Michael Galletta Counts Down BBA’s Ten Best Scenes of 2017

There’s no denying that 2017 was one wild roller-coaster ride of a year, both personally and professionally. But even with its many ups and downs, and an update schedule that was admittedly all over the map at times as a result, I’m relieved and proud to be able to say that 2017 still turned out to be a pretty damn AMAZING year overall, leaving us with some truly unforgettable BBA classics that we’ll be watching and talking about for years to come.

Which brings me to my list of BBA’s Ten Best Scenes of 2017, the scenes which for a variety of reasons explained below are the ones that stood out from a VERY crowded pack as my proudest achievements and personal favorites from the past year:

(In Ascending Order)

#10. New York Nights: Monster Smash

It may surprise some of you to see our Halloween Party show up on this list. But I honestly had no choice BUT to include this scene when I realized just how many times I’ve “enjoyed” it in my free time 😉 .

There’s just something about seeing sexy straight basketball player Isaiah turned into the scene’s “bitch” as he’s aggressively TAG-TEAMED and stuffed with raw dick at both ends, that gets me EVERY single time. BBA “comfort food” at its best, this scene has quickly turned into the kind of trusted treat that I know I can always turn to for an instant and satisfying release at the end of a long day.

#9. Manny’s Money Moves

In a year overshadowed by outstanding performances from veteran models, this sweet and sensual encounter between two of our newest models came out of nowhere to become a year-end smash hit. And it’s crazy to think how close it came to never happening at all!

Proving once again that sometimes unplanned scenes are the best, what came depressingly close to being a total disaster turned out to be one of our most surprisingly passionate scenes of the year. The intense attraction and undeniable chemistry between Manny Killa and Luh Redd will no doubt be envied and enjoyed by all the BBA romantics out there for many years to come.

#8. Training Trapp

Destined to become a BBA classic, this was quite possibly the most steamy action between “straight” guys that I’ve EVER filmed! Saint once again shined in the role of “gay for pay” mentor, unleashing a repressed freaky side of Trapp we’d only seen glimpses of in his first scene.

Their dark, tangled bodies glistening with baby oil and sweat as they roll around naked on the floor for our private entertainment, putting on a show so intensely homoerotic it could have made the Ancient Greeks blush, proved once again that you don’t always need hardcore action for a scene to earn multiple “nutts”!

#7. Detroit After Dark: Episode One

The Detroit trilogy was definitely the highlight of BBA’s summer, and one of my proudest achievements all year. But if I had to choose just one of the three scenes that best captured the humor, spontaneity, and sexual energy that defined the weekend of our very first public appearance at Hotter Than July Detroit Pride, this scene would be it.

From the new “reality TV” style editing that shared an intimate and entertaining peek at some of the personalities, laughter, and fun taking place behind the scenes, to the thrilling sight of popular actor turned “porn star” Rico Pruitt submitting to a merciless pounding from Bandit‘s raw dick, this scene had everything you could ever want from a summer porn blockbuster 😉 .

#6. Scotty: The Next Level

This just might go down as one of the most shocking and satisfying “conquests” in BBA history – and that’s including scenes where the straight guy has actually “gone all the way”! What Scotty ends up doing by the end of this shoot was almost UNTHINKABLE when he showed up for his first shoot, and even heading into THIS shoot, I had no idea it would happen.

A return to BBA’s roots with the kind of spontaneous, sparely edited scene I used to film back in the good ol’ days of the BBA Futon, this unforgettable “gay for pay” classic takes viewers behind the scenes to experience every suspenseful and SHOCKING second of an epic “straight boy seduction” right along with me, in close to real time as everything unfolded that night.

#5. Show and Tell

I don’t think I’ve ever been more wrong about a scene than I was about this one right after we filmed it. The shoot itself was extremely long, stressful, and pushed my patience to its near breaking point. I even had serious doubts about whether BBA’s viewers would like Trapp. Boy, was I wrong!

Not only did Trapp turn out to be the breakout “gay for pay” star of last year, but over time I’ve gradually grown to appreciate this scene for what it truly is: one of the most hilarious, unpredictable, and thoroughly ENTERTAINING scenes of the year!

