Cast Your Votes For The Best of BBA 2017!

You’ve seen my own personal picks for the best scenes from last year. And you can check out Montez’s own personal Top 10 list here and here.

But now it’s YOUR TURN to let us know what you think by choosing YOUR favorite models and scenes from 2017! You’ll be able to see the voting results in live time to compare your own personal favorites with the rest of BBA’s members and fans.

To keep things as fair and accurate as possible, you’re only allowed to vote once, so please take your time and choose your answers carefully. In several of the categories, I’ve allowed up to two or three selections since there are so many models and scenes to choose from.

Please feel free to explain or defend any of your choices, or even share your own personal “Top Ten” lists as comments on this blog entry. We’d love to hear what you think! If you have any ideas or requests for additional poll questions that you think might be fun, just let me know and I’ll consider adding them.

I hope everyone has fun picking out their favorites and reminiscing with Montez and me about another exciting and unforgettable year!

12 comments on “Cast Your Votes For The Best of BBA 2017!
  1. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    My favorite scenes for 2017 are:

    10. Too Big for Bandit? Bandit and Manny Killa

    9. Show and Tell- Trapp and Scotty

    8. Ready or Not- Stylez and Shazeer

    7. Naughty or Nice- Trapp and Saint

    6. NYC Nights: Stylez Surrenders- Stylez and Blake

    5. The Apollo Experience- Apollo and Rico P

    4. Training Trapp- Trapp and Saint

    3. NYC Nights: Monster Smash- Isaiah Blake and Stylez

    2. Bandit’s Revenge- Bandit and Saint

    1. Spring Break Showdown #2- Isaiah and Bandit

  2. Doctor Luis Rodriguez

    I truly enjoyed this website, with some of your latest updated models, such as Scotty, Trapp, and believe it or not the model that had to be removed from the set during taping.
    He would have given Trapp a run for his money, since these are the type of straight thugs that viewers really enjoy watching.

  3. Black37

    It’s going to be interesting to see the final results. I think Bandit & Trapp are gonna sweep the major categories. Lol

  4. Black37

    A’ight here we goooooo…

    My Top 10…

    10. Detroit After Dark 2 feat. Blake & Shazeer. Perfect dick down on both ends!

    09. Show and Tell feat. Scotty & Trapp. Just reminded me of me & 1 of my homies. Such a real scene.

    08. NYC Nights: Monster Smash feat Isaiah, Blake & Stylez. It was amazing seeing Isaiah get dicked down like that. Who woulda ever thought…

    07. Testing the Waters feat. Trapp. This scene & Ross’s solo scene are the only ones I’ve ever watched multiple times. Sexy as shit!

    06. That’s a 1st feat. Saint & Luh Redd. Classic Saint take down. He fucked the shit out of lil bit. Lol

    05. New Best Friend feat. Blake & Rico. I’m not the biggest fan of Rico. Never got all the hype. Despite that, this was a great scene. Blake put it on him & had dude begging for the dick!

    04. Manny’s Money Moves feat Manny & Luh Redd. Once again lil bit got his ass completely destroyed. Poor thing! Lol Manny enjoyed that hole. Great chemistry!!! Manny hasn’t been able to top this scene yet.

    03. Naughty or Nice feat. Saint & Trapp. The TAKEDOWN of the year!!! Need I say more. EPIC! Thank you Trapp!

    02. Detroit after Dark 3 feat. Bandit & Blake. The fans had been asking for this pairing for a while and IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT!!! Both were amazing. Blake admittedly enjoyed that dick. Both of them coming while being fucked was the icing!!! I just might have to watch it right now to remind myself of how great it was. Lol

    Shouldn’t be a surprise Bandit takes up the top 2 spots. This scene was a MASTERPIECE! Great everything!!! The Mr. BBA AWARD should go to Bandit!!! He’s that dude!

  5. chucke1

    #10 – Shaun Next Level
    #9- New York Nights: Stylez Surrenders
    #8 – But That’s My Homeboy #2
    #7 – The Apollo Experience
    #6 – Spring Break Showdown #2
    #5- Show and Tell
    #4- Too Big for Bandit
    #3- Training Trapp
    #2 – Naughty or Nice
    #1– Bandit’s Revenge

  6. Duck143

    #1 – Bandit’s Revenge – Bandit and Saint
    #2 – NYC Nights: Stylez Surrenders- Stylez and Blake
    #3 – Ready or Not- Stylez and Shazeer
    #4 – The Apollo Experience- Apollo and Rico
    #5 – New Best Friend – Blake and Rico

  7. joenay-blog

    Top 10 is too difficult. Here’s my top 5:

    5) Shaun’s First Time

    Shaun doesn’t have the biggest dick. But he is so sexy. And has the nicest ass on BBA IMO. I’m not a fan of really big butts. So don’t see the big sensation with Trapp. No love lost. He’s a cutie. But watching Luh Redd rim Shaun gets me every time.

    4) Too Big For Bandit?

    Michael killed me with this one. My favorite model Bandit getting that beautiful skinny ass fucked by Manny’s huge dick was something special. Lol. And he was too cute in the beginning mean mugging Michael. Lol. Loved it.

    3) New York Nights: Stylez Surrenders

    I’m totally biased with this cuz I requested it. Stylez is one of my favorite BBA models. And watching him finally surrender his ass was bittersweet. He seemed like he was in a lot of pain and it was kinda hard to watch. However, I have to give it to Blake. He scored major points being the gentleman and trying his best to make it easy. But Stylez bent over leaning on the wall with his ass cheeks wide open was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. Maybe pair him with a smaller dick next time Michael.

    2) Manny’s Money Moves

    Manny Killa is so fucking sexy. This was one of the hottest scenes ever. The kissing, the eating, the smoldering looks. U could clearly see they both loved it. Manny is one of those dudes u hate. Pretty, nice body, beautiful ass, and a thick dick. Sigh.

    1) Detroit After Dark: Episode Three

    Watching a flip fuck with Blake and Bandit is like Ambrosia to me. They’re both sexy af and got big dicks. When Blake bussed from Bandit’s administrations I bussed myself. I could only imagine how good that felt. And the bath scene at the beginning was uber sexy.


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