Q&A Series: Isaiah

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  1. Krzy Fan

    1. After working with bba do u consider urself bisexual? Or more open to male on male sex?
    2. Do u explore more anal stimulation in ur personal sex life?
    3. How do you feel about everything from the time u first started with bba til now?

    1. Dare you to strip naked and give montez your best lap dance?
    2. Dare you to tell us your favorite person to wrk wit at bba and would work wit them again
    3. Dare you to to tell us ur wildest freakiest fantasy

    1. Marquel

      I dare you rub your hole

      And question would he ever have threesome with girl and boy at same time.


  2. Thomas aka ToriFan

    ToriFan here

    I’ve lusted after you for a while.

    1. Have you ever liked any man on man sex act from BBA?

    2. Do you and Apollo have a connection? Looks like you are naturally hard when you are with him.

  3. Thomas aka ToriFan

    Please get a pedicure. Some of us like feet. You are PERFECT down to the feet. yeah you have man feet. Don’t need polish.

  4. Htownbigman

    Question: You seemed to have gotten more comfortable with your on-camera connections with the other models since your first BBA scene. Have you had any same sex off-camera connections with anyone….BBA models or any guy for that matter?

  5. Htownbigman

    Of these, which do you find the most challenging and which do you find the easiest to do with a guy?
    – tongue kiss
    – eat ass
    – suck dick
    – bottom

  6. Kevin

    We wanna see Isaiah and Apollo for a part 2 of their Spring Break Showdown! Another flip flop scene but riding each other this time

  7. Kevin

    Would Isaiah be down to make a scene with Blake Bishop? They had a little cute bond at the BBA Christmas Scene

  8. A123

    Is there anything pleasurable about bottoming?
    Have you ever enjoyed a sexual experience with a male?
    Can you show off/play with your booty hole?

  9. cocopop

    Question for Isaiah, 1. Why you’ve never given your fans the site of you riding a dick?
    2. We’d love to see you get your revenge on Dominic

  10. InsideIsaiah

    What was going through your mind during your first bottoming scene? 🤔

    Has BBA affected your sex life off camera? If so, how? 🤔

    Turn your ass toward the camera and pull your boxers down slowly. 😈

    When you cum, eat it! 😈

    Can’t wait,

  11. 1luvme2u

    1- I remembered you said you initially did adult entertainment to help with school. How did school go? Did you graduate?
    2- Have you and a female ever watched any of your BBA scenes while having sex?
    3- At this point in your BBA career, do you prefer scenes where you top only, bottom only, or are versatile? Why?
    4- Some fans have trouble understanding how models can have sex with men (and it looks like there is genuine chemistry at times) and still consider themselves heterosexual. What’s your personal opinion on that? (My opinion is a person can be bisexual but not want to be in a relationship with the same sex)
    5- Have you ever had sex with a trans-woman? If not, have you considered it?
    1- I dare you to rub and play with your beautiful ass while talking sexy directly in the camera to the fans.
    2- I dare you to have phone sex with another BBA model or fan during your interview.
    3- I dare you to let Montez spank you hard like you showed up late for a shoot. LOL
    4- I dare you to jack off in the hotel elevator or hallway.

  12. DC

    If you only got to have sex with 1 person for the rest of your life and they had to be a male BBA model, which one would it be?

    Using the rules of fuck, marry, kill….which models would he verse/bottom/top out of Bandit, Apollo, and Blake?

    Whose dick was hardest to take and whose dick was the easiest?

  13. Scorpio

    Please Montez jack him off til he cums

    Isaiah if you could top a bba model who would it be?

    Do you like working with gay/Bi models or the Straight models more & why?

    Did you really cum inside Knockout?

  14. emiliano69

    1. How has BBA affected your relationship with friends and family?
    2. As a fellow introvert, how hard is it to be verbal during your scenes?
    3. Which of your scenes was the most fun?
    4. What was your favorite bottoming scene/partner?
    5. What was you favorite topping scene/partner?

    1. I dare you to take a shower and finger yourself.
    2. I dare you to get naked, do 20 jumping jacks facing the camera and 10 slow toe touches facing away from the camera.
    3. I dare you to taste your own cum.

