Official Fan Favorites from 2016

I’ve been so busy working on the new Spring season that I almost forgot to announce these official results for your favorite models and scenes from last year.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote! As I continue working hard behind the scenes to bring you fresh faces and plan exciting new scenes, it’s both interesting and helpful seeing which models and scenes you enjoyed the most from last year.

The polls have closed, the results are now in, and below are your official fan favorites from 2016:

Favorite Solo Scene: Introducing Lil Scrap
(Runner-Up: Introducing Bandit)

Favorite Interracial Scene: Bandit Bends Over
(Runner-Up: Ross – Raising The Stakes)

Favorite Black-Only Scene: Breaking Bandit
(Runner-Up: That Ass Is Mine)

Favorite New Model: Bandit
(Runner-Up: Lil Scrap)

Favorite BBA Model Overall: Apollo
(Runner-Up: Bandit)

Best Top: Blake Bishop
(Runner-Up: Bandit)

Best Bottom: Apollo
(Runner-Up: Spice)

Best Dick: Bandit
(Runner-Up: Blake Bishop)

Best Ass: Apollo
(Runner-Up: Isaiah)

Best Personality: Apollo
(Runner-Up: Saint)

(Click here if you want to see the comprehensive results, including percentages)

One comment on “Official Fan Favorites from 2016
  1. Jo Wilfried

    A New Star/s Is Born!

    •BANDIT aka. “Big Dick Bandit”.. “The smooth operator.”
    •LIL SCRAP – Introducing Lil Scrap; The most liked solo scene and Best Solo Scene.

    More power!


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