From the comical bickering and flirtatious banter between these two real-life straight friends from the ‘hood, to the shocking ways they expand and test the limits of that friendship before the night’s over, this was one of those special scenes that had us stroking our dicks and laughing out loud at the same time!

#4. Naughty or Nice?

If BBA was a television series and every year was a “season,” this was every bit the action-packed “season finale” one could hope for!

Trapp finally bent over with his infamous “phat” ass in the air, wincing and moaning and cursing as Saint plunges his thick, RAW dick in and out of that tight virgin ‘hood ass, was a deeply satisfying climax to his slow-burning seduction over the course of almost a year. It doesn’t get any hotter or more real than Trapp grunting some version of “It’s in my ASS!” over and over, like he can’t believe it’s actually happening.

#3. Spring Break Showdown #2

When I finally brought together these two fan favorites for their long overdue “showdown,” the explosive results were well worth the wait.

“Chemistry” between GAY models can be difficult and elusive enough, and even more infrequent between the “gay for pay” guys. But on these special occasions when sexual sparks between straight boys start to fly, it can be a beautiful thing to behold. If you didn’t know any better, you might even start to suspect the beginning of a “bromance” between these two sexy straight guys 😉 .

The sound of Bandit quietly grunting “Give me that dick!” and “You like that tight ass?” while Isaiah‘s huge, RAW dick plunders his cute muscle-butt is enough to make me bust every time. And of course seeing Bandit plunge his own monster dick in and out of Isaiah’s  bouncing bubble-butt makes this an unforgettable “flip-flop” classic worth “cumming” back to again and again!

#2. New Best Friend

We broke the Internet with the gay porn event of the year when popular web-series actor Rico Pruitt finally made his exclusive gay porn debut.

Even if the action itself had been a complete flop, that alone would have still been something to see. But thankfully the stars aligned just right because EVERY element of this scene – the sexy intro filmed behind the same infamous dumpster, the instant chemistry between Rico and Blake, the career-defining performance that catapulted Blake Bishop to true “porn star” status practically overnight – came together perfectly to create one of the most magical and memorable moments in all of gay porn last year.

“Damn, best friend!” indeed 😉 .

#1. Bandit’s Revenge

Who would have guessed that BBA’s most thrilling “take down” of the year would involve a model we’ve already been watching for OVER FIVE YEARS?!?

Looking back, it STILL doesn’t seem possible or make any sense. But seeing one of BBA’s most popular and dominant tops finally served up in cuffs to a vengeful Bandit and his BASEBALL BAT of a dick was one of the most shockingly sexy things I witnessed all year.

Watching Saint squirm and scream and scowl as his tight straight-boy ass gets brutally “conquered” all over again was a spectacular surprise for everyone eager to see Saint “taken down” a few notches and reminded what it’s like to be on the OTHER end of these types of scenes 😉 .

I’ve already watched this scene more times than I’d like to admit, and will no doubt be returning to it over and over again for many years to come!


I knew that coming up with my list for this year was going to be tough, but cutting my list of personal favorites down to TEN was even HARDER than expected (okay, pun intended). But here you have it, my personal picks for the best scenes of last year!

I’d love to hear your reactions to my top choices. Are there scenes you would have left out and/or included instead, and how would your rankings differ from mine? Let me know what you think, and please feel free to share your own lists!

Like previous years, I’ll be posting some viewer polls very soon in which you can vote for your own favorite models and scenes from 2017. On behalf of myself, Montez, and all the BBA models, I want to thank everyone for their encouraging feedback and loyal support over the past year, and wish everyone a safe and very HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Here’s to even bigger and better things in 2018! Looking back at another incredible year, it’s exciting to think about all of the still undiscovered new models and unforgettable scenes we’ll be talking about this time next year!

11 comments on “Michael Galletta Counts Down BBA’s Ten Best Scenes of 2017
  1. Bugsy754

    Great picks Mike but I gotta add my own personal favs
    10) New York Nights: Stylez Surrenders
    9) New York Nights: Monster Smash
    8) Training Trapp
    7) Detroit After Dark: Episode 1
    6) Detroit After Dark: Episode 3
    5) Show and Tell
    4) Too Big for Bandit
    3) The Apollo Experience
    2) New Best Friend
    1) Naughty or Nice

  2. KayJay

    It was a good year for BBA and I’m looking forward to 2018!

