across With The Same Edge of Roughness Or What Some May Call That Hood Attitude Which Is A Turn On To Me. Tyga Also Gives You That That Edgey Hood Roughness He Always Brings it And He Is Definitely A Favorite Of Mine. Now I’m Not Knocking Apollo And Blake And Isaiah The Get Fresh Crew As I Choose To Call Them They Come Across Very Boy Next Door Or That College Campus Type Brother , So Hopefully You Will Be Bringing Some Of The Str8 Rough Hood Brothers In To Shoot Some Scenes, And Hopefully If You Do They Will Be Compliant And Work Consistently With You Mike. Didn’t Mean To Go On At Length But I Was Just Giving You Some Feedback. Hopefully You Will Have A Great Year With BBA


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