Website Update: Spring Break Showdown #2

We’re officially kicking off our Spring season this year with the much-requested and long-awaited return of everybody’s favorite “Big Dick Bandit” in his long overdue introduction to one of BBA’s most popular “gay for pay” stars!

See for yourself what happened when we recently brought together these two strikingly handsome and irresistibly sexy straight guys – both with girlfriends and kids waiting for them at home – for an epic encounter that includes lots of hot tongue-kissing, nipple-licking, dick-sucking, and even Bandit’s VERY FIRST TIME eating ass….

Even better, both Bandit and Isaiah are eager to prove to each other as well as their fans just how far they have come in their respective “gay for pay” journeys here at BBA by giving up their tight, RAW asses to each others’ huge dicks in over a FULL HOUR of unforgettable FLIP-FLOP action that you don’t want to miss!

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33 comments on “Website Update: Spring Break Showdown #2
  1. That_nigga702

    One hell of a comeback video I’d say! This was most especially worth the wait and a fantasy scene that I’ve been waiting to see for quite some time

  2. lob taylor

    Isaiah is so fucking sexy. Bandit is cool too. I love watching Isaiah get fucked because I honestly don’t think he knew he liked getting fucked so much until he came to the site. Bandit is another one I think likes getting fucked too and is just finding out about it in front of the camera. I mean I never seen a straight dude get hard to fuck a guy as our Bandit….maybe he just likes sex?

    This is great Michael but doesn’t excuse the bait and switch bs you seem to have in common with other producers of black gay porn.

    1. Michael

      WTF? Maybe you should Google the definition of “bait and switch” before attacking my character and integrity on a public forum like this.

      If you’re still complaining about the site’s credits system, or think I’m charging too much for the scenes, or simply think the content itself isn’t worth the price of admission, then just come right out and say that. But “bait and switch” implies deliberate deception, false advertising, and dishonest bordering on illegal business tactics.

      So next time please try to choose your words a little more carefully and/or elaborate with some actual evidence before making such an unfounded and slanderous accusation against me and my site. Thanks.

  3. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    Michael you outdid yourself with this one !!! I know I asked/harassed you for this pairing LOL, at first I was like “why isn’t Apollo in this scene too and make it a 3 some?” but that would’ve made this a 2 part and I would’ve been mad LOL.

    This scene was worth the wait I give this ALL 10’s across the board my nutt was so thick and juicy that i felt exhausted right after. This is/was Isaiah/Bandit at their best so far. Welcome back Michael ! LOL I can’t wait to see what else you got in store for us with the upcoming spring season


    1. cocopop

      Yea Mike how about a scene maybe in the summer with BBA’s Finest, Bandit, Apollo, and Isaiah in a battle for best bottom, best top best moaner, etc.. A threesome with these guys would be hot.

  4. Tayshawn

    That’s how you fuckin come back….Mike awesome job, these two were so hot together and comfortable on screen. Love me some Bandit and Isaiah tall chocolate ass has grown so much on me over the years….I love how Bandit was pounding that ass and how Isaiah was moaning, love the dick sucking and kissing and rubbing….A++…

  5. TexasBugg

    mike u really out did yourself on this one. i want to say thank u to (Bandit / Isaiah) cause they really put it down it was no faking damm i can not stop busting nutts. bandit damm babyboy u got a sexy ass pink hole and thank u for letting him in that hole with no pushing him out. that hole is still tight i know u will be back u r a super cool thug luv u.

  6. TexasBugg

    damm i did not see it at first but i see it now (Bandit) sexy ass pink lips matches his sexy ass pink ass hole. i never saw no one dance with their feet off the ground until i saw bandit do it. bandit u r a badddddddddddddddddddddddddd man u got it going on babyboy thank u for talking while u was taking that dick keep up the good work u r still 100000000000000000000/00 (THUG).with your thug ass hole pure goldddddddddddddddd.

  7. Allen Wells

    Very good scene Mike. 10 out of 10 for me. I am obsessed with Bandit like many of BBA’s fans. Isaiah has gotten much better and shows less resistance than he used to. I would have preferred Bandit was paired with Stylez but this scene was awesome. I would hate to see Stylez get away w/o seeing him in several one-on-one’s, a solo intro, or even with you. Welcome back BBA!

  8. Rob

    I could never get enough of Isaiah. Bet he could conquer Migo as well. Hope to see him totally bottom in a blowbang or Gangbang. Servicing other str8 models in total submission! Oh, BDB is great!

