Website Update: Q&A Series – Ross

In an effort to keep things interesting and fun while production remains on hold due to COVID-19, we’ve decided to launch a special Q&A series.

This will be a semi-regular series featuring Montez sitting down with a few of your favorite BBA models (some via Zoom and some in person) to ask them the questions that YOU the fans most want answered!

Your imagination is the limit, and you can even suggest some freaky “dares” if you’d like. We want to make this a fun, creative, and interactive experience for the viewers as well as the models.

Our debut episode features fan favorite Ross (the 3rd Place winner in our Quarantine Chronicles competition), sitting down with Montez for a laid-back, LENGTHY, and thoroughly entertaining Q&A session in which he answers many of the questions submitted by viewers last week.

Things REALLY start to get interesting when it comes time for the “dares.” Let’s just say the infamous CUCUMBER makes a shocking return, and of course Montez can’t resist the temptation to get a little “hands on” before the day’s over!

To join Montez and Ross for this fun and freaky Q&A session, click here to join BBA today!

If you’re currently a BBA member and/or already have BBA credits, click here to get MUCH better acquainted with this sexy fan favorite any time you’d like!

We will be shooting the next installments very soon, featuring Kingston and Dominic in separate episodes. So please click here to submit your questions and dares for both models before midnight Eastern time on Sunday, July 12th!

9 comments on “Website Update: Q&A Series – Ross
  1. Montez

    We had so much fun filming this. Sorry to any questions that didn’t make the final cut. The interview portion would have been 2 hours long had we kept everything. Hope you all like it!

  2. Jayden

    Anytime Ross is involved with a project, it’s a damn good time. How could it not be? Sexually, he’s willing to do almost anything which amounts to an awesome experience for us, the viewers. On top of that, he loves his fans, and we love him back! There were a lot of questions that were not sexual based; I loved that! We were able to see who he is outside of the “BBA persona”. Ross mentioned Drake being one of his favorite rappers, and Montez served ALL KINDS of shade! LOL! Montez, Drake is LIT! No hating allowed! 😂 I also cracked up with Ross’ cucumber rant! 😂 “It’s not a zucchini! It’s a cucumber. Y’all some slow muthafuckas!” He even went into detail to describe the difference between the two vegetables. Funny shit! Loved it! 😂 😂

    Talking and joking is great, but good times BBA style is never complete without the sex. One of the best features of this scene was seeing Montez interact sexually with a BBA model in front of the camera for the first time (for the BBA viewers anyway!). Ross’ striptease and lap dance, accompanied with the BBA soundtrack to set the mood, were seductive and hilarious. Montez’s slap on the ass was awesome! We saw Ross’ toned derrière closeup, and in a beautiful slow-mo replay! Good shit! I love how they semi-recreated the 2016 BBA classic, “Ross: Raising the Stakes”. However, this scene raised the bar higher. Watching Montez stroke Ross’ dick, along with Ross working his prostate with the cucumber gave us an impeccably satisfying climax. Some of us came too. *raises hand* Ross and Montez gave us a satisfying session that was a perfect thirst-quencher to this BBA drought that COVID-19 has so graciously gifted us. What more could you ask for? Well done!

    Special thanks to Mike, Montez, and Ross! Shit was lit!

    1. Santana

      Jayden I’m Santana I asked the question about top rappers/singers thank you for mentioning it in your comment I appreciate it. i caught the faces Montez was making about Drake and Kanye I’m from Chicago and for Ross to name mostly New York rappers but put Chicago’s own Kanye up in the top 2 much ❤️ I was surprised my questions made it knowing this is BBA and we mostly wanna know about 🍆🍑but the cucumber and hand job by montez definitely should win an award for best solo with a little help

      Thank You Montez Michael and Ross P.S. Montez : Kanye is a genius and all geniuses have issues lol

  3. Scorpio

    This is what I’ve been asking for!

    I just want the cum shots to NOT always be the guy jacking off . I really enjoyed the fact Montez finished him off.

    It was a great reaction from Ross but honestly I think Michael would’ve done a better job than Montez.

    My Opinion


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