Website Update: Q&A Series – Isaiah

This weekend we’re bringing you our longest and most entertaining Q&A session so far.

When we announced that Isaiah would be the next BBA model to participate in this series, the questions immediately began pouring in. Even with a shorter than usual deadline for submissions, we still received more (and better) questions than ever before!

For everyone eager to get to know the notoriously quiet and reserved Isaiah much better, this is an episode you won’t want to miss! Join Montez as he sits down for a shockingly candid and illuminating interview with this BBA legend.

Things start to heat up even more when it comes time for Isaiah to complete some of your “dares.”

Let’s just say Montez will be the envy of MANY as he fulfills a few of his own forbidden fantasies as a long-time fan of Isaiah, finally getting his own horny hands on one of BBA’s most popular “gay for pay” stars!

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21 comments on “Website Update: Q&A Series – Isaiah
  1. JVerde

    Hopefully this will end this debate about Isaiah’s sexual identity. I’ve had some knock down drag out Twitter battles over the arrogance of some people who seem to know more about who other people are than the people themselves.

  2. Jayden

    Chocolate Dream, aka Isaiah is back in the building! I loved this update! The interview was surprisingly interesting, and thinking back on all of his BBA scenes, I think this is the most I’ve heard him talk! 😂 Let’s get into it!

    The Questions🤔
    The most shocking thing that I learned from this interview was that Isaiah was married. I also loved the fact that he mentioned that he didn’t care about what people thought about him doing BBA. I loved his explanation of “gay for pay”, and I couldn’t agree more. The sexual act itself does not define your sexuality. If this were the case, a gay man having sex with a woman would automatically make him straight—we all know that this is not true.

    Another interesting part of this update was his take on bottoming. He mentioned “bathroom pressure”, and I couldn’t agree more. It feels like you need to take a shit to put it bluntly. 😂 He also mentioned that bottoming was easier in scenes because he doesn’t have pressure to perform. I never thought of that. It makes sense because, as a G4P, model you can just lay there instead forcing yourself to keep an erection for a model you don’t find sexually attractive. Interesting point.

    The Dares😈
    I died when he called Manny for the phone sex dare! I’m sure Manny enjoyed the view though. I know I did! I, once again, found myself hating Montez in the update! Watching Montez soap Isaiah down in the shower took my back to when Michael ate him out in the shower. Isaiah was a trooper for taking that huge dildo. I looked at that, and I was like ,”Hell no!” 😂 Of course, the cum shot at the end was 🔥!

    Oh yeah, so Isaiah has COVID now? 😂 😂 That’s his excuse for not eating his OWN cum. Cum has vitamins, nutrients, and protein and is totally healthy Isaiah! Bon Apetit! 😂 😂 It’s all good. All jokes aside, Isaiah, thank you for being a good sport and showing the fans, like myself, crazy love. You answered just about every question and executed every dare. You always deliver good performances in your scenes, and your work does not go unnoticed. Thank you!

    Special thanks to Michael, Montez, and Isaiah. During this COVID crap, you guys are still bringing us hot shit, and I fuckin’ love it! Thank you!

    1. Michael

      Thanks for the rave review! Glad you enjoyed this one as much as I did. I was so fucking proud of Isaiah, you have no idea lol. He definitely exceeded my modest expectations based on his past camera-shyness. Wow. He was so talkative and candid and entertaining with all of his answers. Definitely the smoothest and most thorough Q&A session so far!

      The dares were cool too, although I wished that Montez had pushed to get better dildo footage with deeper penetration. But there were still plenty of hot moments to enjoy. Thanks again!

  3. Scorpio

    This was great

    I hate that Covid-19 fucked up the potential of Lil Jake I was really into him

    After Bandit can Trapp be next?

  4. D'Sean

    Montez should have sucked that chocolate hook.

    On the real, it sounded like Montez wanted to fuck when he realized how tight Isaiah was. LOL

      1. Jamal

        Exactly. Even if he was faking it he seemed to enjoy it based on his facial expressions. So I feel like he was lying about Cory. He probably was like I don’t wanna think about it too much or sum. But he def enjoyed Shameeks. I don’t even think he remembers Cory lol

        1. Michael

          Who are you to say what Isaiah remembers or prefers?!? Like, seriously, that is just an unbelievably stupid and arrogant thing to say.

          Isaiah answered that question completely on his own and totally out of the blue. Montez and I were both floored that he even remembered Cory’s name. I guess it’s like they say, you always remember your first lol! Clearly that encounter left a lasting impression. Doesn’t mean he didn’t also enjoy his scene with Shameeks, but he could only choose one.

          1. Jamal

            Doubt it. How I took it as him just giving an answer to get on with it. Going back looking at the videos it’s definitely like night and day watching the videos. and me making an observation about what seems like bull isn’t stupid, that’s just my observation of the lie he told. What’s stupid is sitting here trying to justify somebody lying about their Experience. But I guess carry on

  5. James

    There’s an episode of the Tyra show where she has gay for pay models on and one of the models said he preferred to bottom because you don’t have to worry about maintaining an erection which is similar to why he says its easier

  6. Mike

    Damn, I haven’t watched one of these q&a scenes yet (as I greatly await Bandit’s) but I didn’t know you learn all this stuff via them. I might have to start. They seem very insightful based on the comments of viewers.


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