Website Update: New Year’s Showdown – The Afterparty

To celebrate the holiday season and welcome in the new year, we’ve paired two of our hottest and most popular new models with BBA’s most popular “gay for pay” star, finally making his surprise return after nearly a year!

After surrendering his flawless bubble-butt to sexy newcomer Manny Killa‘s massive dick in Part One of BBA’s first-ever New Year’s special, Apollo was still horny and eager to bury his dick deep in some tight, warm ass of his own.

And after enjoying the show mainly as a voyeur, Mar was excited and ready to sample BBA’s #1 star for himself….even if that meant giving up his own tight track-star ass to the sculpted straight boy!

Enjoy an intimate front-row seat for this sensual and steamy encounter as Apollo and Mar bring in the New Year the right way with plenty of passionate tongue-kissing, toe-tasting, dick-sucking, ass-licking, and hot bareback fucking….

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23 comments on “Website Update: New Year’s Showdown – The Afterparty
  1. Jayden

    One word: FIRE! Mar and Apollo together was straight up hot! The foreplay was LIT!! Both of these guys are oral wizards! Everything from the French kissing, the tongue wrestling and down to the licking in general. I don’t think there was one part on either body that didn’t get touched! It was hot how Apollo took his time while kissing every inch of Mar. Mar’s reaction was priceless.

    The grinding on the bed was hot as hell! The shots of Apollo on top were so hot! I really loved it when he turned over and Mar was on top! It is also clear that both of these gentlemen loved to be used as takeout. lol! Mar is great to look at , and his moans are seductive. I enjoyed watching Mar because he is not only a great performer, but it is so addictive to watch his face and body react when he is being pleasured. I think you need to edit that collage you made of Apollo’s sex faces and add some from this scene because they were great!

    Mar wins best bottom for me! He was great. I enjoyed listening to his moans. The shots of them while they were fucking were great! This scene was so good that I didn’t want it to end. I was hoping there was a part 3 where Mar would get to top Apollo, but Manny probably caused some pain there…just a wild guess. Maybe we can reunite these two one day and see that.

    Mar is awesome, and I hope he decides to stick around the BBA zone for a while. I want more.

    To Shax – this was awesome! You did your thing! Fuck the haters because they don’t do what you do how you do it! Keep shining bro!

    Apollo-Apollo is like a drug. You watch his scenes. You get your high and you’re hooked. You continue to come back for more. I’ve been watching this dude for THREE years, and his scenes are STILL good! That’s why he’s remained #1. I hope we get more from him in 2018.

    Well Mike, I think I have rambled enough…lol! You guys deserved the love! Can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store. Meanwhile, I’m going to watch Apollo and Mar again.

    ‘Til the next BBA ‘high’,


  2. chgohydepar1

    two sexy and beautiful men + Apollo’s improved stroke game + a foot fetish treat + big dicks + physical chemistry and compatibility = PERFECTION, oops, did I mention the passionate kissing, damn the kissing!

  3. Buckim

    Thank you for this present. I especially enjoy long kisses and long ass-eating. I like too balls eating, but I think these plays appear not enough. I love most of all final cum-eating, the moment when the boys, alternately, wait, mouth open the final cream. Actually, my preferred models are Scotty, Stylez and Saint for his inextinguishable appetite for semen… I am a long time customer of gay porn, and BBA is yet the number one for me. Kisses for boys and for Michael G. from a french fan.

  4. da1ndet

    This is what I have been waiting for. The first video ended abruptly, I guess to pave the way for this SMASH! This was a hit from start to finish. I enjoyed the interview with Apollo at the beginning. I love his spirit! Also, I enjoyed another aspect of Apollo “No Tattoos!” I didn’t realize that his lack of ink is an attraction for me. I can appreciate every muscle fiber and beautiful inch of skin on his virtually hairless body without any ink blotches! Kudos to you Apollo for preserving your gifted temple!

    I loved the chemistry between Mar and Apollo it was clear that they were both into each other and wanted to rock each other’s world! I look forward to more Mar! Thank you for a great start to 2018 and that unexpected move by Mar at the end sent me into eruption!!

  5. Bugsy754

    Can someone please tell me why is it that Apollo has the best stroke game on BBA… watching him drill ass and how sexy his body looks doing it , makes you instantly hard… He makes the perfect versatile dude on BBA.

  6. cocopop

    That tongue of Apollo’s is used like a weapon, would love to be worked over by that tongue. Mike how about a flip flop replay with Saint and Apollo, so he can get his revenge. Surely 2018 won’t be complete without a battle between Bandit and Apollo. A reunion with he and Isaiah would get me hot. Happy New Years

  7. Tori Fan

    I like this new format, especially the interviews. I have a question for Apollo. He seems to be so comfortable with the gay for pay. Is there any sexual thing with a man that is kinda exciting?

    Mar is a blooming gold star in BBA. I love his gap, his big hairy dick and his pretty toes. He’s on my radar…. of course never to replace Tori and Dragon… but you know.

    Do I see a reunion between Apollo & Isaiah?

    1. cocopop

      I agree with you with a reunion between Apollo and Isaiah. Would be nice to see one with Apollo and Saint, a flip flop with Apollo getting a chance to get Saint’s ass.

  8. Tori Fan

    I forgot one thing. Tell the new director to tell the models they must SPEAK UP. I could barely hear the conversation between Apollo and Mar.

    1. cocopop

      So true, also what ever happened to changing positions? I was waiting for Apollo to ride that dick, he better at taking it in that position.

  9. Tayshawn3

    Love this scene…their beautiful brown skin on top of each other was a site to see…love every minute of the ass eating and the moaning that Mar was doing while having it done and when he Apollo was sliding in and out of him…10’s for this scene

  10. Stoned Mountain

    What a wonderfully steamy show by Apollo and Mar. The wonderful kissing and intimacy, the way Apollo sucked his dick and balls and ate the pretty ass and fucked him hard was beautiful. Yeah I love Mar.

  11. Chocolix

    I loved the scene. I loved that Apollo is just as oral as Mar. It would have been a better scene if it was a verse scene. Both are stars!!

  12. D'Sean

    Simply AMAZING! I didn’t want the camera to stop rolling. Apollo was into Mar. Reminded me of his scenes with Isaiah.

    I hope BBA will pair these 2 again in a flip flop scene very soon.


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