Website Update: Justice Is Served

Making his amateur action debut this weekend is new model Justice, a handsome, 22-year-old college student and athlete who enjoys going to the gym and playing sports in his free time. Hairy and thick with a “football player” build, Justice should be a nice change of pace for those viewers who prefer their black men with a little bit of meat on their bones.

Justice identifies as “hetero-flexible,” which is pretty much just a fancy way of saying “mostly straight” 😉 . But his early experimentation with a couple male friends growing up seems to have sparked a curiosity and craving for more, which is ultimately how he ended up discovering BBA and applying to be a model through our new director Shax Carter.

Enjoy an intimate front-row seat for another sensual and steamy encounter as “Justice is served” by sexy newcomer Mar, who is more than happy to remind the inexperienced but eager new guy just how good another guy’s wet mouth and tight ass can feel on his dick!

This is one of those scenes where the passionate foreplay comes very close to stealing the show. A tender massage turns into tentative kissing, which leads to hot and sensual body grinding and MUCH more. Before you know it, Mar is slobbing on Justice’s hard dick like it’s his last meal….

Indulging his newfound craving for guy-on-guy sex, Justice grabs the back of Mar’s head and mouth-fucks the hung Jamaican boy’s thick, sexy lips. He even lets Mar enjoy a tempting taste of his own thick, hairy, ass before claiming the night’s ultimate prize by sliding his hard, RAW dick deep inside the slim track star’s tight muscle-butt….

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If you’re currently a BBA member and/or already have BBA credits, click here to see “Justice get served” any time you’d like 😉 !

26 comments on “Website Update: Justice Is Served
  1. CL05ETFR3AK

    Looks like Lebron James & Mar having fun to me 😄😉😉 I’m intrigued! Anything with this new kid (Mar) is amazing & with him now admitting his true roots ( Jamaican) makes it even more interesting & exciting. I can’t wait for the rest of his scenes because I know they’ll always be lit,👍👍👍 Mar because you have a new fan favorite here. 😎😉

  2. Dan

    This is going to be an excellent collaboration between BBA and Shax Carter. Justice is the truth! He is so pragmatic about the whole situation. Sometimes, we don’t need all the hysterical protest like someone is forcing you to perform. Just get in and enjoy the ride. It’s like eating crab legs: a lot of work for a little reward! I know that this has been part of the BBA philosophy since the beginning, but it’s nice to see the sensual foreplay and build-up; dare I say, BBA may have another Apollo-like star on our hands.
    And Mar has quickly jumped up the list of BBA; I see you, partner! Justice is going to be one of my favorites for 2018. I am looking forward to seeing who else (I’m looking at Apollo, Trapp, Saint, and Isaiah on the short list:)).

  3. Chocolix

    I liked Justice….he seems to like ass play. Mar is becoming bba’s new star. Love him!!! Let’s see what’s new with these two!

  4. lob taylor

    Happy New Year, the year just started for me. I dont visit the site as much anymore BUT damn didnt my heart skip a beat when I saw new model Justice. Wow. Now thats my kind of dude. Please pair him with Isaiah or Blake the really goodlooking ones.

  5. Lickphistick

    Whew……I’m drained! You all need an award for this one! The passion, the love making, the whispering… just awesome! Shax you did your thing on this one 10 stars for this pair

  6. TexasBugg

    DAMM MAR i know u r not faking when someone is fucking u that is a pretty tight diamond asshole it looks like a diamond i just know somewhere down the line in 2018 mike is going to pair u with manny killa how your asshole just rap around that dick i was saying damm he is going to cum after 2 mins in that ass damm mar them football players in your high school wanted to beat u up when u wouldn’t let them fuck u know i’m right that’s some good tight ass u got keep it tight mar keep running babyboi.

  7. chucke1

    Enjoyed this one , thanks Michael! Thanks to Mar and Justice and hope to see more of Justice soon. Also thanks for hairy and thick with a “football player” build, Justice is a nice change of pace for myself, who also enjoys their black men with a little bit of meat on their bones and athletic as well as hairy! You’re one hot man Justice and hope you’re a regular!

  8. Tori Fan

    OMFG. r u tryin to fuckin kill me

    that scene almost surpassed DRAGON n TORI. Mar n Justice could both fuk me and i dont get fucked on a regular.

    score is a 12 outta 10

    both guys have what turns me on.

    i nutted in tub getting ready for church.

  9. Stoned Mountain

    PURRFECK! Mar meets hairy stud lover boy, subdues him, fine time had by all!! Great show, and Mar got nice intimate treatment.

  10. decaturbaby

    I guess he’s considered “thick” if you put him next to your normally “twink” models. You’re the kind of person who gives Super Models complexes and has them puking after each meal with talk like that. There is nothing thick about him, he just happens to have a very nice muscularly toned body, not even a thick boy ass. Very Sexy… I like him.

  11. Bigguum

    Justice and Isaiah in an at least 1 hour hard core flip flop (old format) would blow BBA up!!! Need a hot one to really usher in 2018..

      1. Bkboi

        My boi Isaiah a lil washed out we need to keep newer models together. Trapp Bandit or Manny would be a perfect pair with Justice

  12. Jayden

    Justice is a keeper. I love his calm demeanor and approach toward doing porn. He’s not only pleasing to the eye, his sex sounds alone, are hot enough to send you into an orgasm. He came across as authentic. I especially loved the chemistry that he and Mar had on camera. There were moments where it seemed they just forgot the camera was there altogether.

    It’s always great to see Mar—hope we continue seeing him for a while. Mar has been consistently great throughout all of his scenes so far. He appears to give his all to make the scene hot. He succeeds every time.

    The scene overall was great, and I do hope that Justice decides to hang out in the BBA zone for a while. He was very enjoyable. I know that it would take awhile Mike, but Justice is a future top to be taken down…that ass is nice!

  13. D'Sean

    These 2 and Shax Carter were great additions to BBA. Shax need to do a sequel with these 2. Take them out of the bed. Hell take them to the gym or track field. These two have chemistry like Apollo and Isaiah. Justice didn’t want to pull out of Mar.

    Did ya’ll see how he was looking at Mar? I bet they went again off camera.


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