Website Update: Q&A Series – Kingston

In an effort to keep things interesting and fun while production remains on hold due to COVID-19, we’ve decided to launch a special Q&A series.

This will be a semi-regular series featuring Montez sitting down with a few of your favorite BBA models (some via Zoom and some in person) to ask them the questions that YOU the fans most want answered!

Your imagination is the limit, and you can even suggest some freaky “dares” if you’d like. We want to make this a fun, creative, and interactive experience for the viewers as well as the models.

Our second episode features sexy Jamaican straight boy Kingston, sitting down with Montez for a silly, hilarious, and thoroughly entertaining Q&A session in which he answers most of the questions submitted by viewers last week.

Things start to heat up when it comes time for the “dares.” Once again, Montez gets a little “hands on” (although not as much as last time), and Kingston tries out a Fleshlight for the very first time (as well as another “first” you’ll have to see for yourself).

To join Montez and Kingston for this fun and freaky Q&A session, click here to join BBA today!

If you’re currently a BBA member and/or already have BBA credits, click here to get better acquainted with this sexy Jamaican straight boy any time you’d like!

9 comments on “Website Update: Q&A Series – Kingston
  1. BBA FAN

    When you guys begin your normal production schedule back up at some point in the future, I wish Michael would get back in front of the camera. I always enjoyed his videos with the models. I would love to see him paired with Kingston, Apollo, and Dominic. Ross and Trapp would be hot as well! Also, any chance that we will ever see Stephon again?

    1. Honest Guy

      I pray this never happens. I like when Michael shoots but thats it and thats all. Not tryna be mean but I wish every scene he did with a model could be redone ESPECIALLY the video of Isaiah, Stephon and him.

  2. Jayden

    I fucking loved this one! Here’s the “extra long ass” review! Enjoy! 😉

    “That shit fucking hurts! Fuck no!” Kingston’s response to the bottoming question was fucking hilarious, and everything I had hoped for! Yes, I am “Cummin4Kingston”! I’m glad you guys loved the screen name too! 😉

    What I loved most about his interview was that it was very authentic —no fake shit! He didn’t hold back in his responses. For example, he stated, “I ain’t wit dat gay shit!”, letting viewers know that the “Kingston” persona is only for the entertainment of BBA fans and to earn money for he and his family; it’s not who he is in reality. I loved that he talked about his reactions after doing scenes. He talked about farting on King Ant—that part was funny! Then, he stated that he was “in the hot tub for several hours thinking about life” after bottoming for the first time. It gives you a different perspective of what men go through after their first bottoming experience. I thought about life after my debut to the world of bottoming too! 😂 One of the best parts of the interview was Kingston expressing his love for the people of BBA. That speaks volumes to the people you guys are beyond the porn. Kudos to being dope as fuck!

    “This shit tickles bruh! Are you done yet? Bruh?” The shenanigans that ensued when the dares began were priceless! We watched Kingston do a helicopter (loved it and thank you!), followed by an incredibly horrendous, yet entertaining “twerk” that was funny as fuck! 😂 😂 I was dying! I was watching him shake his ass, and I was thinking, “Kingston what the fuck is that??!” Good shit! I loved the interaction between Montez and Kingston. Kingston’s attempt to get Montez’s dick hard was funny! He even mentioned what Mike would like! That had me cracking up! Needless to say, I was laughing the whole time! 😂 Kingston kept Montez’s hand on his leg and calf muscle, but as we all know, that didn’t last long! When Montez began rubbing his ass, Kingston’s jumpy movements from the ticklish sensations caused by his pubic hair had me dying! Next, we watch Kingston play with the fleshlight. He was mainly silent during this part of the scene, but his body language said everything. I enjoyed watching his body contract and his changing facial expressions to denote the pleasure he was experiencing. Finally, the satisfying finish of watching him cum was perfect! He even licked his cum too! It doesn’t seem like he liked it though, so I don’t think he’ll make that a habit. 😂 (Psst! Mike, we need to work on that! 😂)

    Special thanks to Mike, Montez, and Kingston! Kingston, we appreciate all the love, and we give it right back to you bro! All the best to you all! Loved this shit!

  3. Scorpio

    If you would’ve jacked Ross off with that Pocket Pussy while he used that cucumber 🥒 he might bursted into flames 🔥😂😭


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