Q&A Series: Dominic & Kingston

Hey, guys!

I will be filming the next installments of the BBA Q&A Series, soon. The next guests will be Dominic and Kingston, individually.

Please submit your questions and dares for both. You can submit them all in one post but please clarify which questions and dares are for who. Please send in your submissions before midnight eastern time on Sunday, July 12th. Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with.


37 comments on “Q&A Series: Dominic & Kingston

    For Kingston: of all the young men I’ve seen dip their toes into the whirl pool of gay porn for me you have been the most worrisome. I’ve been super concerned about your emotional well being from day 1. I can’t explain it just a feeling. How have you come to terms with your choices and all that has come with?

  2. TheReal

    My dare is for Dominic
    I dare you to make it clap for 30seconds 🍑

    I dare you to try & lift your leg over your head (naked)👀

  3. Comewel

    My question is for Kingston and that is if he will bottom again?

    My question for Dominic is if he will allow me to fuck him with my 8.5 dick? Lol

  4. ACTION7

    Dominic: if Kingston wants to top you, you ready? You and Scuba need a re-do, you mostly bottoming; you bottoming / flip with Saint. I want you to ride Trapp since yall got chemistry.

    Kingston: you ready to do a flip flop with Dominic? You ride him and he ride you until you cum?

  5. The man

    Questions for dominic
    Do u like bottoming?

    Do you consider yourself as straight still?

    Have u ever mess around with a guy off camera? If so. What have u done?

    1. Le3chex

      Dominic question:
      – Do you ever watch any of the older BBA videos? If yes, which older models/performances impress you the most?

      Kingston question:
      – What BBA servicing/foreplay experience surprised you the most because it felt better than you thought it would?

  6. 11luvme2u

    1- Who has been your favorite model that you have worked with so far?
    2- Has joining BBA affected your sex life with women?
    3- What areas would you like to improve as a BBA performer?

    1- Are you open to another bottoming scene in the future?
    2- How do you compare sex with men versus with women?
    3- What’s your favorite foods?

  7. Berlinstorm

    Dominic- describe your best and worst fan experience. I dare u to call a str8 buddy live and stroke without him knowing.

    Kingston- have u checked out the other Jamaican scenes on BBA? Thoughts? I dare u to do whatever it takes to get Montez rock hard .

  8. cocopop

    1. Have you been practicing with your “new best friend”? If so, is it less painful?
    2. Do you have kids?
    3. Will you be riding more?

    I dare you to show your fans how much practice you’ve gotten with your “new best friend”.

    1. Where is King Ant?
    2. Will you be bottoming again?

  9. sexrules100

    What kind of porn do you watch?
    What’s your dirtiest sexual fantasy?
    Do you have sex with men when you are not filming with BBA?

    What are you ashamed of?
    What’s the ultimate role play for you?
    Who is your favorite BBA model?

  10. Scorpio

    Dominic : Are you nervous about porn having a negative effect on your music career?

    Who did you have the most fun with while shooting? Would you consider any of the other BBA models as friends?

    Would you rather work with the more gay models or is it better to work with other straight models & explain why

  11. Jay

    For Dominic: what do your friends, girl and family think about your gay for pay?

    Do u truly like doing some things with guys?

    Do u want more kids?

    Would u flip with shameeks?

    How old are you?

    Have you done anything with a guy off camera ? If not would u if given the chance?

    What bba model turns you on the most?

    The first time u met Apollo and y’all started kissing on that couch, was that chemistry and passion real? Had u been wanting to kiss him?

  12. RO Mack

    1. Are u comfortable with urself. It seems as though u still have hangups
    2. I don’t see u at number 1 yet. Bandit earned that title. He took the pain and agony for his fans. Are u ready to bottom with Bandit or Blake. You can’t have Bandit’s title until u really take Bandit dickdown.
    3. You gotta put in the work to be #1 Bandit and Apollo earn their title and bared the pain

  13. Rawwar1

    Damn its some good questions so lets do some dare if Montez is there i dare both to suck his meat and let him bust on your faces. Or if he isnt there grab a condiment (whip cream, katsup, mayo, etc.) And rub it all over your bodies. Dare for both Dominic and Kingston

  14. arabjoey

    Dominic: who was the best kisser from all the scene partners you had?

    Dare: full-on makeout with yourself in front of a mirror for 3 minutes.

  15. Shaun Lee

    I Dare Kingston To Make His Ass Clap For 20 Seconds.

    My question to Dominic is have you ever tasted your own cum or another models cum?

  16. QG25

    My questions are for Kingston & Dominic.

    Of all the sexual acts you’ve done with guys on camera, what do you find the most & least challenging?

    Would you ever swallow another guys cum?

  17. DazedbyDominic

    Questions for Dominic:

    1. You mentioned that you started singing again. Seduce the fans with your singing voice.

    2. What is your craziest sex story outside of BBA?

    3. Best BBA experience so far?

    4. Have you played/practiced with the dildo since filming the “Quarantine Chronicles” solo?

  18. Cummin4Kingston

    Questions for Kingston:

    1. In the “Quarantine Chronicles” solo, you stick a glass bottle up your ass. Have you used any other objects to play in your ass since then?

    2. Get naked and do a helicopter.

    3. Describe the sensation of bottoming. 😂

    4. Best BBA experience so far?

  19. PrinceBad

    Questions for Dominic I have seen scenes with you hanging out with the bba crew and models in different cities what city place and who did you have the most fun? I dare Dominic to play with his hole. Kingston you were acting like you didn’t enjoy bottoming be honest was there anything you did like about it. Kingston I dare you to lie on the bed in the position you like to get fucked in and play with yourself

  20. Que Babelon

    Dominic are you ready for Bandit to top you? Have you been practicing with your dildo from quarantine chronicles. How big is your dildo.

  21. DazedbyDominic


    Tell us the story of you losing your V card.

    Sexually, is there anything that you have done off camera that you WOULD NOT do on camera? If so, what?

  22. Cummin4Kingston


    Get naked and twerk.

    As a fan, I just want to express appreciation for the interview that you did where you apologized for your IG rant. Your gesture did not go unnoticed, and I sincerely hope that things are better for you now. Thank you!

  23. DeShaun

    For Dominic:

    I dare you to let Montez suck your toes

    I dare you to grind on Montez as if you’re riding him without your underwear until Montez gets hard.

  24. Jamal

    Dominic :

    What bba model would you want to work with again?

    Who did you enjoy fucking the most? Bandit, Apollo or Isaiah?

    Are you ready to let Bandit top you?

  25. Jamal

    would either of you ever let a girl fuck you with a strap on or mess with a tranny?

    Do your family and friends know you do gay porn?

  26. Dom fan

    Dominic, have you ever fantasised about Apollo when jacking off and/or fantasised about meeting up with him outside of BBA filming?
    Also, please don’t be afraid of your bi side. It’s clear there’s a connection there for you. Side note: you are one of the most stunning men to ever grace this earth xx

  27. Rod

    Question for Dominic

    Top, bottom, Versatile….which model that you haven’t worked with that you would like to top, Bottom with, and have a verse scene with.

    Also what size shoe are you…you have nice toes.

  28. Al

    Which model do u consider as friend or hang out with the most? Or are you just colleagues?

    How does g4p affect your performances with girls, your relationships with family and friends?
    You come across as God fearing, down to earth, was there loads to deal with as a g4p?

    I am a big supporter of both yourself and Apollo. Your on screen chemistry is out of this world…


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