    I agree with your ranking, but because Trapp’s cherry-pop is what I regard as a BBA classic and arguably one of BBA’s best cherry-pop scenes, I would move it to #2 on my list.

    Your #1 pick is mine as well. The scenes of Saint sticking it to the boys is part of what made it great. Saint finally gave up that tight hole and got the dick he had coming and so rightly deserved.

    I’m also curious to know why Straight Boy Bukkake didn’t make your list. Apollo took some dick that day; and all that cum! In my opinion, that scene positioned Apollo as BBA’s #1 model for some time to come. So that scene would be #3 on my list.

    Congratulations on another successful year, Mike. Wishing you and all the BBA models all the best in 2018!

  3. mark

    Mine Are:

    #10 – Shaun Next Level – Shaun & Trapp

    #9 – But That’s My Homeboy #2 – Shaun & Scotty

    #8 – Detroit After Dark #1 – Rico Pruitt & Bandit

    #7 – Detroit After Dark #3 – Blake Bishop & Bandit

    #6 – Bandit’s Revenge – Bandit & Saint

    #5 – The Apollo Experience #1 – Rico Pruitt & Apollo

    #4 – Naughty or Nice – Trapp & Saint

    #3 – New Best Friend – Rico Pruitt & Blake Bishop

    #2 – Spring Break Showdown #2 – Bandit & Isaiah

    #1 – Training Trapp – Trapp & Saint

    2017 MVP – TRAPP

  4. Mike

    I say Bandit, Bandit, Bandit. I like any scene with Bandit. I like Scotty too (and Apollo), and this Manny guy is alright but Bandit has this appeal and the curves (his waist), the height and everything else to go with it. I used to like D-Rel and now Bandit is why I check the site from time to time and get excited.

  5. Black37

    A’ight here we goooooo…
    My Top 10…

    10. Detroit After Dark 2 feat. Blake & Shazeer. Perfect dick down on both ends!

    09. Show and Tell feat. Scotty & Trapp. Just reminded me of me & 1 of my homies. Such a real scene.

    08. NYC Nights: Monster Smash feat Isaiah, Blake & Stylez. It was amazing seeing Isaiah get dicked down like that. Who woulda ever thought…

    07. Testing the Waters feat. Trapp. This scene & Ross’s solo scene are the only ones I’ve ever watched multiple times. Sexy as shit!

    06. That’s a 1st feat. Saint & Luh Redd. Classic Saint take down. He fucked the shit out of lil bit. Lol

    05. New Best Friend feat. Blake & Rico. I’m not the biggest fan of Rico. Never got all the hype. Despite that, this was a great scene. Blake put it on him & had dude begging for the dick!

    04. Manny’s Money Moves feat Manny & Luh Redd. Once again lil bit got his ass completely destroyed. Poor thing! Lol Manny enjoyed that hole. Great chemistry!!! Manny hasn’t been able to top this scene yet.

    03. Naughty or Nice feat. Saint & Trapp. The TAKEDOWN of the year!!! Need I say more. EPIC! Thank you Trapp!

    02. Detroit After Dark 3 feat. Bandit & Blake. The fans had been asking for this pairing for a while and IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT!!! Both were amazing. Blake admittedly enjoyed that dick. Both of them coming while being fucked was the icing!!! I just might have to watch it right now to remind myself of how great it was. Lol

    Shouldn’t be a surprise Bandit takes up the top 2 spots. This scene was a MASTERPIECE! Great everything!!! The Mr. BBA AWARD should go to Bandit!!! He’s that dude!

  6. chucke1

    #10 – Shaun Next Level
    #9- New York Nights: Stylez Surrenders
    #8 – But That’s My Homeboy #2
    #7 – The Apollo Experience
    #6 – Spring Break Showdown #2
    #5- Show and Tell
    #4- Too Big for Bandit
    #3- Training Trapp
    #2 – Naughty or Nice
    #1– Bandit’s Revenge

  7. intrested

    I say one thing when u come to new york with your guys u never have a place where we can meet our guys on bba cast yall need to come ny and have a place where fans can meet the guys on bba

  8. Chris ‼

    I actually let my subscription expire so i haven’t been keeping up.

    But my question is are you ever going to let us know what happened to Lil Scrap ? I would really like to know.


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