  9. Kason

    This was hotttttttt def a great comeback Im a huge fan of Bandit, Isaiah they looked amazing, i mean damn i wouldn’t even be mad if you had them shoot again together and I just love watching Bandit fucking and especially getting fucked now i just need for you to bring Ross sexii ass back and put him in here and id be in heaven !!!!

  10. Tori Fan

    I give it a 7. Why…..I kinda view Bandit as I did with Beno…no connection.

    But for my lustmate Isaiah, he has come a long way. #2 ain’t bad but tell him if he wants to stay and not drop, slow down his kissing and foreplay. To me it comes across rushed like you are making him do it. Now, when he and Apollo are together I see a different Isaiah. I guess there is some kind of chemistry between them. Slow down the kisses and let us see some tongue play. When he’s caressing a body….slow it down and make it more sensual.

    It looks like he’s getting pedicures and that’s a + for me. He has nice feet now. But I wish he would let his pubes grow back. I like him bushy. Just my 2 cents.

  11. JaiPeh

    I knew you wouldn’t let us down Michael!!! Two of my favs love the scene and their chemistry was the best I’ve seen since Suspense and Beno!!!!! You keep giving it to us like this you’ll be a billionaire by 2018 🏀💲💲💲💲

  12. Jamitis28

    Time for me to man up and give these new models props for great scenes. A few months ago, I was hard on them for not providing the chemistry and lustful, sexual energy I missed from Beno. But I judged them too soon. There have been some great scenes lately, including this one. Blake, Bandit, Freaky J, Lil Tyga, Lil Scrap, Shazeer, Isaiah, Apollo and Stylez are all doing the DAMN thing. I’m still hoping one day for a Beno return but great job Mike.

  13. Chris

    I know this is black boy addictionz but I love the fact that Isaiah is a MAN. The only other black man on this site in my eyes is Freaky J. I’m happy Isaiah took the lead in this because Bandit is fine as hell but he’s not that vocal. I loved this scene.

    Lets get Lil Scrap in a 1on1 scene & Blake & Isaiah 1on1 & Apollo & Freaky J 1on1.

    I’d like to see Spice with Isaiah, Freaky J, Ross, Shaun & Scotty as well.

    Whatever happened to Julien?

      1. Andre

        I agree. Michael makes his tops bottom so much it loses the appeal. Isaiah was my favorite top but watching him take dick in this and the Christmas video- he is enjoying it. This was good. But for me it lost its appeal. These tops have become bottoms who enjoy getting dick down. The only thing I can say about Isaiah he still doesn’t like sucking dick. Mike back up off the tops. When they bottom–make it far and in between. I like this site because I like to believe these are true tops who doesn’t bottom! There goes that fantasy.

        1. Jo Wilfried

          I absolutely agree with you on that.
          APOLLO was my favorite model before but after doing versatile roles.. the appeal was gone.🤓
          I prefer a “total top” to be on top!😄😄😄

    1. Jo Wilfried

      Honestly, ROSS.. CAESAR and JULIEN.. should be given new projects.. these dudes will make BBA great!
      Enough for ISAIAH.. and other BBA models.. they have the same strokes..🤓

      1. cocopop

        Michael has already spoken on both Ross and Caesar, Ross just dropped out of sight, Caesar felt he wanted to be paid far too much. Julien stated on his own blog that he was no longer working with BBA. Don’t know exactly what went wrong. He did take down his twitter account after moving to Vegas. I too would’ve loved to see more of either one of these models.

  14. cocopop

    Mike tell Isaiah to stop being lazy, his fans want to see him ride the bull (ride a dick). He likes to lay there on his side or back, but have yet to let us see him ride a dick, I bet that would be priceless. You paired Bandit with the right str8 model, to allow him to see how a str8 guy can enjoy taking dick. And that bro. have come to love him some dick. The way he moans is hot as hell, the moans alone will make you nut. No model gay or str8 sounds better taking dick, not even Apollo, he might want to learn from Isaiah, bro. is not concerned about the camera, he’s about enjoying that dick, that shit be hot. Apollo is good but he might want to evolve by being less concerned about the camera. It’s obvious he enjoys dick too, just enjoy it, hell on the camera. Bandit seem to be enjoying that dick too, love the way he moans can’t wait to see him enjoying more in the future. Overall this was great Mike, hope you’re doing better.

  15. CL05ETFR3AK

    For me it was ok they did a good job, but i would’ve preferred to see Isaiah reaming the hell out of Stylez & Bandit with Lil Scrap doing a flip flop. But hey Mike I’m still looking forward for an Armando come back tho.


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