  15. James and the Giant Peach

    Question 1- During the Christmas Reunion with Bandit, Dominic and Apollo you seemed to take all three guys with ease, particularly Bandit. Has bottoming become easier for you? if So has it also become more pleasurable?

    Question 2- Can you cum while bottoming?

    Question 3- Can you explain in detail the feeling of bottoming w/o reducing it to pain or pleasure? example: It feels like having your insides massaged or it feels like your being stretched open… idk lol

    Question 4- Has doing gay porn opened you up to exploring your sexuality off camera or with the women you sleep with?

    Question 5- Does anyone know you do gay porn? Why gay porn and not straight? I would assume straight men wouldn’t mind fucking multiple women to make up for money they make fucking one man. Wouldn’t you prefer to fuck women for money over men even if you make less with women?

    Dare – I dare you cum while fucking your ass with a dildo…

  16. Johnny

    Dare – I dare you to Jack montez on camera
    Dare – I dare you to suck montez’s dick
    Dare – I dare you to rim montez and vice versa

  17. sexrules100

    1. Dare: I dare you to ride the biggest dildo you have ever had inside you while Montez jerks you off until you cum.

    2. Is there a position that you would like to try, but have not done yet?

    3. If you could have any male celebrity, who would you choose?

    4. Do you have sex with men outside of BBA?

    5. Have you ever been fucked by any of the BBA models or staff off camera? If so who was?

    6. Have you ever had a friend with benefits (referring to a guy)?

    7. Have you ever been in an open relationship?

    8. Dare: Put on sexy music and twerk.

    9. Dare: Do something to Montez right now that you’ve been fantasizing about.

    10. Dare: You to take a shower and let Montez wash you up

    11. Dare: You to put on a jockstrap, thong, and other revealing underwear ( that show your ass)

    12: Dare: Pretend Montez is a stranger at a bar. Try to pick him up and convince him to come home with you.

    13. If you could create a sex scene with BBA models….who would be in it and what will be the plot?

  18. QG25

    Question: What was your favourite scene to shoot and why?

    I dare you to let Montez finger you.

    I dare you to watch a 30 second clip of the Spring Break Showdown scene, specifically when Apollo was fucking you.

  19. Berlinstorm

    If u could get a revenge scene with any model, who and why?

    How do you feel about your BBA ranking?

    Has porn opened any doors for u?

    I dare u to call Michael and demand a raise, offer phone sex.

    I dare u to text a dick/ass pic to another model and call them out for a challenge!

    I dare u to let Montez soap u up in the shower and oil u down after…….having his way with u in the process.

  20. Crazysexy84

    How do you take dick so well😊 ?
    You take bandit’s dick very well in the group scene, did you enjoy that?

  21. Ro Mack

    I love Isaiah he has a sense of innocence. I don’t think he realize how sexy he is. He has the gorgeous ass.

    Montez u opened up a can of worms when u got a hard on with Dominic now everyone wanna see u go further myself included.

    My dare is for u and Isaiah jerk each other dick

  22. Sean1800

    Do you know that you have a really nice ass?

    Will you be increasing the amount of scenes you film?

    Will we ever get to see you ride dick?

    Are you able to cum while being penetrated?

  23. Jamal


    1.) how many of your family and friends know you do gay porn? Who? How did they find out?

    2.) do you have a girlfriend?

    3.) could you let a girl fuck you with a strap on?

    4.) out of all your scenes who was your favorite scene partner and why?

    5) do you ever finger ur self ?

    6.) how often do you jack off?

    7.) what’s your favorite porn to watch or porn category

    8.) who was your favorite person to bottom for?

    9.) do you genuinely enjoy bottoming?

    10.) Have you ever had sex with a guy outside of bba?

    11) what was going through your mind during the bbA Christmas party?

    12.) Who gave you the best head and who fucked you the best?

    13.) if you had to pick a Bba model to work with again, who would it be?

    14.) which bba model would you want to work with again if you could?

  24. Cobra

    Has your sexuality evolved since filming with BBA? Do you now consider yourself Bi? And have you found yourself sexually attracted to or considering having sex with another male?

  25. ACTION7

    would you like to do a flip flop with Dominic??
    Name 2 outstanding kissers?
    Who is someone you want to do a do-over with?
    Who was your best bottom?
    Who was your best top?
    Which 2 BBA videos you watched last?


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