Official Fan Favorites from 2019

Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote for your favorites from last year! We had a record number of votes this year – hopefully a sign of things to come this November 😉 🙏?

As we work hard behind the scenes to make 2020 a unique and exciting year to remember, it’s definitely informative, helpful, and sometimes even surprising seeing which models and scenes you enjoyed the most from last year.

The polls have closed, the results are now in, and below are your official fan favorites from 2019:

Favorite Solo Scene: Stretching Shameeks
(Runner-Up: Teased By Tarzan)

Favorite Gay/Bi Scene: Smashing Shameeks
(Runner-Up: Atlantic City Adventures – Episode Two)

Favorite Gay for Pay Scene: Coming For His Crown
(Runner-Up: A BBA Christmas Carol – The Ghost of Christmas Past)

Favorite Shax Carter-Directed Scene: Smashing Shameeks
(Runner-Up: In The Pocket)

Favorite Storyline/Fantasy Concept: Re-telling of Dickens’ classic in A BBA Christmas Carol
(Runner-Up: Straight Boy’s Haunted House in House of Whores)

Favorite New Model: Shameeks
(Runner-Up: Scuba)

Favorite BBA Model Overall: Bandit and Dominic (Tie)
(Runner-Up: Ross)

Best Top: Blake Bishop
(Runner-Up: Bandit)

Best Bottom: Shameeks
(Runner-Up: Ross)

Best Dick: Bandit
(Runner-Up: Blake Bishop)

Best Ass: Trapp
(Runner-Up: Ross)

Best Personality: Dominic
(Runner-Up: Apollo)

Best Twitter & Fan Interaction: Manny Killa
(Runner-Up: Scuba)

(Click here if you want to see the comprehensive results, including percentages)

3 comments on “Official Fan Favorites from 2019
    1. Michael

      Lol @ “make” him take Bandit’s dick. We can’t “make” our models do anything. And we can’t just wave a magic wand and miraculously turn an inexperienced straight guy like Dominic into a power bottoms capable of taking monster-sized dicks.

      That being said, we already attempted this last Halloween, with disastrous results. Dominic needs more time and practice before he’s ready to try Bandit again.

      1. cocopop

        I get you on Dominic and Bandit Mike, but how about a full scene with Bandit and Trapp? That little small scene during halloween was hot as hell, just not long enough. They both seem to take each others dick well.


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