Important Announcement: Montez Joins BBA As Full-Time Manager & Marketing Director

As the new year gets underway, I just wanted to take a moment to share some exciting news and major changes taking place behind the scenes.

By now, most of you have at least heard of Montez, and even “met” him through his entertaining cameos in the Detroit After Dark series and Halloween Party. A long-time BBA fan going all the way back to the early Blue Futon days of Jay and Cortez, Montez first began corresponding with me by email back in the summer of 2014 about a shared social media crush. This led to more serious conversations about BBA’s lack of social media (other than this blog), and Montez generously volunteering to help us change that.

Taking on the role of BBA’s Marketing Director, Montez launched the BBA Tumblr and built it from scratch into a popular and entertaining resource for BBA-related news, previews, gifs, contests, and feedback for a large and ever-growing number of followers.

More recently, he started BBA’s Instagram and Twitter accounts, and organized our first public appearance at Detroit’s Hotter Than July Pride last summer. He has also played a pivotal role in bringing fan favorites like Blake Bishop, Shazeer, Rico Pruitt, and Manny Killa to the site.

With his skills and years of experience in both marketing and business management, Montez has not only proven himself to be an invaluable asset to the BBA team, but he has also become a close and trusted personal friend.

In an industry with a reputation for shady dealings and shameless back-stabbing, the kind of mutual loyalty, professionalism, and TRUST I’ve found with Montez is a truly rare and treasured thing. And when Montez recently came to a crossroads in his own career, it presented the perfect opportunity for me to finally offer him a position as BBA’s very first full-time salaried staff.

It’s with great pride and excitement that I’m able to announce that beginning this month, Montez is officially joining BBA as its full-time Business Manager and Marketing Director. His responsibilities will include operating BBA’s social media accounts, model recruitment and management, customer service/support, booking public appearances around the country, and other miscellaneous tasks.

In the long run, this should take a lot of stress and responsibilities off my shoulders, freeing up more of my time and energy to focus on the “big picture” creative stuff that I enjoy most and do best. But please be patient, as this transition will also require some time and training in the short term, and there will naturally be some adjustments and growing pains as Montez learns the ins and outs of his new job.

I’m excited about this next big step in BBA’s continued evolution and growth, and trust this will take things to a new level of professionalism and excellence for BBA’s loyal members and fans. And I couldn’t ask for a more qualified or passionate business partner to join me for this next chapter of the BBA adventure! Together I know we will do exciting things, and take BBA to a level above and beyond anything we’ve seen or imagined before.

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