Website Update: Q&A Series – Dominic

Our Q&A series continues this weekend with fan favorite Dominic (the 2nd Place winner in our “Quarantine Chronicles” competition), sitting down with Montez for an illuminating and entertaining interview in which he answers most of the questions submitted by viewers last week….

Things REALLY start to get interesting when it comes time for the “dares.”

Let’s just say Dominic’s “new best friend” makes a welcome return, and once again Montez can’t resist the temptation to get his own horny hands on one of BBA’s hottest models before the day’s over….

To join Montez and Dominic for this fun and freaky Q&A session, click here to join BBA today!

If you’re currently a BBA member and/or already have BBA credits, click here to get MUCH better acquainted with this sexy fan favorite any time you’d like!

19 comments on “Website Update: Q&A Series – Dominic
  1. Brad

    Quite Disappointed With Kingston really, after watching his Q&A i get to understand how much he’s immature, he act like a 12yrs old which is quite a turn off. especially someone who suppose to be “STREET” as they would say.

  2. f60

    If you can have two people in a room asking question, close together, touching each other, why can’t you get back to the sex scenes?

    1. Wayne

      Yes! I’ve been asking for them for years. Things have changed a lot in Jamaica for LGBTQ. They should have no problems recruiting. The Jamaican series were my favorites

    2. Michael

      I’m glad you’ve enjoyed our past content from Jamaica, but unfortunately our Jamaican producer quit filming new content many years ago. Some of his models, including Skinny Kid and D-Rock, were exposed and harassed, kicked out of their homes, etc., and he understandably took that pretty hard and decided to stop making porn. Sorry to disappoint you.

  3. Stubz89

    So like, if you were to get Dominic and Blake rapid Covid tested (and whoever records them). Could we get this scene expedited cause I need it. Dominic is more than ready to do a verse scene with Blake.

  4. Jayden

    Dominic is a fucking wet dream! I always get excited whenever I see his name on an update because it’s always a treat. This update was no exception! The interview was interesting. I loved the story of how he lost his V-card. I don’t think any of the fans would mind being locked in a room with Dominic. Just imagine the possibilities. 😈

    Kudos for these interviews. I love the interviews because it gives fans an in-depth perspective into the person behind the model. We learn the ways in which this line of work affects their personal lives, something that’s not always talked about on camera. When fantasy meets reality, it’s not pretty sometimes. Dominic talked about his sister confronting him about his BBA work and the aftermath. I’m glad this was included, and I’m glad she was able to forgive him. It shows that the models catch negative backlash at times from friends and family—that, oftentimes, affects them personally. Because of that, it’s all the more reason for us fans to show these models crazy love! It’s not always easy bringing us the entertainment we love! Ok! That was the interview portion! Now, it’s time to discuss the good stuff! 😈

    The dares is the portion that everyone cums for! Let’s just start this off by saying that I hated Montez throughout this part of the scene! 😂 I was very, very jealous!! In the second dare, Dominic had to place his feet behind his head. While that was a fail, the attempt gave fans a BEAUTIFUL view! Dominic bent his legs down with his elbow with his hole exposed and ready. *insert drool here* I paused and stared at the screen. I was like “FUCK! This dude is sexy!”

    The entire “dares” part of the scene was a turn-on! From the seductive striptease to the “booty clap”—it was LIT. Speaking of that twerk, I’ve got to say that it was 🔥. It was simple and sexy, and I like the way those ass cheeks moved. Can we get a gif of that? 😈

    I fell TF out when he called his best friend and stroked his dick. I thought he was going to chicken out—but he didn’t. Kudos! I almost lost it when Montez began fingering Dominic. The moans were sexy AF. I began thinking “Did Montez find Dominic’s spot?”. The shenanigans heated up as Dominic’s famous costar returned. Watching him use it in various positions took me back to that steamy solo session from the “Quarantine Chronicles”. I loved watching Dominic with his leg in the air stroking, while getting fucked by the dildo. Man! The memories! The finale was lit! I enjoyed watching Dominic stroke on the bed, followed by an AMAZING cum shot! He always has great cum shots! Lastly, we finally get to see Dominic eat cum! Loved it! I fucking love watching guys eat cum! Hopefully, we’ll see it again.

    Special thanks to Mike, Montez, and Dominic for this awesome update! Dominic, we appreciate the love you give the fans, and we give it back! Thanks again! Shit was a damn good time!

  5. Crazysexy84

    Where is Isaiah ? His sexy dick taking ass. I think he take dick better than all the BBA guys. I have never seen Isaiah run from the dick not even Bandit’s.

  6. smokey1984

    His personality is so personable and down to earth. Dam he’s moved up on my list because he’s so likeable. Such a major UPGRADE from Kingston’s detached interview. Hell, I didn’t even skip the interview and fast forward to the end. I watched the entire interview. Very down to earth and he has a humble spirit. 💯 He’s a keeper!

  7. cocopop

    Great scene Dominic, loved your openness, your willingness to please your fans. We love you brother. Stay safe.


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