Official Fan Favorites from 2017

Despite our best efforts, just about everything that could possibly go wrong to sabotage our hot plans has happened these past couple weeks. It’s been disappointing and frustrating to say the least. But we’re not giving up, and new updates will hopefully still be resuming later this month (don’t have an exact date for you yet). As previously announced, all active memberships have been credited with a free month.

I’ve been so stressed out about getting the new Spring season underway that I almost forgot to announce these official results for your favorite models and scenes from last year.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote! As we continue working hard behind the scenes to bring you fresh faces and film exciting new scenes, it’s interesting and helpful (and sometimes surprising) seeing which models and scenes you enjoyed the most from last year.

The polls have closed, the results are now in, and below are your official fan favorites from 2017:

Favorite Solo Scene: Trapp – Testing The Waters
(Runner-Up: Private Sessions – Staxx)

Favorite Gay/Bi Scene: New Best Friend
(Runner-Up: New York Nights – Stylez Surrenders)

Favorite Gay for Pay Scene: Naughty Or Nice?
(Runner-Up: Detroit After Dark – Episode One)

Favorite New Model: Trapp
(Runner-Up: Rico Pruitt)

Favorite BBA Model Overall: Bandit
(Runner-Up: Trapp)

Best Top: Blake Bishop
(Runner-Up: Bandit)

Best Bottom: Rico Pruitt
(Runner-Up: Apollo)

Best Dick: Bandit
(Runner-Up: Blake Bishop)

Best Ass: Trapp
(Runner-Up: Isaiah)

Best Personality: Apollo and Saint (Tie)
(Runner-Up: Blake Bishop)

(Click here if you want to see the comprehensive results, including percentages)

2 comments on “Official Fan Favorites from 2017
  1. Aquarius

    I want to see Trapp top someone again, but he needs a good bottom. Personally, I feel Rich from DLCS would have been the perfect bottom for him and his personality; however, what do you think about Trapp fucking Rico Pruitt or Shazeer?


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